#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



I’m working as an assistant in a software company. I don’t know much about cryptocurrencies and I need to understand about it due to my job. Thus, the direction I’m facing is learning. Better said, understanding and gaining as much knowledge as I can about cryptocurrency and the technologies behind it.
So, I read and investigate everyday.
The more I read, the more I believe my job was the starting point but it is my motivation to learn what brought me here.


hmmm this is a hard one, iv come to a few crossroads in my life and always been forced into choosing a path i knew and was comfortable doing or going out of my elements and facing new obstacles.

So now i’m a vessel master in the offshore oil and gas industry working my way up through the ranks and the current direction i’m facing at the moment is to still learn as much as i can in maritime industry and continue my path up onto bigger ships i love my job i don’t think i would retire from it and also fully putting myself into crypto after learning so much already over 5 months of starting my journey i realized iv only scratch the surface of what is out there and i love to learn new things especially in the technology side.

I want to have a backup plan sort of like a life insurance a passive income from investing into crypto and learning about the technology, i’m not financially stuck with debt “i own no body nothing” but the biggest hardest goal is to buy my first house and borrowing from a bank with a huge mortgage debt has always daunted me so i want to reach a goal of a substantial deposit for a house or buy it straight out with no loan


I am facing major change in my near and far future due to recently being married and finding crypto and B90x!! I will be financially free® in 2018 and certainly free in 2019! I will be building an awesome life with my new beautiful wife!


recently sold my business and opened a new business within the insurance industry. Facing new future with this venture and crypto will be incorporated in some way to make it even brighter.
Crypto mining as a hobby but will be looking into a mining or node business venture. Started actively participating in a telegram group that is geared towards trading the market.
Moving forward full blast and have invested a large amount of time and money into cryptos. Looking to circumvent my time lost and lacking in the retirement arena.
Great question… accountable?? need to finish B90x and stay in here active
After some thought had to come back to this and read some accountability pieces.
#1 using B90x to help get the right mindset - getting immersed in cryptos as a whole(mining, nodes, trading, bots, new tech, ventures)
#2 already doing this everyday i have made cryptos a priority. reading news. d tv, bitcoin ben, watching other news on cryptoyum
#3 need to find an accountability buddy
#4 educating myself with as much crypto knowledge as possible via disords telegram crypto pub and friends

Try to do this when not tired


Facing: Away from the dying telecom industry into the disruption of the financial status quo.
Going: Eliminate all debt, secure family’s future, finally reach my personal aspirations, share the wealth
Supporting behaviors: Relentlessly devouring Crypto-industry knowledge since December, will complete B90X with other commitments, consult crypto-CPA to align with goals, aligning valuable time in support of these goals.
Keep me accountable: by asking me where is your portfolio at? Currently it’s +146.43% valuation since I started at the end of December. Also by requesting my participation in taking this revolutionary knowledge to LATAM.


I am facing toward financial independence and wealth through several endeavors. Focusing on consistency with learning daily and completing this B90X program as just one of the avenues toward achieving this goal.


I’m literally facing the cryptoworld.
Decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to be in an environment where I have like-minded people with a great love for the crypto revolution. That’s why I stopped working at a job that people said I was good at, but where no more passion was. The passion is in thriving, believing in a different future, autonomy and decentralisation in power. This is what the crypto revolution for me represents. It’s my duty to be a part of that.

The behaviour that is taking me of that focus is distraction in general (email, social media, google, netflix, etc) and information overload. So this program is there at the right time. Thnx a lot for that G.


I think right now I’m facing in the direction of wanting to learn more. I have been blessed with some coin, but honestly I haven’t spent the time to learn what I can do with it, how I should use it etc. I think to progress further, focusing on learning in the short term and growing in the long term is my goal.


For years i was just living happy but without big goals, always in dept and overweight. Now my big goal is to be financial independent, be healthy,see the world and be different.

Last year i changed my mind-set and i’m “facing where i’l go, and i’m going where i face”!! Already lost 10 kilogram, almost out of dept. Invested in crypto and stocks for the long term. I’m from Amsterdam but booked my ticket for Canada to stay there for 6 months to see the world. Still thinking about more ways to be financial independent but i’m sure i will find the way.

Everyday i will check my goals if i’m still facing the way where i want to go. For now i’m on track! And will follow this B90X to help me and keep me accountable!




I’m buying my financial freedom. I’ve already bought my ticket to the moon and I’m strapped in tight! I’m HODLing tight and not letting go until my goals have been met!


I am facing the charter schools I am opening in Texas and Florida. I am also facing the schools already open and operating. I like the first, not the second. I am also facing a bunch of fun projects with my son, for which I’d like to have a lot more time than I do. I want more control over those things I face, and to me that means not requiring an employer in order to support my family. So now I am also facing the crypto world. I am hodling onto a couple of BTC, BCC and some EOS. I am not yet investing monthly beyond that, but I am getting ready to do so. My son is interested also in these things, but I decided I need to go through B90X myself first before getting him involved.


I’m facing advancing in my career and getting rid of student loans!


Facing a direction of involvement with my brothers and sister involved in crypto. Facing a future of economic independence. Bought first coin in Nov 2017. Just found this great group mid Jun 2018. Completing B90 - Day 2 - enjoying the daily journey.


home office - selfemployeed
help people
turn money system fair

clearly wealth
BIG -> Books, Individuals and Goals


Thanks Peter just found this. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the video. I’m going to be the turtle and learn slowly


:bullettrain_side: lets ride this train to the end!


I’m on my way to becoming a CPA. I need a few classes and to pass my uniform tests. I am currently studying for them. I want to become your local Crypto CPA!! I want to provide help but also make these sick gainzzzzzz!! I’m heading to a future where I can support my family and friends.


I am facing the direction of freedom from financial burden. I have found that living in fear of never having enough money was one of the areas in my life that only created more and more deficits. I started using a budgeting app and my husband and I are focusing on eliminating debt and setting goals on areas that we want to change in our lives. It is not things in life that we gain, but it is the experiences we have that are most important


I’d personally like to get to a position, where I can confidently acknowledge myself as a blockchain developer, as I speculate that this awesome technology we are talking about today, will be the underlying infrastructure of a future not so far away.
To that aim, I am trying to train and familiarize myself with all the info surrounding the blockchain spectrum, as I am quite a noob when it comes to this technology. :laughing:


Experience is an invaluable asset.