#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



I have a dream; there will be no longer banks. People will have all control of their money. I will get my salary as bitcoin.
I am doing this for that dream.


I’m convicted that my grandchildren will be using the BTC I buy now


I’m doing this for the challenge mainly. I want to learn to control my emotions, make rational decisions and improve on mistakes. Of course I have dreams and if we go mooning it will be very nice for me and the people I care about. But regardless of the outcome I want this to be a positive experience and gain an excellent skillset that I can take advantage of the rest of my life. :grinning:


I am doing this for myself and for my future.
I truly believe that investing in thyself is very important
As you reap what you sow
It is never too late, it is just the beginning


I need no convictions to fall back on other than one thing that has been driving already: “more time for myself and my family with the freedom to do whatever whenever I want.” That was a decision firmly made in 2011, and yes, I remember the day, nay the week leading up to deciding to make big changes in my life to unshackle myself from the “daily grind.”


This feels like training camp? Hmmm my conviction is to create a legacy and have more control in my life.


This is metaphorically speaking, training camp. Training ourselves to a better future :slight_smile:


A few of my convictions are:

  • Family comes first
  • Your actions today can affect your life and the lives of other for the rest of your life and theirs.
  • No risk, no reward. The trick is managing the risk.

I’m doing this to improve the lives of my family. I’m also doing it because I like the challenge of something new.


My conviction is that I am doing this for my future family. I can see how the world economy is quickly changing and the role that cryptos are playing in that. I want to be comfortably wealthy and diversified with different income streams that span short term daily cash generating activities, to mid term larger payday activities, to long term wealth creating activities (this category is my crypto portfolio). If I can focus on feeding and managing all three categories I will get where I am facing! I want to have the freedom to explore different short term daily cash activities and mid term activities so that I don’t miss any great opportunities to help feed my crypto addiction, ha!


Consider your convictions. Why are you doing this? For WHOM are you doing this?

This is easy, I’ve spent most of my life just getting by. Most, not all. I fondly remember the times when there was plenty of money, short as those times were. Unfortunately, I never learned how to make it last or even keep any of it for later. That’s all changing now.

I’m doing this because there are so many things we take for granted that could soon disappear. We think our dollars will be worth a dollar tomorrow? Think again. This is just one. There are many.

I’m doing this because I’m not so sure it isn’t absolutely necessary to get through what is coming. Yeah, yeah, tin foil hat and all, but what if it’s right? I’m not a prepper, but I think we all should be… prepared. This is one way.

So, I’m doing it for myself, my family, all of my friends, and pretty much anyone who will listen to me about Bitcoin. This is something that will change people’s lives and I want to share it with everyone I can. What a great feeling. That’s why.


I’m doing this for me and my future family and because it seems like the type of thing that you don’t want to miss out on


Doing it for my kids, Lady, and family.
The Middle class has been led astray generations after generations.

Ask yourself what do you remember about your Great Grandfather? Or even a generation back before?
Legacy is important. What will you leave behind when its time to go? or if you go too soon?
I joined the military, went to college, got a job, and also got laid off!
A lot of things were out of my control following the 20th century model of life.
I believe learning and going after Cryptocurrency will get me to the goals of financial independence and more time to enjoy my family and personal life.

If I get pretty close to my goal, I wont’ be disappointed


Still catching up from the weekend.
My conviction is I hate the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle and crypto is just one thing I am doing to change my life. The motivation comes every morning when I look into my daughters face and she smiles. I want to be able to give her more than I had and hope to keep her humble.


Life is too short. I’m doing this for my family and myself to have a better quality of life and be able to enjoy certain things. Nobody guarantees that you will reach the age of 90 or even 65, so I want to speed things up and enjoy the quality of life things as soon as possible.


Im just a simple guy, i got a wife, 1 son, and another one on his way to come. Im enginer, 2 masters, I work since 14 years old. So, Im tired, not because the work, is because the sistem. If you play for the sistem rules, you always lose, no matter how.

So, why Im here?

  • Because I really need to try something diferent.
  • For my family future.
  • trying to improve my lifestile.

Im not a good example, Im a good man but I dont want my children walk through the path I have taken, so much work, no so many rewards.


Like Simon Synek says “Start with WHY”… I do this because I know I am capable of being, doing, becoming, and having more. The Ultimate for me is being able to own my own time being able to whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want!!! I want to be able to provide benefit my family and others.


Why am I doing this? Being just a few years from retirement and having many senior home facilities in my area, I see so many retirees with just enough money to get a cup of coffee at McDonald’s and melt into their past Please youtube “Old Friends” by Simon and Garfunkel. The lyrics say it all.:frowning:


Hi dear Crypto Nation,

I was thinking about that all the day and the only reason is why I’m here - I have a dream.
When I was a kid, I decided to be rich.
Firstly, it was a matter of the money, but with the time I have understood that the money is not the only reason. Being rich is a philosophy. To be rich you need to be a mentally healthy person, you need to have a vision of the future, the vision of your life. In one moment, when I heard about Bitcoin I was shocked. I thought - that’s what I need, it’s a future. So now I’m here with this beautiful community. I want to become stronger, healthier and free in all aspects of my life. I want to become rich.
We are examples for people who are near to us) So I hope in here would be more our friends and loved ones)

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


In the long term i am interested in acquiring financial freedom, I am interested in investing (holding some BTC) and trading alts. Also, if I make a fair amount of money from BTC I would like to buy a 4-5 unit apartment building I can live in and rent out the other places to continue on my journey to financial freedom.

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Meditate on this today. And remember it daily.

THIS will be what you’ll need to come back to when the sea of red bring emotions up. THIS is what you’ll need when things get hard. THIS is what you’ll need to ensure your ticket to the big show stays intact.

Share below in the comments your convictions!

I am doing it for my family and I so we can have peace of mind in regards to our future.

I want to be a healthy and wealthy individual with great friends and family.
I also wish success on all my fellow cryptomates!




I am doing this for me, to have new stimulations, dynamic life, and so on and for my famiy, to give them a better life, as soon as possible.