#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



Hi crypto family,
Day 3 completed, in day 1&2, I mentioned my goals, I stated I was not only looking for FREEDOM of the Daily Grind, but to be financially set for the next 20 years or so that I hope to be alive, I’m going to be 54 in April 2018 with no retirement set aside, I know most of us don’t even have $1000 Incase of an emergency, most of us live paycheck to paycheck.

I see crypto as the future, I see many changes ahead, I agree with Peter with regulations, I stated in day 1 I’ve seen the same in the Vape Industry in the past 2 years.

I’m holding (HODL) and hanging on.

The future is what we make if it, exponential growth not only happens in crypto, it happens in us too.

Look back 10 years, where were you then compared to now? Financial, health, family, living etc…
I’m in it for the long run

Thank you
Jeff T


I’m in this movment because I want to be able to do what I was made to do , I feel like my purpose in life is not to be a general contractor remodeling kitchens & baths & flipping houses. I feel like I started my business because I needed money & I was good at building things so it was easy to fall into construction, their are so many “shady” people in the industry it was easy to get ahead & succeed.
Once I discovered Bitcoin I seen it as an opportunity to impact more lives for the good I look at it as a potential opportunity for financial independence for me & my family. I want to help myself so I can help my family & my families family…Not sure exactly what this looks like but I feel like I’m heading in the right direction…


i am doing for a better wealth and be free that’s the number one thing that made me curious about this world and i have to be honest but the reason that i felt in love with it’s because i feel part of a big revolution and i want to do it for the legacy,i know it s going to be hard but we keep on grinding


Making myself accountable… I’m doing this for myself, for the experience, for a better self, because I know that would be the best for my 2 sons and my life.


I’m doing this because I want my wife and son to have a great life as they get older. I want them to be able to take advantage of any opportunity that comes their and not be held back because of any financial burdens.


I am in very difficult social situation. After my parents noticed that I would take drugs sometimes, they sent me to the police station, held me there for 13 hours to scare me before being released. I am 23 years old and it has been 1 year now that I rarely go out alone. And when I do, it’s just two hours to meet my girlfriend, or better say me ex girlfriend whom I still love, and am loved back…but meeting with the person you love once a month for two hours, I’d say this relationship has ended already but we both insist to each other that someday we’ll be together again.

I have never been addicted to heroin etc. I used to take mdma (ecstasy) when I went partying and stimulants to help me focus in school projects (Filmmaking).

I am doing this to be financially and socially free. To be able to have my own house, to take a trip with my girlfriend or a group of friends to Ozora Festival (Hungary). I have been using BTC for a couple of years now to purchase online, but have been considering for a month to get into trading. I will start with just $200 and add my payroll every month into crypto trading and investing.
I really hope to have my own life someday, to have my own goals, to be able to improve my abilities, touch people’s soul with my art and be around people I love and that love me back.
I was abusing a little with my free time and my brain juice by partying to often. But that won’t happen again. I will keep partying and taking empathogenic and psychedelic substances until death, while never overdoing it. Peace and Love <3 see you on the moon :slight_smile:


I am doing this for my daughter. I mentioned on day one that I’m a single father, but what I did not say was that I have full custody of her. She lives with me. Though I have a decent job and live in a suitable area, It is not enough for her, and she deserves more. That is why and for whom this is for.



You need to make sure you keep your head up and not let anything or anyone hold you back. Best of luck with your goals!


What’s that saying? “Technology moves fast, so if you aren’t up-to speed then you’ll be left in the dust?”

Why not be one step ahead of the game. Learning Blockchain, investing in practical projects (and of course Bitcoin) will result in success, no doubt!

I’m doing this to have an ever lasting stress free life, to make my momma proud, be with the woman I love (she lives abroad and studies abroad) and for myself!

Amazing how I wake up and repeatedly have step three in my mind before I learned step three!

Make sure you understand the end game and keep the conviction true everyone!


I’m here to learn. These last few months have made it so clear the need for excellent personal accounting and mastery of personal finance. It’s exciting to deep dive into this space- even though I wasn’t around for the crazyness of thanksgiving to christmas :slight_smile:


for my children, wife, family and people i hold closest to me. leaving a legacy and gaining financial freedom for myself.


For my current and future family.
For my friends.
For free speech advocates and other people that I want to support.


I’m doing this because I truly believe in Bitcoin and the underlying technology and it will give me financial freedom. I’m doing this for my family as I don’t see working in a 9 to 5 job will get me and my family the future I’m striving for.


Definitely doing this for my family, I want to leave a legacy for my children’s children one day. As I make wise decisions I want to instill that in them and be able to help and teach others along the way.


Life. Life is too short to be stuck working 9 - 5 in a job you don’t enjoy.


As single guy I am doing this for myself. I enjoy the challenge of learning this new world of crypto currency. I want to be able to create a financial safety net that will open up a whole new world of possibilities in my life. Time to kick the 9-5 to the curb. Let’s get started.


First, I’m doing this to build a better future for my family! Second, for a better world that Crypto gives me hope for. Third, because there is so much to learn in this space and so many beneficial interconnected topics and if you don’t help yourself first, you can’t help others. I got conviction.


I’m doing this for my family, my future wife and kids. I’m doing this to payoff my debts, to be free, to doesn’t have to look it back. For other people, to one day be example for others how from dumb hole achieved greatness.


I have worked all my life and am getting ready for retirement. I want to be able to retire comfortably and do some mission work for those not so fortunate. I also want to leave my children a little something as I never had that. I WANT TO LEAVE A LEGACY MOST OF ALL!


I’m doing this to better my family and hopefully provide for generations to come. :slight_smile: I too have a passion for exotics hoping to pull the trigger one day. :slight_smile: