#b90x - DAY 25 - Technical Analysis 101 - Trading Ranges and Support Zones!


Sometimes you can’t just rely on support “levels,” as it helps to zoom out and see where the larger data set lies.

We use trading ranges and support zones to better understand where the price action will move.

Take it for a spin, show us trading ranges from your favorite coins!


Thanks peter! Gonna have to go back review and take some notes. Working on getting another house ready for sale. Im getting behind on the b90x this week lol. Keep them coming ! :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Boom! Great info! I am feeling much more competent with chart reading already!

Headed to the next level, thanks!

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The information is just tooo strong!
Tech analysis is interesting the way you break it down so easily but i’m sticking with that dollar cost averaging, it’s without more my game. :blush:

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I see where this could be a useful strategy for getting an idea on when to buy the dips, whether for trading or cost averaging.

10/10 Video :rocket:

Bitcoin Cash - BCH/USD - 30 Minute


Ooo I like this. Great work my friend!


This is great information that I just wouldn’t of thought of doing. now you’ve pointed it out ill definitely start plotting these!

Thanks for all the great advice, you’ll be hearing from me soon on later pages.

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BTC is topical right now so this is my take on the current BTC situation:

I’ve added a bit of extra analysis in the link but really enjoying going over the basics again. I’ve been dollar-cost averaging on Mondays… Will be switching to Fridays now. Thanks for all this work you’ve done Peter!


I am a big believer in cost averaging and this video just showed a great way to determine the best “zones” to cost average. Thanks Peter!


the link to the cost-dollar-averaging does not work

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Thanks, I Love the video. Some of the best information comes from simple observations, trading ranges have been huge for me in my journey in trading.

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Great Lesson. Tomorrow is a day to buy bitcoin :grin: . We are in support zone :sunglasses:


Just a quick question. Did you do a video on your Cost Averaging Template? I know I’ve seen you use it on your live streams.

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Yes… It’s somewhere…

Not my best work. But I was a n00b then. Still am tho. Sorry for the bad music.

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Thank you Peter. These two videos made it very clear. This is so exciting.
It’s very hard to go look at these charts and not want to buy right now.
I’m a little torn if I should finish going through the videos first or put
this charting to work. EVERYTHING is on discount!!! Hehe

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Gotta be my favorite video yet.

Thanks @peter for all this easy to understand info.

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Damn, NEO has had some drastic ups and downs. Was hard to find a period when it wasn’t jumping wildly. Back in January it went from $60 to $120 in just over a week. I found some half-decent time period to look at at least.

Btw, NEO jumped over the resistance level I drew for yesterday’s assignment, by quite a bit. Made it feel a bit more special, than just “oh, it went up”.


ETC has had some solid resistance and support zones the last few days.

(I’d like to add that the copy/paste feature in this forum is SO DAMN CLEEEEAN!! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:) @john @peter


I notice I use support and resistance zones for entry into crypto way differently from my day trading with the stock market. Same concepts, different applications. Hopefully I can keep my trading stocks and investing cryptos seperate. HODL all the way bro! Thanks!

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