#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



The Direction I am Facing is currently learning a lot about Bitcoin & Alt coins, trading, I am looking to learn how to determine good times to enter and exit trades. (I may get looked down upon from the CryptoCaptain :S ).

I have also been working on getting in better shape over the past month and a half, as I have been going to the gym and hiking outdoors.

I am also going in the direction B90X is leading me and Thank you CryptoCaptain for B90X :smile:




My direction?

I want to have a side business that I can manage in my free time for now and that can become, I hope, my main business. I want to get satisfactions. knowledge and some extra wealth for my family.


I always had the skill to learn new things with ease and that helps me a lot, but sometimes I feel that I focus so much at something that I easily get bored and find another “project”. I need to stop looking so much at coinmarketcap and worry about the short term to avoid FUD and FOMO. Thanks Peter for sharing these thoughts!


The direction I am facing is retirement. I have built with my wife’s participation; security, stability and happiness. I hope to improve knowledge of various financial instruments to add to a fruitful retirement.


This quote really has me thinking, super powerful.

Also so much honesty here from the group, I need to set aside some time just to get through all of these fantastic replies.

Direction - I want to be facing towards a future or financial stability while playing a part in this technology that is changing our world for the better. I am supporting this goal by trying to get involved and learning as much as I can about the world of cryptocurrency technology, trading/investing and bringing others to the table to get involved.

I want for me to be better at seeing my goals through to the finish line, I want to be facing that direction.

I think this awesome course you guys have put together is an amazing first step at helping hold me accountable. It is already helping by reminding me to hold MYSELF accountable.

I need to marinate on this a bit more. Thank you!


Where have I been facing? A tough road. Uncertainty. Fear. Challenges. For the last 10 plus years this spinal cord injury has kicked my ass physically and mentally. It feels like I’ve been facing nowhere, going nowhere and doing nothing, just existing… wasting away in depression. I haven’t paid much attention to my finances, I’ve mainly been living month to month without giving it much thought. I’ve saved some over the years but probably could’ve saved more. I NEED to change direction. So… Where am I facing now? Self improvement and improving my situation. What am I doing to stay the course? Investing time, effort and money into myself and my situation by eating better, exercising, getting outdoors, reading, learning, listening to good music, coming to The Bitcoin Pub daily, watching videos on cryptocurrency, saving more, buying Bitcoin and HODL, pacing myself and not giving up. Sure… there’s still a bit of uncertainty. Will investing time and money into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies improve my situation? I don’t know but I’m going to give it a shot. How can The Bitcoin Pub keep me accountable? Keep doing what you do but also don’t let me give up. Oh… and get a voice chat, I think voice chat could bring the community even closer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay the course.


Thank you sir for your candor and your sharing. This is very powerful.
Writing is cathartic, you should do more of it.

Thank you for being here, self improvement is a life’s work. We’ve only just begun!


Where am I facing? I am facing the opportunity to jump off the GRID and sail the world. My wife and I are close. Maybe 3 more years until we can give it a shot!

What am I doing? I have decided that the way to my dream is through crypto currency. I believe that it is the way that I can achieve my goal in the shortest amount of time. It will also provide for income when the sails have been put away and it is time to explore our next adventure, whatever that may be. I am hard core at trying to learn and hoping not to burn out. By connecting to others with my same passion I am able to learn from others mistakes, do the exact mistake I told myself not to do and see what strategies will be best for me? HODL? Flip? ICO?

It feels like mentally and emotionally I should stick with HODLing as I am a bad…very bad…FOMO trader :slight_smile:

@peter I loved your video with the CryptoGrinder Ryan…I am such a fan of his as well. You guys showed me that you are real people, with real hearts and you really want to help others. So today I am your student and I am happy to be in the Pub!


Awesome man! Cryptogrinder is a real dude. I loved every minute with him. I look forward to doing more with him!


A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of an emotional meltdown. The state of the world just got too much for me in that moment. The illegal war in the middle east, bankers that screwed us all and were then paid off with our money, and don’t get me started on Brexit and Drumpf…

Anyway, in that moment I decided to make some radical changes.

  1. Fuck the banks. I had already bought my ticket to the big show, but I want to pay off my mortgage and student loan and get the banks off my back.
  2. I’ve been making music for the last 20 or so years, however, it has always been a solo mission. I decided to change this. Luckily I have some incredibly talented musician friends, so I’m embarking on a new direction that incorporates those friends so that I can make better music, with others by my side.
  3. Do something in life that is focused on other people, not me. I code for a living, so I’ve signed up to volunteer for Code Club, an after-school program that teaches kids how to code. My DBS certificate (background check that allows you to work with children) came through this morning. :smile:

I’m strapped in. I’ve got my ticket. And I’m going to making bad-ass beats and help kids along the way. Let’s do this.


That’s the spirit man. I think you’ve tapped into something powerful here.
Use your gifts to help others! :rocket:


#amazing to want to give so much to others. #giversruletheworld!


The direction i’m facing is looking towards true financial independence & not to be governed by a central figure.
It has been hard, very hard but i’m learning everyday how to stay focused on the goal.
It’s only lonely at the top if you don’t bring someone with you I remind myself also.


Facing towards massive wealth - for financial freedom, to give my family the life they deserve, and to make a philanthropic change in society. I’m making steps by involving myself in the world of cryptocurrency and learning as much as I can, aspiring to become a trader and maximize investment profits, while also going to college and working 40 hr weeks delivering pizza so I can keep investing. In between I’m living life :sunglasses: exercising, drawing, skateboarding, spending time with my family and cultivating my passions so that I can eventually make them into a career


Awesome. Keep it up bro. Looking forward to seeing your progress!


When I was 14 I started to make websites. Back then I wanted to be a web developer. When I learned more about programming I wanted to be a game developer. So I went to university and got a degree in computer science. While taking my degree I realized that I didn’t really want to become a game developer either. What did I want then? The direction I was always facing was to create software products This is also where I ended up, now I am an IT consultant in a DevOps team on a large software projects. The direction I’m facing now is, to acquire the knowledge and skill, needed to contribute to high quality software development.

In my personal life I am doing my best to face in the direction of truth. I believe that telling the truth and living your life in a way so that you are able to tell the truth about how you live, is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It helps me gain a lot of inside into myself. And, having the credibility of truth among your peers, is one of the most valuable things you can ever achieve.

While writing this I’ve been thinking, what about this sentence “Where you are facing is where you’ll go. The direction you’re going, is where you’ll face.” is supposed to be powerful and helpful. After writing I’ve come to see this as a motivator for my future goals. Looking back on my life, I’ve been facing directly toward the things I have achieved. However, the things I wanted by haven’t achieved I haven’t been working hard enough toward.

My train has come to its destination. It have been an enjoyable ride.


Thank you for sharing! Every day is a new day to face the direction you want to go. The journey is the ride!


I’m facing the future with hope and love.
Some closer goals: enjoy and celebrate life by spending some money on celebratory things I wouldn’t normally. Create moments with the family. For example, Hamilton is hot here in LA and I can only get tickets on Stub Hub. Nearly $250 each. My 11 year old son is loving the sound track. I think I’ll take him and pay for it with Crypto.

Next goal - buy my wife a car.
Big goal - buy a home in SoCal (years to get there, but with the increase of wealth in Crypto and the unfortunate downturn in the housing market I think it will be possible).


"What direction are you facing?"
I am seeking increasing my financial IQ. Bitcoin is something I’ve heard recently and was skeptical about it at first. I got curious behind the Bitcoin technology which is the blockchain. I realized how blockchain technology is going to change the industry and this is something I definitely do not want to miss out on. Also, the capital gains of Bitcoin!

How can we keep you accountable?
Weekly updates will keep my accountable which you have already done. I am subscribed on youtube getting the latest feeds…


Glad you’re here bro! It’s time to change the world!! :rocket: