#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



A few things have happened in my life recently which has me questioning where i want to be in a few years. Its a hard one to answer but i know i dont want to be facing what im facing right now financially, work wise and life style wise. I’m looking forward to the opportunities that cryptocurrencies will create for me, high or low,and maybe just enjoy the ride as it happens.


I’ve been looking for a way to create passive income for myself for about a year now. Then I found crypto and saw what was happening with the adoption of Bitcoin. This was encouraging and the more I study the topic the more I realize how huge this opportunity can be. I am facing in the direction of the crypto winds. I’ll stick to that path and will continue to learn, set goals, and further invest in this booming industry. To the moon🚀.


I am facing a brighter, smarter, stronger, healthier, wealthier, better future. I seek to find ways to create value in time that provides value to the global economy, and because I lived, the world is a better place. Everyday, my routine brings more of this into my life.
I learn as much as I can everyday. I exercise and stretch in the morning. I practice quality nutritional practices and seek to help others improve quality of life through exercise and nutrition. I keep up with Crypto world and news everyday. I am learning Trading, Macroeconomics, Geopolitics, and Computer Science.
Every night I read a book that stimulates new thought. Currently that is Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari. Recently I’ve read Elon Musk’s bio, Tribe of Mentors-Tim Ferriss, Sapiens-Yuval Noah Harari, 12 Rules for life- Jordan Petersen, and I am also making my way through Principles- Ray Dalio.
It is my hope that if I continue to crush it everyday and grind it out then one day I will be running an international business that provides value to millions or billions of people, and I am able to give back to the global economy and know that because I lived, the world is a better place.
Biosphere Consciousness baby!!
Love, Sean


Where I’m facing?

I have been thinking about it all day long.
There’re things like new challenges in general, but mostly what I have to focus is a reality which
recently I have many problems with.

C’mon bro, I’m talking to my self. What Peter taught you? Is a good day to be alive. YEP.

I’m going to Norway when I will start a mining operation.
I believe my future is bright and soon I will repair my finance and will be ready to be a man who is responsible and have a wife because I believe my love she still waiting for me.

I will be ready


Worked for 34 years in construction body is knackered and stumbled apron crypto would love to make this full time so open to learning .


I’m facing a couple of Saddington brothers that I know will inspire me to do more, share more, make me think more, and execute with precision! Very appreciative of your nawledge and sharing your passion. :blush:


Good question Peter. As of right now, I am facing towards the moon lol
But all jokes aside, I personally believe that I am facing towards the future, innovation, getting more educated and in a way, try to be better today than I was yesterday.
Now, the next question is, am I doing the things I need to do in order to achieve all of this or setting myself for success? To be honest, not always. I think there are many areas in my life that I need improvement (like most people) and I am conscious that I need to change some things, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency.
I’m sure this happens to some of our fellow pub members but even though I KNOW I have to HODL and not check coinpuffs every chance I get, and freak out a bit when I see a lot of red, I still do sometimes. BTC and ICX are the intouchables, but sometimes because both of those coins don’t have much action, I get the urge to trade, so I trade around some altcoins, just to trade. Never to lose money though, but I usually make a veryyy small % or get even. But I KNOW I should just go on with my life and let that *hit sit still on my ledger nano until 2020 or more to see real gains. But again, I am human, and I am weak sometimes. That is also why, I am really appreciative of Peter and John for literally putting together such a solid and informative community and information for noobs or people that don’t know about cryptocurrency like myself when I didn’t know about the Pub or this community.
Thank you again for this great course guys and I can’t wait to finish it!!
Day 2 completado.


What direction am I facing? My initial goal to acquire at least 1 BTC by the end of the year and to begin day trading profitably with $2,000 to start.

What behaviors can get me there? I set aside $60 of my income every week to buy BTC, ICX, ETC, and NEO. I study every single day about risk management, trading patterns, support/resistance, and indicators. I will also begin selling flavored pasta for BTC, ETC, and LTC starting next month.

How can the Pub keep me accountable? Every Saturday I will post on the pub about my progress from the following week. For instance, how much crypto I bought, how my pasta selling and trading studies are going, etc.


And you can do it. Like anything worth doing, it can be hard work!


I’m facing toward the moon. Everything I do is an attempt to focus like 1,000 white-hot suns on the goal of being financially free. I use action oriented lists to push my projects forward. I educate myself with my spare time. Eventually, I will be there.

To keep me accountable, just ask how I’m doing and about the progress of my projects. I would love to talk about them.


After entering the crypto space in 2014 on a simple HODL position & simply looking back at my bags for so long with no idea about how the markets works or how I could make what I had already gained work for me.
After finding the pub & watching, learning & seeing what others are doing I have now turned around & am now facing forwards with my foot firmly planted on the first step of a flight of stairs that lead to financial independence.
The help & knowledge I can gain from the B90X & the experience of other Pub member I will climb those steps one at a time until I reach my ultimate goal of financial independence & security just in time to spend the formative years of my life doing exactly what I please with financial security.


im facing the future as i believe Blockchain is the future of the world and everyday i learn more so that i can operate in the future with freedom


Still facing the moon waiting for the mass adoption to happen 2020-2022. This time around doing B90X with my girl still doing the same habits still immersing myself in the success habits still self hypnotizing myself with thoughts I want to have. Didnt get all the info presented in the B90X program but always getting it.


I am facing the direction my brain/head tells me is best to face, and when my heart follows, i know i’m facing the right direction. One thing though, it does take courage/self-confidence to actually run the path.


I am facing towards financial independence and Crytpocurrencies will allow me to accomplish it.
I am learning about the space constantly since December last year and my next goal is to own them Beetcoin and get on that mother ship :slight_smile:
Still some work to do but I am facing towards financial freedom and the moon!


I am not a young man and a lot of water has gone under the bridge. I have been very driven in the past and achieved some things that almost no one does. I have also been crushed several times. The direction I face now is the hardest yet, total surrender. I take the phrase “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” very seriously. I let a higher power direct me, not necessarily the Christian “God”, just the higher self that is undefinable to the human mind but very alive in the heart.
I discovered that myself and almost everyone else is motivated by a mind generated sense of self; a self that is totally fictional, an ego. Over a period of 20 years I learned to recognize my egos voice so I could ignore it. Consequently I am nowhere near as driven as I used to be. But when a will to act arises I know it is genuine and I follow it. The will to jump on the crypto band wagon and gain financial independence arose in me. This independence will allow me to follow the will of my higher self even easier. So for now I am surrendered to the crypto, wherever it goes.


Where are you facing?
Currently. I am focused. I am learning about cryptocurrencies and a dynamic mix of politics, economics, finances, science, psychology, quantum physics, technical trade analysis, new technology, health, spirituality, social science. I am in a constant state of paradigm shift.

I am excited and inspired by the revolutionary aspects of Bitcoin. What it can do for our world.
I am focused on creating wealth for the family and for our financial and creative freedom.

To be financially literate
To be debt free.
To be free to travel.

We are facing North, upwards, to the future, towards a clarity that is sober and laser focused. A mental, physical and spiritual discipline.

As a professional musician, I have lived most my life like a narcissistic, drug-fucked maniac. Now I am sober and have a family and my musicians wage is just not cutting it… and finally, for the first time in my life, I care about someone other than myself. I have a beautiful wife and 6 year old son and I will do anything for them. The last few years of being sober has placed me on a path of constantly bettering myself. I have been educating myself and I have been determined to become financially literate and to increase my income. I have just hit my 40’s and have been searching for my next path in life. I’ve been trying to find a career change or another income stream that really clicks with who I am and really sticks. A career path that is viable, realistic, wholistic and sustainable. Something that I can commit to in the long term. I want to give my family the best life possible.

To maximize my quality of life, through a disciplined approach to financial liberation.
What behaviours today are you exhibiting to help you move in that direction?…
A passion for learning. An obsessive tenacity. An overall vision. Love for my family.
What I choose to study. Who I choose to inspire me.
A daily meditation. Sobriety and health. The love from my family.
Or, are your actions and behaviours counter-productive to where you want to head?
Would like to be more disciplined with my daily practice
I am inconsistent and prone to mood swings and can fall off my commitment very easily.
Can be impulsive.
Would like to utilize my time more efficiently and effective.
Would like more head space and time to focus on the family.
Would like to start integrating the things in life that I am aspiring towards… eg; To get amongst nature. To exercise. To travel. To engage fully in life.

Priorities: Financial security, Independence, family, travel, love, environment, revolution, peace, beauty and life



Right now i am facing East, and Going deeper into the network.

Why am i facing this way?? Its because i have dreams, and by going this way and goes deeper into the network it will fulfill my dreams one by one, through my battlestation to the reality and reach out to the sky!!

It will supports me financially to hold any ground that i am standing all over the world on my dreams. Later on, it will give me the oxygen that i needed to breathe. To the moon buddy!


The direction I’m facing is the direction I go…hmm
Yeah, crossing my goals from my to-do list for 7 years now towards the main goals in life. Education, interesting work, health and fitness (don’t forget health, it’s important). What I have learned is to split goals into little-goals, in Bitsize :grinning: chunks. This is the part of the proces that keeps me happy, knowing that I reached this or that goal again. A happy person is a focused person.
Other thing I learned is to not do everything at once. Oh, I wish to do everything towards any goal in a day but:

  1. it is impossible
  2. it takes the fun out of the ‘journey’. The old Chinese said it: did you enjoyed your surroundings while holding the egg on your spoon in your mouth? (or something like that, but you get the point)

So I guess the direction I’m facing is:

  • a direction towards understanding cryptocurrency so that I could one day be financially indepenent
  • reaching my life goals in interesting work, a business(case) that is profiting and fitnessgoals (muscle up Whoohoo :muscle::facepunch:)

And the last thing I learned as I said is the way in which to travel. Like running the marathon and not wearing myself out on a single race.
Like to learn a lot from fellow bitcoinpubbers!


I’m trying to learn as much as I can, I want to become a freelancer/blockchain developer.
Besides this I want to setup a few streams of passive income, like mining, staking, masternodes, maybe some crypto related business.
It’s little bit problematic, because my wife doesn’t understand this, she thinks that it’s a waste of time, $ and energy. I’m sure that it’s the future and I’ll not quit.
My final goal is to quit regular job and do crypto part time, so that I can spend more time with my kids and wife.