#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



My first conviction was invest on cryptos like a gamble. I didn’t almost have any idea about this world. I saw it like a gamble influenced by the fast mooning of the Bitcoin. But now I’m reading every day about cryptos, and I really think that probably I’m living a revolution and a actual change in this world. I want to be part of this. (Like always, sorry for my mistakes in English)


As everyone else is answering: Family. I’m not getting any younger, so I’m thinking it’s time I start looking for the future. If like to ensure my kids have their college paid for and that they won’t have to work to pay for it like I had to. I also want my wife to be taken care of if something were to happen to me. I have insurance, but… I think this is where that money should be.


Strong enough reasons to begin here!


I’m convinced that blockchain tech will shape the future. I want to be part of it. I’m doing this for myself, to learn and grow and for my family, providing a better life for my wife and daughters.


First off I’m doing this for me and my family.

I have been around the block a few times done a shed load of cool things. I have had ups and downs but the one thing I have never been is financially secure.

Secoundly its a massive learning curve, there is so much to take in and if I come out better off than I went in … Win Win


Like most of you I’ll do this all for my familiy.

Additional I do this for me. I want to learn every day and don’t stop at one point. Never settle.
So many people around me, that are stopping. “We have done this for many years” “This is all a scam” when you’re talking about new thing like Bitcoin an blockchain. I’ll never end so.
In future the only asset you have is your passion and your knowledge. The rest will be done by machines. And if you stop doing and learning and your getting old.


The conviction is to stay focused on developing investing/trading skills in the cryptocurrency world. Also to continue the work to build a voiceover career. Anyone need a professional voice for their production?

I’m doing this for the larger Self, allowing the Infinite to more perfectly flow through this life, letting it be a beacon for others. So, I’m doing this for myself and my own well being and for all of those friends, old and new, who would like to learn and grow in ways that they may not even have imagined … yet.


Where I am going is to obtain the ROI that will get my family together more often, instead of working everyday we can travel a little more, and we going to start a business that accepting bitcoin too!
So this is very exciting for me, and it is just the beginning, for me to pass this 90days challenge, I will become a powerful person, with greater power comes with greater responsibility :slight_smile: I am doing this for my self and the people around me.


Why am I here?

To make money. I believe that this is the future. Sky is the limit. I want to be successful and I feel like this + my career is the right combination to make that happen

Who am I in it for?

Right now, just me. I do have an ideal future in mind with a wife and kids but as of now, this is all about setting myself up to be able to live the future that I want.


Doing this for the family is great, but so happy that you put yourself in that bucket also. In the end you will be happier if you satisfy your needs as well as theirs. When everyone gets something, the world is better!



Why am i Here?
I am here because i want to make money so i can stop depending on my parents and pay them back for the education they are giving me. I want to make money so i can buy the “good” things. Even though this sounds materialistic in itself i feel at this moment that it is necessary. I dont have a lot to start with but im hoping this will help me grow.


Nothing wrong with it. First things first. You made a goal. Now do it!


Thanks man im gonna go achieve it. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for a coinbase alternative that i can buy btc with


gemini.com is a winner!


For someone in the UK?


I’m basically here to work on becoming a better investor and to build an old-fashioned nest egg in a way that feels modern. I gotta remember that.


It takes work. That’s the problem for many!
Put in the grind my man! To the moon!


I’m mainly doing this for myself so I can have more time to focus on the things that are important (friends, family, travel, expanding my knowledge, learning languages and guitar).

I’d also like as many of my friends, family and fellow humans to benefit from this as possible. The current financial system is broken and devalues people’s savings, some countries just wipe out their citizen’s savings and/or saddle future generations with debt.

Hoping for a fairer world…


Convictions -

  1. To have a positive asset vs liability ratio.
  2. To be able to give my children the potential to do whatever they wish to in the future.
  3. To be able to be in a position to be able to set up my own business in chemical engineering to benefit those new engineers and promote sharing information and passing to others some of the experience I have picked up to date.
  4. Secure financial future.




I’m doing this for myself and everyone who thinks it’s still too late to get in the game. We’re very likely living in the flintstones era with the next 5-10 years being the jetsons.