#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



The grind is real my friends. And for many of you, you’ve just begun.

As we continue to move towards the beginning of this long haul, we must firm ourselves. We must ground ourselves. We must remember why we are doing this.

Consider your convictions. Why are you doing this? For WHOM are you doing this?

Meditate on this today. And remember it daily.

THIS will be what you’ll need to come back to when the sea of red bring emotions up. THIS is what you’ll need when things get hard. THIS is what you’ll need to ensure your ticket to the big show stays intact.

Share below in the comments your convictions!

Sept 4, 2017 - Test Your Might

My conviction is that I’m doing this for my family so I can spend more time with them and enjoy life.

And, I also want to become more comfortable in life. I’ve spent a lot of time with personal projects outside of work but nothing has really brought in any major income. I’m hoping this will be my ticket to the chocolate factory!


Doing it for my family, first and foremost my family comes first. Need to make a better life for my little doge, not that it’s not good at the moment, but there’s so much potential in crypto. I can’t wait for the day to be mortgage free brother and then I will be coming to your side of the pond because the designer outlets are CRAZY :smiley: :smiley:


For myself, thus for the ones I love.

Unless you expect the unexpected,
you will not find it, for it is hidden
and thickly tangled.



I am in crypto because I believe it is the future of money, and I want to be a part of the early stages. I want to understand the technology at a deeper level than nearly everyone who eventually uses it.
I don’t care about getting rich, I care about being in this unregulated space and seeing where the innovations take us.


I’m doing this to get financial freedom so that I can spend more time with my family and pursuing endeavors that I am passionate about.


I believe there is an intersection between education and blockchain. My hope is to learn as much as I can because I want to work in that space.

By working through this program I’m going to acquire valuable skills and, more importantly, an acumen and discipline required to be at the top of the field.

I will not forget this motive and my conviction as I walk through the next 87 days… we have a long way to go and burn-out is a real potential!!


I’m doing this for me, my wife, family and friends. But foremost I’m doing this because I love challenges and complexity.


I’ve entered into the crytptoverse for a couple of reasons. My convictions could be broken down into the following:

  1. I genuinely find this entire space fascinating on many levels. I find the technology and potential use cases to be extremely interesting. I find technical analysis to be extremely interesting as I love finding patterns in things and attempting to predict the future. I’m a life long learner and student, and the entire cryptoverse is shifting and moving so quickly that an info junkie such as myself will have endless amounts of things to learn and absorb. I’d also love the chance to actually build things on the blockchain, so there’s just so much to keep learning here.

  2. There is potential for significant financial gains in this space. I consider myself extremely lucky in that I’ve been able to drag myself out of poverty, and into a solid career space. Life has had its ups and downs, but things are good now. I strongly believe that with enough discipline, knowledge and hard work, I can finally achieve financial security for myself and my loved ones. I want to leave the world in a better place before I fizzle out into the ether, and I think the cryptoverse will help me do that.


As most of us I’m doing it for my family first of all, I want to get out of this financial crysis and try to give my family a better life. Somewhat ambitious I know, but something needs to be done :slight_smile:


In my case, I want to be more financially secured - meaning, from different angles/sources. Being purely reliant on a job is a bit risky and I want to diversify my portfolio in that sense. We would also like to buy an apartment with my girlfriend, but the prices are skyrocketing in Prague and I’m hoping this can help us in the long term. I also want to marry my girlfriend one day soon and I 'm hoping we’ll both have better lives.

Not to mention…I love to learn and the cybercurrency space is giving me a lot of room to do that. That plays a big part in why I’m doing it too.


Definitely doing this for myself and my family! Not only that, I’m also doing this to get some gains to launch a business! Launched a product a few months ago and it flopped lol. Need me some more capital!


To quit working for the man so it can allow me to be there for my children always, to allow me to enjoy life… this one shot at life we have, I want to own it.


Always for the fam and the people I love! I want to become the support for them, for them to never again have to suffer the stress and misery of fighting to make ends meet.

Also for myself. So I can know that I did it! I can play this game and come out on top. I want that satisfaction from knowing that I gave it my best effort to make my life, my loved ones lives and the lives of millions of others better.

Conviction and consistency, WE GOT IT!


I am committing to this journey because I am convinced that cryptocurrencies and smart contracts will be the foundation of the next generation of economics and work management on a global scale.

Those who choose to ignore this field, IMHO, will probably fall off the wagon, condemning themselves to live an incredibly limited existence, not being able to cultivate any project that requires financial freedom and fluid contractual management.

I shall be committed to gain expertise in this field to carry on those who are close to me and bring them with me to the moon, hoping to build many great projects with the finally obtained financial freedom that I am seeking.


I am doing this for my family as well…especially my 1 year old daughter so she will hopefully never have to worry about financial issues and can just enjoy life to the fullest.


I’ve been outspoken against the corrupt elites who control our world through financial enslavement and bought governments for over a decade. Finally, something has come along that can actually change the system. My conviction is that this is something I must do, even if the chance of changing the system is very small, it’s still a chance worth giving everything to. The secondary conviction is that when the dollar collapses, I will hopefully be able to provide for all of my family members when their fiat currencies are useless. The third conviction I have is to be able to quit the rat-race, and spend my time doing the important things in life, not participating in the financial enslavement of humanity.


I’m doing it for me and my family.
I want to have financial freedom, and enjoy life with my family. Time passes quickly, with a job of 10, 9 or 8 hours a day, I hardly have time to do a lot of personal and work projects pending.


I could pretty much copy anyone of the replies here and use them as my own! So good to see so much family love!

I too am doing this foremost for my family but also as a computer scientist I want to invest in projects that break down barriers that inhibit technological growth as well as breaking down the stranglehold of big players in the fiat world. To take interest in new startups and genuinely be excited about the opportunity that a united chain can bring to humanity


Why am I doing this? Trading / investing is my life’s passion, this is just me branching out and learning / doing even more with a community that is far superior compared to forexfactory or any of the various investing subreddits. You guys are great! forexfactory has been infested with commercialized content for some time now, sadly. Umm, not much to say for day three as I’ve gotten over the emotional aspect of trading through thousands of hours of screen time and a good mentor.

While screen time definitely helps blunt the emotions a good mentor is still half the equation, and I’m glad you’re providing that for people here.

This last part is off topic, but I was thinking that another good way to help people is to create another section called SCAM ALERT. If people could detail phishing scams, ponzi schemes, shady ICOs or brokers, etc. it could go a long way to stop newbies from losing their money. Thoughts?