#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



Thanks Peter. I am sure that 2018 is going to be fine. I need to get a bit more financially sensible. I think thats the main aim.


Have a great christmas and new year.

All my best Peter.



Great stuff here Doge ninja! This sort of thinking is really powerful. In my case it has to do with the idea of transitioning from a mindset of general awareness to one of deliberate action. I’d bet many of us here have had partial encounters with crypto concepts over the last few years and only partially engaged with them before arriving at the ah-ha moment that leads to an actionable path forward. Props to your work at the pub, it is shaping my crypto ah-ha moment!

  1. What are you facing? Excitement, Challenges and Opportunities
  2. Where are you going? I moving towards embracing change and make it my own to create a new normal. LEARN…APPLY…GROW…SHARE
  3. What behaviors are you exhibiting to support the direction? Discipline and Daily Study. Also I maintaining a healthy lifestyle that incorporates exercise, eating right, and spirituality.
  4. How can we keep you accountable? I am in the early stage of investing Bitcoin. So as I move forward, I look foward to obtaining feedback on questions and you checking with me to see how I proceeded with the knowledge sharing.


Let’s get it man. The long life discipline is the one that pays off! STick with it!

@nicos - Glad you’re here! More aha moments to come!


Currently working a regular job paying bills and looking after my 5 month old son while DCAing into some Cryptos on the side to help me and my partner get through, i have also been looking into other creative career options as i am a creative person at heart, and i know thats where i should be spending my working time.


Time to sharpen those extra curricular activities!


Day 2
What can I say …Only been dabbling for a short while 5 months to be exact…(single mum of three) but its my constant searching for more and more info into crypto currency that bought me to starting this B90X programme to learn more. My goal is to get My golden ticket by Dec 2018 that is the direction i am facing…So hopefully with dedication and consistency i will succeed…actually i will succeed :grin:
Also i have to addmit after yesterdays day one then more hours of reading, I am now hungry to learn as much as i can about the technology behind the coins and thats whats exciting me.


I am facing the future. I am going to learn as much about the crypto market and trading as possible. I am doing at least on thing everyday to learn these skills and hope one lesson and builds on to the next and before I know it I will have the knowledge and experience to build a nice profitable portfolio.


What an amazing program! I love the components of self-reflection and structure.
I have always strived to be successful in corporate America and that has led to amazing accomplishments, which have driven the bottom line for others. As I reflect on that, I turn to my own path and face the opportunities that will directly benefit me and my family. I will use the same behaviors and discipline that have helped me help others, and use them to establish financial freedom for myself by:

  1. Setting short and long-term goals
  2. Setting a game plan for each action
  3. Appling analytical discipline and research
  4. Seek out others who are excited about crypto to create my own mastermind group. This has always helped to keep me accountable and successful.
  5. Daily check-ins at the Bitcoin Pub

How can we keep you accountable?
There is a lot of information and noise in this space, and I will need help to learn how to filter out what is not important.


where are you facing? Where are you going? What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?How can we keep you accountable?

I’m facing the direction of the east, the rising sun where clarity and purpose is plentiful. I’m going to a new level, a level I’m allowing myself to take part in and find complete balance and harmony in. I’ve committed myself to deprogramming so i can reprogram, and I’m updating all areas of my life. My Commitment and passion (borderline obsession if you ask some) is powering the spirit within me and I’m dedicated to change. I’m holding fast, and staying true to this because I’m damn sure not new to this. I strive to meet my growth with momentum! I can be kept accountable by having access to content so i can learn something new everyday, as a former athlete I am accustomed to keeping myself accountable and working as a part of a team toward a common goal. Your work ethic is inspiring and keeps me accountable on gp because not many in this space are pumping out quality content consistently like you, so by doing what you’re doing I can be kept accountable.


I have been looking for an opportunity that is challenging and completely intrigues me. I am sure the direction I am facing is the one I want to be facing. I like many others I am sure on here, are looking to find their ticket to the spaceship, and learn everything in cryptocurrency to arm themselves for the inevitable change that is coming/happening already.
I really want to change my life financially, because I have been traveling the world for so many years and there are countless things on my list of things that I want to do. I know becoming a master of this craft will allow me to continue on do all that I desire.
I must stay consistent or persistent on this path but each day giving quality effort. Since we all are working right now, and money is scarce at the moment so each investment is critical. So putting the ego aside and realizing that there is a time to plant the seed. Which is taking a few hours each day and sacrificing sleep or whatever it may be to learn and plan.
I am sure I am rambling on now but I believe to do this will have to take some real sacrifice. I appreciate that there is a community here. And an abundance of resources. I just know it is possible to start with nothing and make it all happen. I believe I will punch my ticket. I believe in the underdog! Haha Dodgecoin, (thats so corny that popped in my head just now)


Thank you for sharing! I appreciate you being here!

I’ll keep working hard if you keep working hard! :wink:


Absolutely. A couple hours is all we need to start with. But. We must start!


I want to be apart of something that provides financial freedom. I want to be apart of a financial expirement outside of the current banking fiat currency model. I believe in the decentralized block chain model and I want to become a knowledgable source for others around me. I would like to get to a place where block chain investing is my sole source of income. To accomplish my goals I have immersed myself in learing about all things crypto related. I joined The BitCoinPUB to surround myself with experienced and knowledgeable people. I know my strengths and my weakness, and finding value in others is one of my strengths. Peter & John have much value and are creating a special community of learning and sharing the crypto world. I always try surround myself with value, and people of knowledge and substance. That is why I have come here to The BitCoinPub and Decentralized TV. The people here are great and the environment that has been fostered by Peter and John is one of a Crypto Family. I look forward to attempting to bring value to this space in whatever way I can, and learning from everyone here. I am very excited to start the new year with BitCoinPub and look forward to a prosperous 2018 for everyone.


Keep inviting people to join the revolution!


I’m facing my mortality. And I’m facing the reality that in 12 years I’ll be 60. I make decent money, but it all disappears in NYC and I have a kid. I don’t have any real savings and I don’t have a pension. I sold everything I could to put some money in some of these cryptos and one of them, and the one I put 90% of my money into, is doing very well and the long term outlook is excellent. I’m contemplating taking out a small loan, 12% of my take home, to put more money in, but I’m afraid of being an idiot. I’ve always been very wary of get rich quick schemes, but I think this is the future and an opportunity of a lifetime. There will be ups and down, but this is the future and it’s not going away. I think putting down $10,000 to $20,000 down in the right places in 2018 can make me a million in 5 years and that’s where I’m facing.


I currently facing three directions as well. The challenge of helping my parents clean up & renovate their home, my first child, and trying to get my software company off the ground.

I’d like to believe I’m going in a direction that is going to make me a stronger person for helping my parents and working through some old un-resolved relationship stuff with my mother, but it can be hard for the both of us at times. She’s excited to be a grandmother, so that is a new direction for both of us.

And, as for the software company, I’m moving in a direction that is forcing me to be more accountable with my time and money.

I want the knowledge I’m learning from the research of blockchain and the crypto space to be incorporated in my services I can offer my clients.

One behavior that is helping me is my thirst for all this crypto goodies. I really really see the future in a lot of these coins/projects that can bring amazing value to our society as a whole. I really feel good about the future if we can harness these ideas for the good of humanity.

I’d like to think I will be actively participating in this community, as I want to be as successful as I can be as a cryptonaut, and fellow human.

I’m open to constructive feed back to aid in my accountability.


  • I am currently all into crypto, I am new to this space and investing world but I am willing to put my 100% of efforts, money and time and learn as much as can be.

  • I believe I am going to be investing long in this crypto space. I will be doing principle based investing with long term approach and use techniques like DCA (as i learnt from your random videos).

  • I am now spending my full time into cypto as I find it fascinating space to grow and also a huge potential to make money. I am watching DCTv videos, attending bite size streams, involved in FB groups all day and started this b90x day program to go in a systematic way rather than playing on emotions.

  • With regular progress checks and discussion in pub, I can stay accountable.


I’m facing a few different directions but they all point to the end goal. I’m “facing” to build a foundation for a more comfortable future. My three main directions are perfecting my hobby, building a successful etsy store and investing in cryptocurrencies. By studying and practicing at each I learn and get better each time. Keeping me accountable… hmmm… I guess just by posting here that puts some accountability on my goals and myself.


Did you see our post on dctv about Etsy and bitcoin???