#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



I want to be FREE. Financially free, free to spend as much time as I want with my family, and free from corporate America. I’ve never really been a technical person, so this will be a challenge that I’m ready to take head on.

I’m doing this for my family. I don’t have any doges yet, but I’m doing this for when they arrive. I want to retire my father and be able to support my autistic brother and my sister who suffers from fibromyalgia.


Sounds like a life worth living!


I have just taken step 3 on my journey to the moon.
I am making this journey for myself & my family with my commitment to crypto I will improve both my life & the lives of my loved ones, I am hoping in the near future to be able to help my children to be able to afford a nice place to live. This is something the Robber Barons of the Fiat world have made an almost impossible task for my kids with their market manipulations & crashes they have caused which they then make us the tax payer pay for.
I see crypto as a way to free myself & my family from the clutches of the Robber Barons & have a life free from the slavery they try to impose.
One step a at a time to the moon


Definitely doing it for my future family. I’m not married or have kids yet but by the time I get married and have kids, I hope to be financially stable and maybe use the gains to fund other world changing projects.


i see it as an opportunity to create wealth and leave some seeds for the legacy to grow, im doing it for myself and my family


This is a lifestyle. The crypto lifestyle. I am doing this for my family. It’s another revenue stream, another way to build community, and another way to secure my freedoms, especially financial. The borrower is slave to the lender, and I don’t want to be a slave to anyone. Bring on the decentralized world!


Doing this for my family and financial freedom to be able to put my daughter in Montessori school and college if she wants to and pay for her to do ballet or do whatever she wants to learn. Also be able to do what I want and my girl. Want to buy my parents a house in Florida where they want to retire next to my aunt. Purposeful, fun filled, influential, impactful life.


My conviction is that I am doing this for my own first.
I am also doing this for my future family to give them a life of possibilities and financial freedom.
Crypto is the future and we are going to the moon!!!


My family and our future generations. To be financially well off enough to escape the US school-prison pipeline system for our son… and leave this country for a less violent country.
The World – To break the shackles of the 1%, corporations, govt. To distribute the wealth. To break the shackles of slavery and the oppressive labor force.


I also suffer from Fibromyalgia and have had wonderful help from an orphan drug that is cheap. No one wants to prescribe it because big Pharm gets no money. Ask your sister to research low dose naltrexone. I try to tell everyone that will listen. I needed to get on disability 6 years ago and found this drug. Changed my life.


I’m in it so i’m in it till the end, that’s just the way i am. otherwise i would not have started getting in it.

I’m in it because I chose to be in it.

It’s about me and what i’m going to do about it.

I’m actually curious and eager to hit the difficult times so that i can prove once again that i and terrific in managing the hard painful stuff.


I am doing this because i want more money to come and i want to overcome dark world in my country and conquer it! I am doing this for myself and my country! To the moon! And always remember, when you get to the darkside of the moon, dont worry just be chill you have me there buddy!!


I am here and doing this as one step of my personal and financial growth. This decision to not only enter the crypto world but to educate myself properly will pay huge dividends in so many ways!! Personal and financial freedom has never been this close for me… I believe and therefore have conviction!!

I am truly thankful for the way this series is already making me think about the reality of my decisions in this space… NOT what I expected at all but a welcome surprise!


Simple - “My Wife” - this is for her and me of course. She motivates me. keeps me focused


im doing this for myself first so i can help the people i love

and giving the the less fortunate that havn’t been given the opportunity like i have, it feels good to give


Kiddos, wifey, myself and to fulfill my destiny.


I am doing this for myself to prove to myself that I can and to be able to help family as a side benefit !


I’m here for the intention behind the technology. I want to live in a world where the people decide what’s good for them so we can take full responsibility for everything in our lifes. True autonomy. Show my kids to trust your gut and believe in the things you choose to believe in and have the financial evidence and time to prove that statement.


I’m doing this for myself so that I can feel more versed in this amazing technology that everyone is talking about. While I don’t think I’m ready for a job in crypto, being on the edge of technology is always a constant goal and therefore I’m here to educate and learn and develop myself.


I’m not treating this as a get rich quick scheme. This is a marathon that I’m mentally prepared to complete. People can get rich quick, but accumulating wealth takes time.