#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



A strong hand and a solid seatbelt are necessary! :rocket:


Hi Peter, I’m going on this journey because I hate my job I’ve been doing for 13 years, I don’t like working for people, I like working on my own terms and having freedom, I don’t want to financially struggle when I’m old, I don’t have any kids and or real family, and so I can’t depend on anyone to take care of me, and so I need to make sure I have that taken care of, especially with cost of health care, I like traveling, and I’ve always forged my own unconventional path, and I like the way I’m going so far. Thank you.


This is for me 1st and for my family 2nd. I love to learn and grow and succeed at what I put my mind to. I love a good challenge. But I also want to have all the time available to spend with my kids. I learn so much from them and their unique perspectives.


I’m doing this first because I don’t want to be dependent on anyone when I get old and second to be able to help others to be financial independent.


Looking to retire from my first job… financial independence is near and putting my family in a rare place is what drives me.


Why am I doing this? Provide myself and family a better financially secure future.


I’m doing this for freedom. I grew up with friends who had enough money to spend aimlessly in any place, but I never really did. With some savings, there’s so much more I can do in life.


I’m doing this for myself, my family, my friends, my love ones. I want to better everyone’s life and be able to enjoy more time together.


I’m in the game to better myself and secure a future for myself as well as the people around me so i can show them the way to the moon. Being able to show the people that I care about how to make a 2nd income will be something that I will be proud to do.


Let’s do it. Serve others and serve thyself!


I’m in it for my family! My goal is to be on my way towards financial freedom.


I’m doing this for my family. I’ve always had a good job, great income, and excellent credit. I’ve paid off my first house that I bought in my early 20’s and I just bought my 2nd home - my dream home. I was sitting in it one day thinking that this what as good as it gets. Then I thought to myself that it isn’t. Why pay this off in 30 years when I can pay it off in 2 or 3 years? Sadly, my goal isn’t a Lambo. My goal is to pay off my house and buy another!


I am doing this so my husband doesn’t have to worry about retirement. I got this! To the moooon!!


I am doing this for my family and to give back to the community like the pineapplefund.org!


Doing it for the financial freedom to do walk away from a corporate job for good! To support myself through the long road to success in a career in Hollywood. Also, years ago I promised my mom I’d buy her a Tesla, and that I’d buy my dad a ranch in Texas. I’m sure they don’t actually expect that that to ever happen, but I sure would love to make it happen :sunglasses:


You can do it. I did it. I bought my kids a tesla! and then i regretted it.


hahahahha :rofl: watch out for when the little doge turns 16! That was an awesome video :raised_hands:


I’m in this game for growing the family business 100%! The goal is to utilize my crypto gains to ram into our wedding chapel/permaculture bunker development. My idea is to establish 3-4 sustainable income streams off the land. This will allow us to support and offset the cost of overhead for operating each business. Most importantly however is the goal to allow my mom to be able to retire and do what she loves most.


IM here for my family im tired of living payday to Wednesday I want to be able to provide for them


I do not trust nor want to rely on the UK Government or its benefit agencies and I am doing it for my partner & her children, my niece & nephew, and myself. I always said if I won the lottery I would invest/gift in my local community, so that too if I ever get that lucky!