#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



I’ve been taking two approaches for the last year. First is purely financial, trying to make the most of opportunities as I see it to gain some kind of financial independence. The outlook for where I live (UK) looks pretty bleak, so I’ve been looking for something that might give me the ability to escape if things turn too bad.
Second is the opportunity to revitalize my career, which is stuck in something of a dead-end software engineering role right now, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen something that has filled me with so much enthusiasm to get involved in before.


Doing it for the family. I can’t go to all of them, so I want to bring them to me… and that takes money, my friend. Time is short and I would enjoy spending on them and bringing them around to my way of thinking about the abundance out there available to us all. Crypto universe — I’m gonna be here exploring this galaxy for awhile. Cross off Day 3.


I do this for the individuals around me.
for example, my parents worked their whole life, not bad jobs, but always follow what the financial “managers” said. at the end of the story the bank cut their liquidity. this happen so often. we all need to talk more about money, its the earning of our working hours.


I’m doing this to make enough money so i can work on my own creative project here in australia.

I want there things

A production company
A small budget
the freedom to make films in australia


I have to prove to myself that I can stick and commit to something. This is a very sensitive time in my life and the choices I make today will shape my future. In it for the long haul.


I’m doing this for my family, my wife, daughters, son. I’m doing this for myself for peace of mind that I will always be able to take care of them financially. I’m doing this for the excitement, I know it’s going to be exciting. there are so many things in my universe that will be solved by having enough economics. The house is falling apart the children want to go on vacation the wife wants to go on vacation hell I want to go on a vacation. Haven’t had a vacation in 15 years. Always tired of being behind the 8-ball. This is my Escape Plan.


I am doing this for my family and of course myself. Financial security is a big deal to me and a big stressor in my life lately. I have my own business that had it’s thriving years in the past, but is recently not doing good. I got into crypto last year (started out with LTC) and did pretty well during the last bull run. I am ready for the long haul and hope that it will change the world in many ways


My decision to partake in the blockchain space primarily stems from the fact that, it is deemed to become progressively pervasive and approved globally, which is why I believe that investing time and money in this technology today, would not be much different than cranking up our bank accounts, except that this decentralized, virtual, and more importantly community-driven platform. :blush:
The more participants, the higher the fuel, hence the more powerful engine. :muscle:


I’m doing this for my family. I’m doing this for myself. I’m sticking with and pushing through the goals I have set for myself. I want to show I can push on and live like no one else, so I can LIVE like no one else. Surpass all obstacles and find confidence to overcome all things thrown my way. I want to look forward to more challenges than thinking I am not strong enough to overcome them.