#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



I am doing this for my family. I want my son to have all the things I missed out on in childhood.


Worth every sweat bead and drop of blood.


I’m doing this for my kids, myself, my family and hopefully for future generations as well.
Loving the series so far!


Generational wealth is the legacy I want to leave (and others). To give my kids opportunities.


I am doing this for myself, my family (mom,dad,bro), and for my bestfriend.

I recently visited home (Guam) for the first time in years. It was eye opening looking at what my life could have been if my father never joined the military. I’d love to show that his effort joining and my mothers effort to keep the family together was not a waste. And for my bestfriend. She has supported me with everything that I do and has helped me grow. I would have never found crypto if it wasnt for her.


Family first is the code. (no, didn’t get from fast and furious) I don’t make bookoo money but I will whole heartedly try to keep up with this year’s DCA. I’m making this sacrifice for the thought of my kid’s future. To be able to spend more time to cherish their growing up stages. I’ve worked so hard my whole life from farming on the family farm to working 12 hrs days for weeks at a factory. In my crypto reareach, I came across this picture. It explains my feelings about investing in Bitcoin.


The building begins. Now is the time!


my conviction is my motivation to make a lifestyle for myself that allows me to travel and still have something to come back to.

In 2 months time I intend to spend 4/6 months traveling and come back with a portfolio where I have earned a similar amount to if I had stayed at my job bartending.

I want to live the traveling life style, while knowing that I’m not just throwing away my shot at the big money and to have a for-filling work like balance.


I am doing this for mineself. My family already got enough money to take care of themselves and if i wanted they would take care of me too but it would be too boring :D. Watching chart go up and down brought back my memories of trade in game WOW. I was selling rare item for my 1rst big gain in online world. i got 3M gold and was giving away lot gifts before quitting :smiley: . Now Crypto is BIGGER game so there come BIGGER emotions. So far so fun i made lossess and many gains. So i will continue untill all money gone hahaha.


You’ve definitely hit the nail on the head there. I have been given several opportunities to work for some big ferms in the financial sector; however, found myself wanting a more flexible work hours and the ability to grow my wealth beyond a fixed salary.

The WOW trading must of been decent practice but real world trading is a new leave of ebs and flows in excitement. Hopefully it all works out for you and you can prove to your family that you made the right choice in making your own path.


Lol thanks for comment, but you got it a lil wrong i am not into this crypto to prove anything to my family. In real world i have worked in lot kind of jobs too so even if all money gone i can alway get new job asap like sushi maker gotta go train a month and you can get 2k/month here in german and if you get better 3k/month. So after bancrupcy i can get back to crypto after 6 months with another 10k euro . For now i am just using 50% of money i have for this crypto game around 10k euro. Anyway if you played WOW game trading you wouldnt say it is easy from 0 - 3M gold^^. There is fierce competition undercutting each other at even 1/1000000 gold price, report other for 3 days bans or even hire rogue from horde to kill your trading character or switch trade between faction and bigger game switch trade between servers. And the worst fight with hacker that can spawn item for free from air (a lil secret you can buy from them with the risk items get removed later by GM) :smiley:


Right now I am just doing crypto for more financial independence. There is hope for a better future and not just for early adopters.

I am in crypto because I think the current financial model is over valued, not efficient and deserves to be replaced.

I am also the only one in my extended family with “alternative assets” , so if things do get out of whack at least I will have something that could hold value.


I am doing this for two main reasons:

  1. To have some skin in the game, to make me excited to learn and get involved with crypto and decentralised currencies

  2. To give me and my family a small slice of the action if this really does go to the moon


The chances are real!


I have a few goals that I will complete with crypto and in this following order:

  1. Pay off credit card debts
  2. Down payment on a house
  3. Pay off car
  4. Pay off student loans
  5. Start a business or real estates investments


My kids, my wife and myself.

I want to be able to be better for my kids. Not so stressed. Not so irritable. I want to be able to go to all sporting events and concerts. Working 12hr night shifts is tough, and sometimes I tend to project that onto others. I need to improve on that.

My wife, I want her to just be proud. I told her to trust me, when i started in crypto. That i wouldn’t get outta hand and invest more than what we could afford. But i also told her that I really feel that this will help to pay off her college loans and the house quicker. And I truly believe that. I really feel I can make that happen, IF I do this right. I want to make that happen and make her proud.

Myself. For the above mentioned reasons. And also, because I want to be selfish!! I want my time to be MY TIME!! I want to be able to do what I want to do. Take the kids places, take the wife places and not stress so much! And if we’re being honest, I want to buy a Camaro. I’ve always loved the cars. :man_facepalming:t3: I think it’s ok to be —a little selfish— you can’t always do for others… right?




Self-interest at its best when everyone wins!


I am in this game for my wife and 2 sons! I want to provide more security for them.


For me it’s all about my family. I want better for them. Better home, better school, more holidays. I want my wife to get into crypto so she can quit her job which will mean our daughter gets to spend more time with her Mom. I believe that the cryptonation can help us get there quicker.


Im 43 and plan to retire by 50. Ive changed careers twice due to disilusionment & found in crypto something meaningful. I still remember the betamax-VHS war that ultimately brought us to DVD then bluray and now streaming. I remember the beginnings of the internet with AOL, yahoo, etc…
I`m totally stoked at being part of such a huge wave. Blockchain is the future & I gotta be in on this. Ups & downs str8 ahead !