#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



This is something that has been on my mind since the middle of August when life took a sudden left turn. My direction has been survival mode and I’d like to change that. The direction I’m choosing today is success. Which means focusing on getting a new consulting gig (having been dismissed this last week) so that I don’t have to eat into crypto - that would be heart breaking because it’s supposed to be there for future me. How I’m going to support that is by finishing the market report that they didn’t pay for and giving my opinion away for free. I want to show that my research and insight has value. I’m also going to support success by focusing on this program every morning to get into the right frame of mind. Continuing to stay on top of the crypto/blockchain markets and seeking out individuals who have accomplished what I’m aiming for in my career.


The road is long but worth. Stay the course! :rocket:


This is literally Day 2 of even thinking about crypto, so this question hits pretty hard. I got into stocks about three months ago, started out slow with Acorns, moved on to Robin hood, and neither of those two things seemed to be what I wanted in the long run.

This community has me looking ahead, I’ve spent several hours reading and watching videos today, trying to understand everything going on; trying to consume all of it, there is a lot. I set up all of my accounts and am now waiting for my Bitcoin to arrive.

I think I’m looking up. Ready for my seat on the shuttle. I’ll have to see how these next 28 days pan out!


@peter This is a great reminder! Thanks for putting this 90 day challenge together. I’m headed in the direction of understanding and investing in cryptocurrencies for the next 88 days - and beyond. This goal fits in with larger goals I’ve been pursuing for a long time.

7 years ago, I spent significant time putting together a lifeplan and thinking hard about my true priorities. Faith, health, family, friends and wealth are at the top of my list. Now I review my plan yearly and pick quarterly challenges in each of these areas to make sure I’m making measurable progress. B90x seems like a perfect fit to help me move forward in the area of building wealth so I can reach financial freedom. I plan to post daily so I can stay accountable and share what I’m learning along the way.

This past year, I’ve made significant progress with my physical health by optimizing my nutrition and workouts. I’ve definitely seen that small steps taken consistently in the same direction produce amazing results.


For me I am facing the great unknown!

I like to be a little out of my comfort zone and enjoy learning so getting into Cryptocurrency stuff is a big adventure that will hopefully pay off for me too.


More time with family, priceless


This is getting personal. =)

Where are you facing? Where are you going?
I’m reached a certain age. Midlife crisis. At the moment I’ll try to create new income streams. I don’t want to be dependent from my montly paycheck from the company I’m working.
Would love to have enough money to hold my actual standard of living and have the possibility to persue my passion. I’vo so much technological expertise and a geek brain. I would like to help bussiness to get more productive or automate boring jobs.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?
I’m looking how to start this bussiness. At the moment I’m gathering all the information I can get.

How can we keep you accountable?
I don’t know. Just ask me every end of the month how far I’d come.


Let’s do it. Let us know! We’d love to encourage you!


As a Motorcycle Safety Instructor I taught students that the most important discipline they would develop is Visual Direction Control. Look where you want to go, 'cause you WILL go where you look. This applies to life as well as carving canyons on two wheels. Critical skills!

Facing in the direction of transformation, being of service,moving through 90 day challenge in record time!

Living DAY 2!


What direction are you facing?
I am looking at owning my own business, travelling making plans, and having the buying power to execute it and helping the needing ones along the way.

Behaviour wise, I am exercising regularly. Waking up odd hours to check the market, putting my ass on the line speaking to people about markets and making money. so doing things I have not done before.

keep me accountable? my family and the people I talk to are keeping me accountable, because I honor my self, my words, and my little girl.


Where are you facing? Where are you going?

3 Years out of college now and in my 3rd sales job, feeling like I’m stuck in a dead end again and again. Looking for a way to diversify my earnings and start investing in my future. I’ve saved a little money but bad investments and purchases have got me living essentially pay check to paycheck in an area that I don’t particularly like. I’ve been studying crypto for a few weeks now and am intrigued by what it brings to the table.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?

I am starting to look around for ways to earn extra income, and it seems like crypto investing and trading might be the boost I need in order to get where I want to be.

How can we keep you accountable?

At this point, I am the only one that can hold myself accountable. I need to finally follow through with something and I feel like B90 is the best way to gain a little discipline and better myself and my life in the process. I’m excited to be here with you guys. Let’s see where it takes us!


Approaching 30 and I’ve found moderate success in work and savings, but haven’t reached my desired potential yet. Hoping to get to a point where I’ve created a stable portfolio and diversified by stream of income.

Right now, I’m incredibly new to the game and haven’t even bought any crypto currency. Trying to learn more and get my head around the bits and bobs so I feel more confortable jumping in.


Update to my progress of where I am facing. I have been very busy getting as many people knowledgeable about the crypto space as I can. Not shilling coins, but explaining what it is. Feels great. I have given the pub address out to about 50 people and many of them are starting the project. This space is wonderful and more people should just learn about it. Once they understand then they can decide what they want to do. It is their life, it is their choice! On my portfolio, I had a 5 year plan to increase my balance by 6% a month to hit my personal savings plan (I know…modest…but hey I wanted it attainable). As of today my portfolio has increased just over 2X from June and this is equal to month 16 on my plan. So I have already shaved off 10 months of my 5 year plan! AWESOME! Thanks @peter for this website. I love it! and oh by the way…nice work on that LTC dollar cost average. Paying off big as of this week!

To Da Moon :rocket: :rocket:


My direction is to reach my financial freedom. Free from 9 to 5 job. Since I make the commitment, I am learning a lot. Started learning forex, tried binary options and finally, i discovered crypto. I love the market and the ROI is huge. I am walking to my dream day by day. Of course, I encountered obstacles, in which I had to work on them. I am not yet there, but right now I am more organized, I follow a plan that allows me to stay focused and allows me to be responsible for my decisions. I do my fundamental and technical analysis and I try to learn from my mistakes and from those who have gone the way before. I almost there!


Hopefully, I’m facing a greater chance of financial stability in the retirement years. This, along with other managed investments, should shore that up. That, and as frugal spending habits as I can muster should help with that.


Go get it. The world is yours!


where are you facing?
Where are you going?
What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?
How can we keep you accountable?

I’m (hopefully) facing financial independence.
I’ve been teaching physics for the past 4 years but have decided I’d like financial independence and pursue other interests, which aren’t dictated by an outdated syllabus.
I moved to South America to learn Spanish and take a break from life, now I am investing in cryptocurrencies and trying to build a stable income. I’m researching new coins and technical analysis indicators every day, building a website and trading regularly. I think a lot of my behaviours are healthy but it is easy to lose focus and get distracted by things that don’t give me much value, there is a lot of crap on the internet. I’m trying to reduce the number of sources I use to a small number of higher quality ones. I’m also ensuring I spend time exercising, meditating and playing guitar to keep a balance in life.

I have to say, only on day 2 and I really like this space. Good luck to you all!


Hi Kmw, I highly recommend the Tim Ferriss podcast with Nick Szabo. Highly intelligent people talking at a good pace for beginners. I got into crypto a few months ago after listening to that podcast, went back to it the other day and got so much more from it.

Good luck!



HI All,

Who am I? Chemical Engineer with responsibilities of 4, currently unemployed due to the downturn in oil and gas and looking at Crypto as a way to become financially secure for the future.

Background is in chemical plant optimisation and operations as well as design so my excel skills and generic data sklls are pretty good. I am quite into process optimisation software called PI Process Book and can more or less calculae under the sun with it.

I have recently wagered some monies on XRP and made 100% profit in a couple of weeks so I am quite impressed and my view is to get in on this whilst it is still not mainstream and this should lead me to become financially secure to be able to support my family and ensure their futures in a number of ways. I have about 25k to invest to start with or thereabouts. I have flipped it a couple of times but this is very difficult as Etoro Gap is pretty large so in the immediate short term I am loooking for a bettter way to trade xrp and to flip high and low. Any thoughts on this would be welcome. There may be better things to flip too. Generically I can see I will be getting into some form of trading too.

i see the benefit and potential of XRP to be very large in 2018 and will be leaving my 9k in there. I need to become a better trader and I have started to learn about trading methodologies.

I can see my inquisitve nature being a major force here as I typically want to know about everything and currenlty turing to figure out how to make better trades by indentification of turning points. In the recent fall of bitcoin if i could pick out the highs and lows better, i would have made a signficant increase in my 9k. That is the lesson and this is the journey I am on.

If anyonw out there can appreicate this feel free to get in touch.




Alex! Thanks for being here friend!

Time to face the future! Even with your hard position right now… keep you’re head up. 2018 will be an awesome year, I promise!