#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



After my busy days, it’s time to answer on the thread instead of in my head.
The main reason I’m doing this is because I’m learning new stuff, not just about financial knowledge, but statistics which I used to dislike. Secondly, for financial security off course, for myself and family.


Glad you decided to take the journy


I’m doing this for fun and to be able to have a comfortable life for me and my beloved ones in the future, I went to crypto as a more productive way to store my money instead of relying in banks and losing part of it to inflation.


I’m doing this for me and the ones I love. I’m doing this for freedom and to be a part of this monetary revolution.


I am doing this for my family and for my financial future. Tired of the grind and working for someone else. Hoping for a future that sees the people that are on this train early rewarded!!


Thanks for starting the program! To the moon!


I’m doing this for myself, my mom and my brothers. I want to better my life and theirs if I can. Aside from that I enjoy the technology, science and forward-thinking in the blockchain / cryptocurrency space. and… Who DOESN’T want to go to the moon? :rocket: :full_moon:


It’s only growing Friend! This is it!!!


I am doing this for my wife and myself. We have spent the last 30 years giving, mentoring and helping others and now is the time to do the same for ourselves and our future!

Seat Belt Buckled Up! :rocket:


I’m doing this for myself and my son. Why? To be debt free, and to be free of the federal reserve and their greed!


That’s the ticket! Let’s do this. :rocket:

  • Primarily I’m doing this for myself in order to pay off all debts owed to banks, and take control of my future financial position.
  • I also want to really understand crypto as I see this becoming a big part of my future work as a developer.
  • My mum. She has helped me a great deal over the years, and I intend to help her out during her retirement in return.
  • My friends. If I can make a go of this, I hope to help my friends find their own seat on the rocket.


I’m in this game to win.
I’m in this for myself, family & who i choose to bring with me.
I’m in this for a brighter, exciting future.


Love this accountability and opportunity to say out loud why am in this?

I found myself later in life starting over with three kids, on my own. I decided that the rest of my life, was going to be the best of my life and told my kids the same…our lives our going to be AMAZING. So far, so good…BUT, I’d been searching for that vehicle to take me to ‘the moon’…to help me realize my financial goals and dreams. Remember…I was starting over. Back in 2011 I remember asking a friend of mine who is very tech savvy about Bitcoin. “Hey Terry, should I be paying attention to Bitcoin?” Terry, who had been mining and playing with it, had made some pretty awesome purchases using bitcoin (tech equipment)…so naturally I thought he’d say “YES!”…I was very surprised that he said “Meh”. Literally “meh”. Instinctively I knew there was something to it, but crypofam…I am NOT tech savvy in any way shape or form. I’ve always joked that I am the least tech savvy person I know. I get a new phone and hand it to my son and say “help”…fast forward to today…my gut/spirit/intuition has been prodding me to look into crypto and a few weeks ago the first place I landed in my search was Bitcoin PUB. @peter THANK YOU… you have no idea how much this impacts my life…on so many levels. Of all the places out there I could have landed, I was guided to what feels like a very safe harbor, where I can practice slowly, methodically, deliberately on my journey to the moon. I feel very fortunate.

I am doing this for my kids, for our future and to build something that enables me to live my life in such a way that I can contribute to others. Yearning to help leave my corner of the world a bit better than it was before I arrived :slight_smile: I’ll hone more specific goals as time goes on, but in general this is where I am and I am facing the direction that I am going! Glad to be here with all of you.


Thanks for being here. The place is warmer with your presence. I hope you stay for the long run. Many have already fallen away!

Welcome to Siggy2.0. Time for life! Time for real living!


In it to WIN IT! I’m here to stay and already telling others about this awesome crypto nation.

Getting my kids involved…guess who gets crypto for Christmas!


Oh, man, I’ve been through it all. Ups and downs. FOMO & FUD.
It has strengthened my character and will to keep facing forward.

Great videos. Good mixture of lengths and content.

Did you list all 90 ideas in the beginning?
Why 90?


We chose 90 because that’s the time it takes to instill good new habits!


I want to learn crypto tech/currency as much as my brain will let me. I’ve been in the IT space for over 5 years and haven’t been this excited about technology and money at once.

I am definitely doing this for my family and close friends. With my son being born a year ago changed my outlook on life financially. I can see the rising cost and want to ensure I am able to provide with ease. Maybe Bitcoin is the answer to paying for his first car and college tuition? Who knows? I do contribute to his 529 college savings plan, but do not want to depend on it 100%.


Blockchain a crypto are here to stay. I’m doing this program so that I can learn and become confident in my trading decisions. I want to be knowledgeable that I can share with my community in a responsible way what this opportunity is. I’m convicted for myself & my community - would love to have financial security and freedom and show others how they can too.