#B90X - DAY 2 - Where are You Facing?



Awesome thanks. I’ll go check it out!


Well I took most the day to unplug, unwind, clear my head and recalibrate the senses by taking a point A to B 10+ mile hike deep through the coastal Redwoods. It was what I needed, and frankly overdue. Which kinda leads me to answering what direction am I facing. Forward! Always Forward. It doesn’t hurt to look back once in awhile, remember where you came from, but keep inching closer to the goal. Going into 2018 strong with a solid plan this year and staying with this for the long run. Doing DCA on a couple top 10 coins, and mainly perfecting the HODL. As for accountability, TheBitcoin.Pub really helps me having a forum with a growing community of like-minded people, before (early 2017) I got kinda burnt out on it to soon, and missed the :rocket: This year is hopefully going to be the year I look back on and say 2018 I played it smart and it changed my life immensely. Day 2 down, only 88 to go!


Where are you going?
Moving forward towards new adventures. After working in the medical field for 7 years, I felt the need to do something else on the side separate from my current profession.
What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?
I’ve finally jumped in and decided to get into the crypto screen. I rarely join forums and post things. And here I am posting on this forum and following the b90x program. Guess you could say I’m leaving my comfort zone.
How can we keep you accountable?
I know that at the end of the day only i can keep my self responsible.


Where are you going?
Took me 1-2 days to find real answer for that question while looking at what happen on computer screen. For 15 years so far i did what i wanted. Got bored of study so got on book fantasy read and after that go on WOW world game and learn how to troll people online and that got boring too, in mean while i worked as translator, restaurant manager, adviser on how to become legalised in Poland and even as polish language teach for vietnamese, labour worker, or even seller of underwear and tease ladies there. SO as final direction i dont even know what is my direction i am feeling fine with whatever i am doing at that moment. Let’s just say there are a lot of shops on direction that i am walking on. And i just love to stop at any shop to try new food taste. Now my dicretion start with cryptocurrency with which i got 6 months free to get the feel.

What behaviors are you exhibiting that support that direction?
Well i am going to do like when i played WOW game/read fantasy books: give it 12+hours per day.

How can we keep you accountable?
I dont understand this question. I mean i am doing it for mineself i dont need anyone to keep me accountable right? Unless i pay you guys to keep me interested in or what?


In 2015 i started facing a direction that will lead me to financial independence. My first step was to eliminate all debt. I have stayed focused in paying everything off. It would help me stay accountable if I went to the MOOOOOOOOOOON! I would really just love to join the community, be active, and grow together.


Right now I am facing the direction of being financially free and independent.

There is supposed to be some developments in 3D printing, making some very high quality parts I would like to get involved in.
I would like to quit my job and start prototyping parts for people and work on some of my own personal projects.

To do this I would need a house with a garage and some funds to live off of. I really don’t like the idea of a mortgage, seems more like a death contract to me. So I live in a small apartment room trying to save enough to do these things.

This is where I would like to see myself, reality is I wake up an check coinmarketcap and then start reading and listening to people talking about crypto in most of my spare time. I need to change what i am doing.


LoL why so many males focused on garage thing :stuck_out_tongue: cant it be BIG room?


well a garage is easy to ventilate, was doing some 3D printing stuff in my room before and the whole place smelled toxic.


That’s awesome @Eldgar.
It’s true to say we are facing the same direction. Only instead behind me will be will a DMG evo60 cnc milling beast! Good Luck to you good sir.


awesome man, been hoping to get my hands on some CNC machining too lots of innovation happening in that too.


Hmmm,Let’s see…:thinking:

I’ve done Day 1 and thought maybe I should explore this cryptospace before continuing with B90X. To better understand the lecture, sometimes one must experience it first. I’m a knucklehead, I know. 3 weeks later and I can tell you that, it has sucked me in with all kinds of emotions. From a kid in a candy store to kid at a Health Hut. It’s pretty wild, but in those 3 weeks of exploring, I’ve learned so much. I’ve maintain the emotion beast now, and is facing to the moon with the crypto nation! While I DCA and HODL, I can now continue…B90X!


I’m facing the moon and how I’m reaching is,

Watching everything I can on youtube in the past week or two
Reading everything I can online
Joined the pub, subscribed, liked, etc.
Taken notes
and tomorrow is going to be the first day I actually put the most money I’ve ever put in at least until tax time this year :laughing:


Where am I facing? Honest truth, I am not entirely sure. I bought my first bitcoin early December, got excited and needed some structure to buying, so have just started B90X. Keen to learn what I can about crypto…


What way am i facing?

i Am trying to face in the direction of financial comfort. i don’t plan to make millions off of crypto. but i would like to make enough to pay off my house. if i can do that, i will be able to save upwards of $15,000 year. i would be able to better save for my kids college, while at the same time be able to have a little fun.

so i am facing in the direction of Financial Comfort.


Which direction have I have I been facing?

The last few months were facing up. I’ve been out seeking new job opportunities. I know i’ll eventually land the job that propels my career, but will it be enough?

I started researching Bitcoin in December. After reading and learning more about it, it intrigued me as it IS the future of our world. All of a sudden my dreams became larger than a “better job; better income”. I am now facing bigger challenges to learn as much of this industry so that I can set myself up for success.

B90x/Bitcoin Pub is one tool I will use to improve my knowledge and hopefully surround myself with those with the same mindset.

Thank you!



Day 2. My daughter has woken me up at 6.30 on Sunday morning so here we are. She is happy eating breakfast and watching Scooby doo, whilst my thoughts have already turned to crypto and making some money. I guess that perfectly sums up the direction I face. My wife and daughter are my world and I want to make their world financially better and easier. My daughter moves up to secondary school in 3.5 years and i want her to go to private school. I’d like my wife to be able to hand her notice in at work and maybe get into crypto. Being British i drank beer soon after learning to walk, I have made the decision to stop drinking, and since that tumultuous decision I have become much more focused. For my own person I would like to step away from construction in the next 5years and i want an R8 v10 plus lol!.. what i like about crypto is that I actually enjoy spending time working on it. I have self traded in the past and my strategy was always mid to long term trading, I don’t believe in day trading. Accumulation of wealth and assets that’s my goal. Well that’s it, I’d like to finish by saying that so far everyone I have been in contact with in thebitpub have been Very Cool, JUST LIKE SCOOBY DOO!!!..


I am facing into the wind. Adversity, apathy, distraction, etc…all make the wind blow. Most of it is internal and so looking in the mirror every morning and steeling my reserve to stand up to my own winds is my direction. I want to stick to my initial excitement to learn and grow as a person and invest in the future of my family and myself. There will be strong gusts to weather, but with a solid foundation I won’t be swayed easily from my path.


My wife has trusted me with investing much of our money in cryptos! She believes I can be a full time trader. I am working diligently towards becoming a full time trader of cryptos!


Facing a successful career in crypto & going in the direction of financial freedom. I’m doing the 90 in 90 (among other things). I have no idea how you guys can keep me accountable but I know that I can keep myself accountable.
I’m just super happy to be here. In a sea of bad information this website is one of the rare gems.


Day 2… Where am I facing? A few years ago I was reflecting on my life I wasn’t happy… we changed everything. Budgets, diet, exercise… etc…

This year without anything in crypto I will pay off my house, 2 cars have some money in the back, gained some education/skills and retire from my current job after 20 years of a job I don’t like . Given I still have 30ish years of work ahead of me… I am looking for ways to make this transition to finding another job easier or if I even need another job?

Ultimately I will own my life and that gives me some type of freedom. I am facing into a new world freedom.