#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



I’m doing this for my wife and my family. I want to have more freedom to choose what to do in the future and not be constricted by counting every penny.


For me and the future of my loved ones. I want to continue traveling with my man and be free from traditional employment so I can do things that matter and spend time with the people that matter. Also, the potential is so interesting and I don’t want to miss out on this exciting time!


I am doing this to learn as much as I can about the crypto space. I would also like to learn enough to put my family in a good position with minimal financial debt.


I remember back when I was young and we had summer vacation. Endless days where you could wake up, go to the beach or the pool, run around with friends, meet girls, play Nintendo, whatever. Then there was Christmas vacation where there were tons of food, presents, friends and family and again no school (aka work) to worry about.
I also remember how the stress of work made it so my parents were always busy. It ended their marriage. For all my fun, I never got to be around my parents much. They worked hard for me so I got the chance to have the good times I did, but I ended up missing them.

My conviction is to get back to having those endless summers and glorious Christmas feasts with family and friends while also being able to provide the same for my children and enjoy it with them.


Retire early. It looks like a good possibility at this point. I’m an early HODLer so I hear what you’re saying Peter. The dedicated long game.


Good. You have the right outfit for it too. Strong hands!


I’m in this game for my loved ones any myself. I would love to be able to share my success with my family. I love being a self-made person and want to be one permanently without relying on a salary one day. Financial independence is my ultimate goal.


Im doing this for me, so I can feel like im working towards betterment rather then wasting my life on games and regret. I also want more time with my loved ones and not have to go 500 km away to work.

I WILL follow this path until i either find the end, or until i break.


First and most importantly, my family. To be financial free of debt, stop working for the man which will allow me freedom to spend more time with my family. It would be great to not own any money to anyone and you could put that to buy more BTCs!


I feel you Rooster. I am that parent now. Best of luck brother.


I am doing this for the future of me and my girlfriend.


I’m learning everything I can about cryptos and doing #B90X for my family’s finacial future. Success equals security and stability. I’m also challenging myself to learn something new, out of my comfort zone. These are exciting times! Thank you for making me look deeper and think about what I’m trying to accomplish.


Being uncomfortable is the beginning of growth!


Freedom to spend time with my kids and pursuing my own interests. Freedom from being a boss or employee.


I am doing this for me and my wife. I want us to be financially independent and enjoy life to the fullest.


I’m doing this for my husband, so he can retire early and enjoy the rest of his life doing what he wants to do when he wants to do it. He fly’s for a living but he say’s it is different when you get to go out in your own plane and go where you want when you want. He is also a journalist so when he just has an idea and wants to sit and write one of his books that is what I want him to be able to do or just go work the cows. He has always taken such good care of me and the kids I just want him to be able to do what ever he wants to do.


I am in this for my family. I spent years traveling for work and now years worrying and stressing. Financial independence will provide me the peace of mind as well as giving me the resources to be more available for my son and my girl.


Work hard for the family!!! Thanks for being here!


I’m in this for several reasons. Initially (only a few months ago) it was just to see what all the fuss is about. Now I am beginning to realise the potential of the tech, the difference it could make in the coming years - decades and what that may mean for my family and the world community in general. I like that by supporting the projects that I see have potential I am contributing in a way of change and I am also inspired to perhaps go down the path of development. Financial sovereignty is very important to me also and I believe that in time I will be in a position to choose when I want to retire instead of being forced into it through age, injury, ill health or just by being obsolete.

Again love the work you guys are doing, thanks for the laughs and keep it up!


I am doing this for my family so that through gains of financial freedom I can give my family quality living standards and hopefully not have to be biting my nails everyday. I am also very interested in learning more about crypto currency. I understand there’s so much to learn, but seems fun. I’m thrilled for the future!