#b90x - DAY 31 - #1 Tip in Crypto Trading



I get a lot of questions around how to deal with FUD or FOMO.

In today’s B90X, I tell you the #1 tip on how to ensure you don’t get all emotional.

Set those goals BEFORE you trade!

#B90X - Full Trading, Market, and Personal Psychology 10 Part Series

The instructions are SO Easy but following the are SO Hard! Emotions are a bitch! But to be successful, we need to keep the FOMO and FUD warlords under wraps!



Lol. That WoW tho. Last toon was a demo lock. Best ever till they patched it. I was so OP!


LOVE this. I have some homework to do this weekend on some potential altcoins! Again and again, thank you!


Quite a few points from this video you made today @ the blockchain economic forum!


The FOMO is strong right now as Bitcoin hits a new All Time High of $6,760.
Great tip, great video. Thank you sir.


So relevant now with all the FUD! Thanks!


You straightforwardly explain this. Is easy to see that trading is like “real life” you need goals to know where you want to go.


Set goals
On it, bit late but better late than never


Essential advice that I could’ve used at the beginning of my crypto journey. I’ve had a lot of FOMO around ICON, thinking it would go to the moon at once due to the initial spike the first few weeks. Still haven’t sold a single coin though even after it plunging down to $2 after my last investment was at $11.


Phenomenal advice. Setting goals is definitely something I need to work on.


Invested in the tech not the hype. DCA feels fulfilling every week and feel no stress when the market is up or down. Actually feel more stress when the market is up since its early in the year I want more shares before moon ride. :dogemoon:


Man I love this guidance! I find myself testing my own steady hands. Thanks for your input. FOMO is strong and real but I will systematically reach my goals and eventually join you guys on the ride to the moon!!!


this was something i was kind of doing. I’m going to be reevaluating how i achieve my investing goals. now with the tools of reading a chart I feel way more informed as a consumer. ppl have been fuding since i started investing. I got in on the big dip. so all I’ve heard of is mostly bad news. and with the research I’ve done without any technical background in this stuff. I’ve begun to understand it slowly and it has positively changed my core of who I am. with places like this that I find that helps me. Teaches me that there is more to this than money(the money helps lol). its about help and community which I love . Tank you peter!!


Excellent! This is great advice and tips for both ICO’s and when researching which crypto to invest into.

As you know, I am a huge believer in XinFin (XDCE).

I used most of your tips prior to watching this video (I invested in the ICO).

Great team, platform is almost completed via the beta trial. Advisors are top notch. Awesome community and the protocol actually solves a real world problems!

Thanks and I really do hope you review and finally provide some feedback on XinFin, Peter! :slight_smile:


Great advice. As a serial HODLer it was helpful listening to these tips. Setting goals should be automatic for every investor. Write it down and then DO it.


Upgradin that Research Algorithm!


Adding those things together… I don’t know what to say. I’m tired to be stupid, kind of now I have to persist day trading to achieve my goal, but after B90X I need to change. First because of all of this going on when you trade daily and Second I need to focus on other things, they are stuff what I need to do. Impossible to focus on anything when all the time is only trading going on. It’s crazy. I can’t do it anymore. DCA.


Thank you for the solid advice. I honestly have been investing only for hodling purposes. However, after the last few days with what I have learned, I made some extra money. Lock away my very long-term hodl (ADA) in cold storage, do research and set goals for weaker coins and make that money! Thank you, sir!


Did I enjoy that NEO plug, you better believe it brotha lol No FOMO Or HOMO :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: