#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



I am doing this for myself and for my family. I want to live a life where I have the freedom to spend a lot of time with my wife and son. I am also doing this for myself because I want to have the financial freedom to pursue my life goals and passions.


I am doing it for my children.


I am doing this for my family and myself. Dreams only stay dreams until you do something to make them a reality


Doing this for my friends and family. Living a stress/debt/worry free life. Knowing this is the way of the future and telling myself this is a long term commitment (10-20 years maybe longer) keeps me sane during those bloody red days.


I’m doing this to support the technology, I truly believe in the Blockchain and decentralized cryptocurrency. I am hopeful that this will benefit my family and help us to be financially stable, enabling my child to go to a great college.


I believe in this tech. I believe that Crypto and Blockchain has a place in our future. I believe I need to be prepared for uncertainty. I need to understand the possibility of a decentralized future. Do I want to watch on the sidelines or do I want to be in the game? I want to be in the game. I want to make that winning shot! I want to throw that winning touchdown! I want a seat on that rocket! And when the smoke clears, I will be left standing with you all!


Doing this mainly.for my family and myself believing that the community and new technology is the new ERA. We are getting into the 3rd industrial revolution and I will not be at the bottom, I will keep myself updated and learn new ways to live well and prosper.


Doing this to be debt free and enjoy early retirement. I just gotta get lots of knowledge on how to trade. Never traded before, so this is all new to me. Rather place some extra cash in crypto instead of spending it in the mall.


white Lamb, White Lambo, White Lambo !


@peter this one’s easy to sum up short and sweet. I am doing this, in part, because i truly believe we (crypto nationalists worldwide) are part of THE solution to a problem. The problem? Centralized currency! Take, for instance, the federal reserve. They print more notes than can even be backed with an actual resource, like gold or silver. They’re not even part of our government! Before i start to sound all illuminati :grin: (#CONSPIRACY) i seriously do have a problem with that. Give me my crypto like a swiss bank account in my pocket. Well, it’ll probably never be THAT private, but one can hope.

The other reason for jumping on the train is for my loved ones. I want to be so financially set that my great great grandchildren never have to incur a single piece of debt. I currently have zero children in case you were wondering :sunglasses:


There are not many opportunities that come along that have the potential to really change your life. I believe that there is something behind all the crypto hype that could be really disruptive and phenomenal. My parents didn’t have much disposable income and just got by, I am going down the same route and I want to change tracks. This presents that “once in a lifetime” opportunity. I want to provide for my kids, and stop my wife worrying about money all the time.


Why are you doing this? I’m in it for the moon, not just a quick win.

For WHOM are you doing this? 100% for my wife and kids!


I am doing this to get my inner game right. Without it I will not be truly successful in any en devour.
I am doing it for myself.


Doing this for myself but haven’t forgoten my adult son. Have brought him along for the ride. He has his own investments plus we are partners on some.


For the future. Putting what power, as an individual, I have (time and money) into the things I believe will lead to a better for the future of civilization and stop giving it to the corrupt.


I’m here for my loving wife and my brother. I’m helping my brother in collage for auto body. eventually i would like that to include my friends that i can help by hiring them and help their families get further as i do too.


My conviction is that crypto currencies and blockchain technology will have a meaningful impact on the world by enabling financial freedom for millions of people around the world. I see the world being a more equal place because of crypto. The people who are going to benefit the most are the poorest of the world who do not have access to banking or capital markets.

All of that…plus some crypto gains never hurt. :blush:


Why I’m here? For financial freedom


I originally got into the crypto world because my friend told me he had recently made huge gains with bitcoin. I dove right in with by making emotional decisions. When things turned red in December, I had no real convictions. I just thought I was going to make gains and not experience the huge downs of crypto. I had to force myself to not sell off the coins I held and take a loss. I had to force myself to stop looking at the market because it was making me sick and I didn’t want to make decisions based on emotion.

As I got back into researching, I found Decentralized TV. The information made sense and I saw a way to learn about crypto and blockchain in a healthy way.

I want to be a part of the blockchain community. This technology is going to change our everyday lives and is going to be extremely important in the growth of world. I want to be involved with that change. I want to help create a new future for myself, the people around me, and the global population as a whole.

This program is going to help me develop the skills needed to stay strong during the trying times.


I’m here for a better future, for me and for everybody.
Crypto bless the world!!