#b90x - DAY 21 - Technical Analysis 101 - Hammer & Hanging Man



Today we look at the hammer and hanging man candle archetypes.
There is a lot we can learn from these!


Really enjoying these last few videos! I had no idea you could read so much information from just the candles. Past few months floating around watching different crypto vids etc i have yet to see anyone explain this. Every little bit i learn makes the buy/sell decisions so much easier.

Appreciate the good vids man! keep it up! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Thank you sir! Basic fundamentals firm our knowledge!


Yes, these really are very helpful and it’s fantastic that these are structured into the course day by day.

@peter Few suggestions perhaps:

  1. That instead of the most recent post threads coming at the top of the B90X forum, that these are all stickies in descending numerical order.

  2. Then that the stickied threads in the subforum are then subdivided according to the theme of that particular ‘lesson’ - visually with lines between them or different coloured text or simply with additional categorisation words at the beginning of the threads names - For example, the first few days seemed concerned with ‘Commitment / Investment mindset’ which would be one sub-category. Then you had beginner tutorials on ‘Getting Started’. And more recently it’s been ‘Technical Analysis’.

This course is a great draw for the forum and for bringing new people into the crypto space. I said at the beginning that this was somewhat like a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) - and is probably the first of its kind in that regard on this topic. To aid newbies, this clarity of categorisation and organisation can help them and those that want to periodically return to sections or particular lessons. The course as a whole can be linked to people periodically and it would look better and immediately make sense to someone looking at B90x as a whole for the first time.

  1. Regarding these technical analyses lessons, one possible way to encourage interaction and user-generated learning content would be to encourage learners to head to Bittrex crypto charts and try and find other exemplifications of what’s being taught, e.g., ‘Go to Bittrex now and screenshot some Hammer and Hangman action in a recent crypto chart - what happened after these?’

Just my two cents. Keep up the fantastic work. I will patreon shortly off the back of these.


Awesome. Yes. I forget to ask people to try on their own and grab that experience!


sup dogelord. I like the videos as well, years ago I read on forex factory that the entry to a position is only half the battle, the exit is what really matters. I think a whole video could be dedicated to showing great entries, that were screwed up by bad exits. Just an idea…

And one question. Do you heikin ashi bro? I love heikin ashi, but the signals are better for trends, not sideways markets like the one we have now on BTC.

Keep up the good work.


I’ll be reviewing those in time!


Hi CryptoNation)

My small homework with Hammers and Hanging Mans)
Hanging Man - red colour, Hammer - green colour;
Please correct me, if I’m wrong somewhere)

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


Excellent! What is even more telling is the trend reversals afterwards! Getting smarter every day!


Love the Videos! Great information made easy!


Another great explanation. Loved that part, where you showed, that hammers and hanging man are good indicators but not every time right. We people are not always predictable, that is the risk in trading.


Personally I’m just pondering the best use-case scenario for this info I’ve acquired over the past few videos. This all makes sense if you are an active trader but I’m more spectating the market and holding for now, I do understand the ups & downs but I don’t want to get caught up in it just yet until it really moves because I never know exactly the market is going do so I’m just playing it safe.


Allows for a few sessions to go by before making a decision!


Thanks Peter! I have posted a screenshot for anyone else who likes to store them in a binder like I do.


Still here, still watching, still all a bit complicated for my way of thinking :joy:

“something interesting might be about to happen, watch this space…”

since a candle shows session prices at start/end, high/low, & colour to indicate start > or < end,

surely if you if moved the start/end times you could get very different candles, which could give a different narrative…


BTC is my favorite coin and on 12/18 i see a hanging man after an uptrend and after watching a couple succeeding candles you can see a reversal in trend. If i could do anything different i would have taking some profits on bitcoin on the 12/19 and bought back in on 12/22 ideally getting filled at the wall of buyers/support was found around that $10,700 area…hindsight is 20/20 though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On 1/18 after some days of downtrending there is a hammer and the next candle is a doji but trades above the hammers upper wick and is followed by a couple days of upside.

thats my 2 shatoshis worth…btc to da moon


Very nice, taking a look right now at the charts, lets find some hammers :grin:


I went through videos from 17-21 again while playing around on Tradingview this morning. I like reading everyone’s posts. This community is very helpful. Thanks guys!


Great video on hammers and hanging men! The key takeaways I’ve been taking away from these few sessions is that you need to wait some sessions for confirmation of a bear/bullish pattern reversal after dojis and hammers etc.


Also known as patience!