#B90X - DAY 30 - TECHNICAL ANALYSIS 101 - Relative Strength Index (RSI) - GUARANTEED GAINS!



RSI is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal.
Frankly, if you had MACD and RSI, you’d be pretty much set!
Let us know how you use RSI!

$10k Bitcoin?! 🚀🚀🚀
Bitcoin Reaches $5000
Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑

Gah 30 days strong, I can see my Index finger muscle growing like a beast.


Thank you for this awesome and informative video! I learnt a lot my sensei, but I still have one question in mind: Does RSI suit best for 30min candles? How about 1d candles or 5min candles for example? And Is it the same with MACD?

Thanks for your reply beforehand, I love you <3



You should zoom out for longer term trades. So yes. Check macd and rsi zooming out to 1 hr and even a day!



Whoa, this is good shit!!! Thanks Peter!!!


All the simple tools. All others are overly complex imho. This is crypto. So volatile. No need for crazy fibonacci and stuff.


MACD + RSI at the same time = mind blown :pray:t3:


My technical analysis quiz happens today for the first time since learning these lessons. It’s FRIDAY! Time to find an entry point for my little biweekly dollar cost averaging buy-in for BTC!

I printed out screenshots of the candlestick summary, shooting star & inverted hammer, RSI, and MACD lessons, made some more notes and reviewed the vids, and I’m ready to pull the trigger today! I think :slight_smile:

Good practice with the small amount I put in at cost from my paycheck.


Show us a pic! Would love to see!


Alright, critique if I goofed up in my analysis! I watched from 8am to 10am, saw the downtrend that we were in, looked up and looked again at what each candlestick meant, then felt like it was looking like it was going to continue upwards (and I had to quit at some point anyway!), so I pulled the trigger at the green arrow. Turns out it went lower later on, but I can’t watch all day!! (Plus, this is my every other Friday DCA of a small amount, it wasn’t super critical with a large sum of fiat)


I was also watching the MACD and RSI at the bottom.


Ah! This is excellent work! I drool. Wonderful. Wonderful. Practice practice practice.

Imagine this: with practice you won’t need to draw. You. Can. See. And you’ll know.


That’s exactly the place I want to practice to! So that I can visually interpret quickly. Second nature. Who knew that I’d know ANYTHING about this just 2 months ago? healthy obsessions are goooooood


More tools for the toolbox. Pretty cool to piece it all together, feels like with each tool I add it increases my chances for good trades.

Good time to buy some Chuck. :smiley:


This RSI indicator is a great way to look over - specially with the 70/30 window… can see exactly where you are standing on that point.


dint listen to the rci indicator like i was taught and made a .25% loss last night. heres too learning that you need to be disciplined the hard way. i will hodl and wait for the dio to rebound but darn what a waste of capital


This is good. We learn though mistakes!


This is my analysis of entry and exit/HODL points for ICX

More notes and analysis in the link.

I also have a question, what is the difference between the “Stochastics” indicator and the “RSI”? They seem to be very similar and I’ve been using both without really understanding either of them.

Thanks again Peter, really enjoying the b90x challenge! :slight_smile:


Great tutorial Peter :raised_hands:t4: reinforced and clarified somethings I have been observing/making sense of lately. I’m on a whole other level now compared to Day 1. Day 30 and we goin’ strong! :rocket: