#B90X - DAY 22 - TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Shooting Stars & Inverted Hammers!



Let’s move onto some shooting stars and inverted hammers!

They all act similar to the hammer and hanging man in that they mean there could be a trend reversal! Watch and learn!

Leave any questions you may have below!

TA of current BTC volatility - Graph within

Lol. How about even better? Give you guys all the lessons that others put behind a pay wall? That’s the goal!


Peter thanks for putting these together.


Thanks for the great videos !


I have been trying to learn all of this for so long, I have yet to find anyone explaining it this clear.


I am going to have to rewatch the whole candlestick series and pour through these charts, we need to make some sort of reference chart as well.

I owe you guys big time, you and the community here.

Many thanks!


No problem man! Spread the good word! Having these basics down make charting really fun to watch!


Thanks for the video
so what’s the differnece between hammer and inverted hammer(beside the shape of the candle) if the both reverse the trend after a decline?
(same thing for hangingman and shooting star)


Generally. May need several sessions to confirm!


Doing my homework from yesterday, I highlighted a couple candles in August 2017, is there a better way to share these graphs? When I click the link it takes me to the current time and I have to scroll back.


Screenshots are great!


Thanks Peter! I am going back to watch these several times and looking at the patterns on my trades. It is amazing how accurate these are, and if you look at the “why” the candles take on these shapes, it makes even more sense.


Exactly! It’s a time tested thing. Once you are familiar… all these little mechanisms begin to reveal themselves to you!


Adding Screenshot of Peter’s chart:


Patience, something I’m learning, at the beginning I was eager to put some trades because I thought that I would miss opportunities. But now I am starting to see that the right opportunities come after taking some consideration.


I feel the same way. Relax, breathe, good trades will always be there just wait…:grin:


With shooting star, inverted hammer, hammer, and hanging man; does it matter where it opened or closed (ie green or red)? or is it strictly the shape that determines if it’s a specific archetype?


just need to practice so im more familiar!


I’m checking NEO every day to see what happened the last 24 hours, adding new information as I learn it, but yesterday was pretty uneventful. Really small candles nearly all day, and the volume was quite low compared to the start of the month. Had to go back a few days to find a Shooting Star.


Possible reversal, got it. Watch next session.


Nice to know the correct terms for these reversal candles.