#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



Like many, this is about attaining financial independence for me and my family, but it is also about education. The effects blockchain/crypto techs will have on societies will be broad and far reaching. The process of building an individual crypto portfolio runs parallel to quest for understanding + positioning oneself in this new world.


Better be positioned well than behind the curve. Welcome friend!


I am doing it to get financial freedom so that I can just live my live and not have to worry a lot about money related stuff. Also to learn more because I have a large eager to learn.


My family first of all. I want to allow my kids to enjoy a lot of travel and culture over the next 18ish years. Also, I want to be a part of a wider change. When I die I’ll get to say I witnessed the Internet, Crypto, Space travel…


Freedom, Family and Legacy. I also love the idea of the learning aspect and hope to be able to share my knowledge in the future as grow as a Cryptohead


Day 3 …Why and for whom? I am doing this for my children…being a single mum of 3 it is important to me… to work to live not live to work…
I am also very interested in being part of and learning as much as i can about the Technology and watching it go mainstream :grin:


I am doing this for my self so I can achieve financial freedom and spend more time doing the things i love to do.


hey @peter #cryptonation my convictions is my time, we work 90% of our living life i want the freedom to spend most of that time doing things i enjoy (family time/helping others)

Thanks Fam <3


I suppose if im being completely honest, Im doing this for me first, and my family second. I haven’t accomplished much in my adult life to be considered successful. I want to be a winner. If I win doesn’t it go without saying that the family does too.


Self interest. Pure self interest. Everyone wins.


I’m doing this for me, I’m doing this for the experience, I enjoy working hard and accomplishing goals. When i succeed my family succeeds, so when i do it for me i do it for them. Captain of the ship…All aboard


Why am I doing this? Be honest, let’s be honest. I did not save like I should have. DAMN that kills me to write it. But it is true. I spent the last 11 years traveling the world seeing everything I could see, and I spent every dime doing it. But now I am paying for it financially. I have a new career that I am pursing that is going to be lucrative for me, but boy oh boy what would I give to have saved. Who knows what I would have to put in this venture. But yeah it hurts, and I am strapped right now. But yeah I am hopeful that this could make up for all that I lost, not the money that I used to see the world, but the money I wasted. I wasted on partying, and other extra stuff I did not need.

I have had an amazing life thus far. And I would love to share what is possible through his program that with the special person in my life. I want to get married, and have money for that and our home, and travel more. I want to spoil her. She is so special in my life. I know I don’t need money to show her love. But if there was a way I could get her all she desired, why wouldn’t I do it. I have a family that I would love to help where I can, as my parents get older it is a reality they will need my help. And I will happily do so, but I will need to also have some money for that as well. I need to be seen as a responsible example for my family.

It truly feels good to have let that out about having blown so much money. But I know now what must be done. I know now what I did not know before. I know now with each check what to do and how to be responsible. That is why I know it is worth it to do this experiment. People waste money on so many things. They just do. Imagine just spending half of a years worth salary that you waste anyways in this project. Just let the compounding interest happen. Don’t worry about the interest rates and all that stuff. Just let it grow. This is becoming more and more a smart move by the day.


I am doing this for my families financial freedom. I am doing this for personal freedom, and I am doing this because I love this stuff.


I’m doing this for myself and my step son, and if I really strike it rich I’ll take care of everyone in my immediate family. I’ll also do something to help poor children. I’m an atheist, but I asked my religious friend to say a prayer for me, and I swore to him if his prayer worked I would help poor children. My latest idea is to get poor children glasses. But I’m not going to lie. I also want freedom. I have worked hard my entire life, and I need something, and I think this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve seen the computer booms in the 80s, the .com bubble in the 90s, and I know this is the next big thing. I just want 5-10 acres of wooded land, a cabin, and the ability to travel around the world. If I can do that I will die a happy man.


To be very honest-

I am doing this because I don’t want to do other uninterested things which i don’t like and don’t have passion for but was doing just to earn or to prove to someone…

With this market I can learn investing strategies and can make a killing in 3-4 years and then focus entirely on my Goal of working on improving the education system in India.

I am doing this for myself and for my family… so that my mom can get free from her job and we can live a good life without worrying about funds.


I am here for my future. I am here to learn and grow. I am here to become disciplined. I am here to become motivated and inspired. I am here because of the community and the great opportunities.


Why are you doing this?
Financial freedom. I would love to spend more time with my family and pursuing personal endeavors that I am passionate about. I am tired of working for the man.
For WHOM are you doing this?
I am doing this for my wife, kids, and of course myself :smiley:


I’m doing this for the earth , for the cosmos , for our blood . For our journey on earth

We are one ship and we must agree and stand on at least one subject that can take us into the future🤙


Doing this for all of my family. I’d like the idea of being comfortable in this space, and continue my knowledge as an investor and trader.

Also, on a personal note, the technology is re-inspiring me. I got really burnt out with Silicon Valley and left. But now, I’m really missing it and I feel blockchain is my life line to it still.

If we thought the internet boom was huge, and the companies that came from that time, this is going to dwarf it by 2 fold and by an enormous factor. Not only is the tech going to be huge and quiet possibly decentralized everything, but we’re talking about a paradigm shift of money on a planetary level. When was the last time that happened. Oh yeah, and decentralized AI… geez… the opportunities are endless.

Maybe we’ll start to see personal spaceships in our lifetime… I’d love to go mine some asteroids in our solar system for some isk… I mean BTC. :grin:


I’m doing this for my personal, educational and professional growth. I’ve talked with quite a few naysayers on crypto in the past, and that’s because they don’t take the time to understand it, so it’s easier for them to just reject it than accept it. I’ve done my homework and I’m on board with this… is it to soon to say ‘empire’? I’ll say Train, crypto is like a train and you are either going to be on it or off it. I see the magnitude of this opportunity and am fully getting involved with this. We will adapt into the future and it will be a learning experience to say the least. The crypto-verse is beginning to come full circle and integrate vastly into the globalization of decentralizing. So many more possibilities as we move forward, glad I’m apart of it now. Day 3, 87 to go! :rocket::full_moon_with_face: