#B90X - DAY 3 - Conviction!



To become financially independent and responsible in order to provide a great future for my family and kidds without having to depend fully on a system I dont believe in.


I would say even though this is relatively new to me I gotta say something about all this feels right, call it a blue pill moment but im ready to take this journey and see where it takes me. My conviction is without a doubt self sustainability, building a better and more secure future for myself and that of my immediate family. I know for a fact im gonna face hard times, FUD and FOMO is gonna strike me down with a vengeance but I chose to believe that with the right discipline to follow the B90X and see it to its end ill be one step closer to making the changes I wanna bring to my life.


Like most everyone else on here, for family!
4 kids and a need to have fun and live life to it’s potential.


My conviction is I am young so I can accept more risk and therefore fuck the moon I’m going into vacant space!


I am homeless right now. I’m engaged too. I know those two don’t normally go together but this is the reality of my life. I do not ever want to be in a space like this again nor do I want my family to experience the same. That is my motivation every day.


Good. It’s only up from here then.




Like many of you guys I am doing this for my family. Specifically, I want to retire my wife by satisfying all the debts we have. By doing that she will be able to be the stay at home wife/mother that she desperately wants to be and I think that will have a bigger impact on my childrens future than anything else. I also want to be in a position to give and help others when they are in need more often.

As a bonus I really want to get another M3. Had to get rid of the last one when our family expanded and a minivan became a necessity.


An M3 is a wonderful car. May it be so.


as said before, i’m in it for the financial freedom. I’m doing it for myself… living that single man life and all. I want to be living debt free! but i’d also like to have money to help family when needed, and to donate to volunteer organizations i’m a part of.


"Why are you doing this?"
I believe there are a lot of opportunities in crypto market and we are still in the early early stages of it. Maybe it is money or maybe it’s not, but I find myself very passionate about crypto market, alt coins I thoroughly research and invest in. I love sharing this information with close friends and as you guys, I want others around me to join me on this rocketship to the moon.

"For WHOM are you doing this?"
For me.
For my dad and mom.
For my close friends who I have convinced to join me on this journey.
For my future family.
For the community around me who are marginalized.


I am in the crypto space because I am interested in the technology and how it is going to shape the future. Also because when we all look back at the markets someday and hopefully how much they have changed and grown I want to be able to say that I was apart of them. I dont want to be the person on the sideline say I wish or should have.

At the end of the day, it appears we are all in this to improve some aspect of our lives.

Cheers to you all!


I’m in this for me and the ones I love. I don’t want to be someone who did not at least try to be part of a revolution (financial, technological or ideological)

Majority of the world still don’t know what the implications are of this new technology. It is still not part of each person’s day to day life. If this tech really goes mainstream it will be an explosion in our pants, even for guys like me who were a bit late to the party.

Yeah I’m part of the group of people who just got awakened last December. Not an opportune time if we think about it. BTC and alts are down bigtime. But it is what it is and I know this will bounce back. I looked at the trend since 2013 and it has always gone up and more and more people are starting to get onboard.

Even if BTC does something like the 2013 bear trend I think i will still be ok and will continue to HODL. Putting some fiat in crypto or any investment platform is still a lot better than buying something you don’t need because most depreciate in value.

I’m not really putting in more than I can afford to lose but because I started doing this it has tought me a lot about investing and valuing my hard earned money. Now I think twice before I spend my hard earned cash on something that I really don’t need (new phone, fancy shoes, a new game). I always ask myself do i really need to buy X or should I just convert it to BTC.


Like most of the comments before, I’m doing it for myself and family. Hopefully more free time in the future, to work on things I want and to spend with family and friends. Along with this being a learning experience.


I’m writing this at 10:20pm my time… so just under the wire!

My conviction?

Hmmm, you know what? Looking at this question, I honestly have not really EVER seriously thought about this question. It really makes me wonder what I’m working for in past and present projects.

If there is one thing that is giving me conviction is that I’m really wanting to prove to others around me that I could become something and not just “below average.” For the last 8 years, it often feels like I have been drifting in life to some degree. I have known for a while now that I’m not living up to my true potential and that changes will need to be done to take my life to next level.

It probably doesn’t help that I don’t have a family anymore, or kids, or a spouse at this time. To add to mix, being an heavily introverted INFP and oddly a optimist at the same time to make life further complicated! Oh well, in reality my problems are pretty trivial compared to some people out there in the rest of the world.

My second conviction at this time would be able to help others in some way - it really brings me happiness and a smile when I see that I’ve helped someone else out. Makes me feel all good inside! I’m not really sure where that will lead too, but something to do with “humanitarian” aid or volunteer work appeals to me - but that takes money to get there.

In regards to meditation - I’ve never really considered trying that until now. Ideas?

Those are the two convictions I have at this time to help me move forward, through the good and tough times.

-Darcy C


Why are you doing this? Primary reason, for the trustless nature, believe in the bitcoin technology and revolution. For WHOM are you doing this? For myself, family, friends who choose to see the light bulb… that bitcoin is at the precipice of becoming the safe heaven asset for billions of people around the world.


Self. If I’m not dragging any body down in the sea of red, I will not give me any anxiety.


I actually don’t understand any of this and am here to learn.


If you need, watch the video again and if you have questions post them here. The pub members are most gracious in heaping help on those that ask. Also consider going back and starting the B90X series on the first video here -> #B90X - DAY 1 - Let's Begin


Thanks for the heads up sniggly.