#b90x - DAY 33 - Self-Deception



You are no good to anyone when you aren’t healthy!


I don’t know exactly when it happened but at some point in my life I started to feel and believe I no longer controlled it. I was a slave to the “man”. I was in a constant battle with my self saying this can’t be all to life. So I looked to different outlets and stumbled on to crypto currency. I have always been a nerd at heart so this was right up my alley. Since I knew nothing about this new tech I did what every millenial does and do a “Google research”. Long story short I came across an article and a youtube video of some Korean guy buying a lambo with bitcoin. I honestly laughed and though what a tool. But interesting none the less. Did a little more digging around and found out this Korean guy with his brother are trying to make a crypto community away from all the trolls on Reddit. So here I am doing b90x. Read a book i wanted to read which I haven’t done in prolly a decade. Gonna finish this up with a quote that really hit hard.

" What’s the world’s greatest lie?" The boy asked surprised.
" Its this: that at a certain point in our lives. We lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie."

Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist

Cheers to @peter and @john for doing what you guys do. You guys are out here giving people the tools to change their lives.


most people think this. our hope is that it doesn’t stay that way!

glad you’re here friend.


Well that leads into more of how we decieve our selves. I sat there laughing and judging when really I was just jealous. Anyone who creeps around the pub will know real quick that your guys work ethic is insane.


The Market Psychology section of B90X I have been anticipating because I think it is important to know this stuff and really the only way to learn is personal experience. Everybody has their own view of sorts and learning about yourself opens up the door to progress. As for self-deception, I am one of those people that are brutally honest, I tell it how it is. I have no problem with stating the truth to others and myself and dishonestly is one of my pet peeves. I’d rather be straight forward than beat around the bush. What I really like about Decentralized TV and the Bitcoin Pub is the truth that Peter and the Pub member promote. I feel like the pub as a whole is a B/S free zone, and people like Peter aren’t afraid to say what they truly think about this or that, and I relate to that. Always speak your mind and don’t let what others think surpress you. It’s better to be alone and going in the right direction than with the group going in the wrong direction. Peace! And we out!


My self-deception is complacency. I have done well for my career and my family, and that leads to a sense of accomplishment and pride. I enjoy being driven and structured, but the problem is applying this rigor to my own self-improvement opportunities; things that help ME grow. Because of B90X I have set aside time to practice discipline with crypto, but I can not let that be enough. I need to apply the same discipline I use in my career and apply it towards learning and improving here.
Also, I enjoy local collaboration, so I am reaching out to my networks to find others in my area to help me create a local mastermind group to drive success, ideas and accountability. Having local contacts who share the same passions really helps take it to the next level, so that is my next project.


Oh man I like this! Where are you located?


Miami, FL but I also travel to ATL and Dallas all the time for work (2-3x a
month), so I am looking at my networks in those 3 cities with a focus on


I like to think that I am brutally honest with myself, but perhaps that is itself a deception

I should be far more positive about myself, which will lead to better outcomes


In the past I’ve set myself many goals instead of a clear direction. The ACT matrix has been very useful in helping focus on what specific behaviors I need to be implementing in my life. It’s all about moving in the direction of what’s important. The same ideas were brought up in the first few videos of B90X.
Where are you facing ?


My problem is I set to many projects on my to do list each day. Sometimes I don’t finish them and sometimes I get so overwhelmed I don’t finish any of them. Since I watch the video on time boxing I have gotten so much better at looking at my day and setting a realistic list. I also set it up with the important errands first.


I struggle to keep focus, my best wins in life have come as result of maintaining attention, but it is easy to forget that and continue chasing a lot of things at the same time.


Here’s the honest truth- I have bipolar depression 1. It makes me impulsive by nature. I will jump headfirst into a project with enthusiasm and gusto, but then also abandon it for a new one relatively shortly after- except in a select few areas of my life- one of which is my career. I think it’s because of the years I have spent in schooling and developing my craft. When I first jumped in to crypto this past December- I was operating 1000% on impulse, but I realized (especially thru the B90x challenge) that if I want to have long term success and to be able to stick to the crypto lifestyle- I need to put in the time and effort learning and developing my investing strategy in crypto. I cannot deceive myself that I can reach my goals working on impulse alone.


Glad you’re here. The long term game in crypto is so worth. I just wish most didn’t quit so early.


I have a tendency to quit after a few failures in anything. I believe fear of failure and rejection is something that I am constantly battling with in life. In crypto when I first started investing, I failed and made so many noob mistakes and had the weakest hands known to mankind. Fortunately, I entered a bullish market and was able to recover from my amateur mistakes. Need to keep making mistakes and keep striving for rejections so tomorrow, I will be a better version of myself (assuming I learn from my mistakes).

Discipline and perseverance is something I always strive to improve upon. I used to be really bad with starting things but never finishing them. For crypto, my short term goal is to at least finish out this b90x program and do crypto research daily (even if it’s less than a hour).


I struggle with short term success. It doesn’t matter what the big goal is I always find a way to be satisfied with getting close to the big goal and settling for the lesser successes. I have learned to convince myself that even though I didn’t accomplish my main objective, I accomplished so many other things leading to that objective that I should be satisfied with the results.

I am aware that I have set short and medium goals to help keep me motivated with crypto such as paying off credit card and vehicle debt as short term goals and paying off the wife’s student loan debt as the medium goal. I am confident that both those goals will be meet, but I am aware that I may be satisfied with achieving those goals that I may lose the motivation of paying off the houses which will allow my wife to retire.

One of the best things about this B90X program is that it is providing another avenue to grow within this crypto space without having to stare at Coinpuffs all day. I never had an interest in trading and never actually looked into computer science but have found that I am very intrigued by both. I am hopeful that this intrigue will grown into something bigger that will help keep me motivated to obtain my main goal.


I keep telling myself I’ll wake up at 5AM and get to work by 6AM, but I keep deceiving myself by sleeping late… IF I really want to be an early bird, I must go to bed earlier. __My office, fortunately, grants me the flexibility of coming in whenever I want (as long as it’s before 9AM) since I have accounts all over the country. I should really be taking advantage of that. I want to be successful in my position. I really need to sacrifice those extra hours at night and sleep early so I can wake up early.

Another thing I’ve been putting off these past months has been reading scripture. I’ve said, vocally, that I’d like to build a fuller, deeper relationship with the Lord, but haven’t been doing so. Instead, I’ve been setting other books and tv shows at a higher priority because of the short-term satisfaction I’ll gain from them. Perhaps I don’t necessarily have to read scripture for hours every day, but if I can devote fifteen to thirty minutes every day to scripture, I think that will do wonders for my relationship with God, and further my ability to bring value and goodness to the world long-term.

That being said, anyone who makes me think about being closer to God is doing God’s work!!! God bless you Peter! :raised_hands:t2:


Bring it. Only good things can come from getting closer to God.


I can relate to a lot of problems people have already described here. Things like procrastination and keeping focus on what is important in the moment, being complacent with what I have, even though I really do want to do more. I often convince myself that it would take too much effort, and I’m OK the way it is.
I am not as likely to postpone things until tomorrow, or next week, as I was in the past, but I can’t get all the things I want to get done due to not being focused at all times. Because of a neurological disorder I am tired most of the time, despite sleeping enough and exercising every day, so it’s hard to focus on the task at hand and get it done quickly when you’re almost falling asleep in the chair. I need to take my difficulties more seriously and do things like work standing up as soon as I feel a bit fatigued, otherwise time can pass very fast without any work being done.


Have you ever tried a standing desk?