#b90x - DAY 33 - Self-Deception



I would like to, but they’re a bit too expensive at the moment.


I would also suggest a standing desk. Using one at my work (they actually paid for it when I asked) has greatly improved my posture and helped with any back pains I used to get.

As for me on day 33… two things that come straight to mind are getting better at my study routine. Too often I will make excuses for what I “have to be doing” instead of making more time to get my head in the books. Second one is social media. I’m starting to feel that social media apps are more like an addiction than something that can be easily turned off. I need to stop paying so much attention to benign accounts and focus on the information that I truly value.


Half term holiday so I had a few days off.
But back on the b90x challenge.
Not getting a haircut for 8 months, I can carry it off.
My wife says differently.
Better get it cut this week then.
Cheers Peter.


This is a great topic! Very enlightening. At first I thought perhaps my self deception is that I deceive myself that I have no self-deception. As I dig deeper and read some of the comments here, I started finding the ugly…

Impatience… I usually start a trade as if it’s for the long term, and often sell early. Also my driving. (And I did P90X Day 31,32,33 today)
Inefficient. I often excuse my self as not having enough time in a day. Truth is I just don’t time box well.
Wasting time. I still find myself playing games. Not just here and there, but an entire day from morning to mid-night. Don’t think my top world ranking justifies it… (yes I am playing CoC while typing this)

Fortunately I manage myself well financially, and will apply the same strategy to my diet & exercise. Plus I get to learn what it will take to have trading discipline. Too the moon! Cheers!


Dang! Right to the bone! Man, what to say, but I’m a degenerate gambler! I justify most failures in my life by saying, “Oh well, I’m having fun!” But in retrospect, it’s not fun, it’s pretty painful at times which I laugh off with a smile. But inside, I’m hurting! But life is a grind, gotta take chances, fall down, get back up. But my problem was throwing money into a gamble where the house odds were in their favor and not mines.

Not anymore, life is a gamble, but I need to put the odds in my favor! When I get into that car to drive everyday, I need to put my seat belt on, put the phone down, focus on the road, pay attention to the elements and increase the odds in my favor that I will get to my destination and avoid an accident.

I am trying to apply this in everything in life, but I find myself in a struggle to want to risk it all, FOMO, FUD, whatever it is, it hits me everyday. I am learning this Crypto world as I am learning many new things in this life as I move forward to better myself, the more I learn, the more I realise if I don’t arm myself with the proper tools, I will lose like I always do at the Blackjack Table.

In the long run, the house always wins! It’s time I become the house!


to be honest, there are a few. I’m so use to do everything my self. everyone telling me if i can’t then no one can. Now i realize I can’t do it all. i do need help from time to time and i don’t know everything. I have lived my life with the fake it till you make it. and some times it was just what i needed to to to get the job done. But most of the time it set me back further than where I started. I’ve been a one man wrecking crew my whole life and since I’ve begun the crypto life I’ve begun to change that. thank you all for the help!!!


Peter, this is huge. I have been thinking to start self inquiry a long time ago. I hope it will be the start for me. Together with the previous video this is great material. Right now its late and I need to go to bed but I would like to share my examples for now. But I will have to take some time to think about it in the future as well as to read this thread to see If I have some of other people’s problems.

Here we go:

I will lose weight tomorrow
I will part my ways with some people tomorrow
I will do this exercise later today
I am too smart to make this much effort
I will have will power to pull smthing off (and then I slip off)
I will play this hand which I should not play and will outplay my opponent (in poker)


I have to admit, I am exhausted working for ‘the man’. I’ve been looking into the crypto world and seeing how my technical skills can be applied.

Working out, eating healthy has been helping, but I think what I really need to do is be more real and think further out into the future of retiring! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t leave to the moon with me, ya’ll!


Oh man this one hit me in the feels. Thanks Petah!

I deceive myself by occasionally falling off strict diet discipline. When I’ve been working all week or a couple weeks straight and I’m tired and don’t have any food prep left… I order that Pizzzaaaa! And eat way too many carbs. Yep, I ate a whole pizza last night. I also deceive myself by saying I will get into a consistent cardio routine … I dislike cardio. Love hiking mountains but it’s hard to find time to go hike a mountain at 5am before work lol.

Upgrading my time preference every week. Low time preference=ability to invest in the future.

Investing in my future by disciplinary saving and squirrelin that money away. Investing in my health by choosing healthy meats, simple carb vegetables and healthy fats over convenience, processed foods and fast food.

Then I deceive myself by saying I’ve ‘earned it’ and smash a whole pizza, rather than cooking some steak and salad. Oh, the deception.

The truth shall set us free…


Great vid. I think I’ve been deceiving my self by holding back 25% of that throttle due to pure lazy/lack of organization and time mgmt. :slight_smile: I’m working on it, time to stomp that gas pedal and go balls to the wall!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you @Nynjah and @Dustin_Matthews for that share. I think there is some reviling power when we bring our dark places in to light. You know I love you guys, today huge respect.

Oh my… my turn now. I watched today’s yesterday before sleep. What a day…


I have been deceiving myself by not eating properly. Sometimes I go through the day without eating at all until dinner time, and I binge when I do eat. I have been taking time to pack lunch and snack, and yet I don’t eat. Earlier in the program, I stated that I purchased lunch and did not eat what I packed because I ate out and what I packed became waste. Now I do not eat, and it has screwed up my metabolism. I lie to myself about not having the time. In truth I have time, but lack discipline. I don’t lie to others, but I have been doing something hopeless which is lying to my self.


I remember Sir Peter J. Daniels on one his “wake up call” conference said with brilliant sense of humour there is on mount Sion 11th commandment which Moses didn’t write

  • do not kid yourself.

Yeah… but It’s back to me again, back then I didn’t understand, now, there’s no excuse.

But still I don’t know what to say.
Where are the places, where I’m lie to myself?
I have no idea, not because I don’t have dark places, I have many of them, but I’ aware of them. My biggest problem is I don’t know who I’m anymore. Self distraction is too deep which is ironic couse some stuff haven’t changed like I still believe in people and simply help how I can.

True is, I need help, like for real, but so long no one care of me so I just accept it like it’s.

I know no one will change my life for me and that’s not my point. I just, I don’t know.

Sometimes I feel like so many voices screaming to me want to do something, but I just push it back probably because it’s too good to be true…


No. You listen. And you crush it.


@kimchi True, no one else will change your life for you. That’s up to you. All of the resources you need are at your fingertips, and you can do it!

@kimchi @delirium_igniter @Dustin_Matthews
One day at time. Win the day, win the week, win the month, win the year… keep that ball rollin!

How do you climb a mountain???

…start at the bottom


Ohhhh boyyyy, who needs a shrink when you got the B90x and Mr. Peter Freud right? ㅎㅎ

Deeep questions though… but I love it! how do I deceive myself…?
I think the biggest deceive that it partially diminishes the fullness of my life is always chasing a past version/ideal version of myself.
For example, back in middle school all the way through high school, I was an athlete, I played rugby, soccer, boxing and did many other sports and because of that I was always in shape no matter what I ate.
Now, I am in my mid 30’s and I am the CEO of a small import/export business in Peru. It is a full time job but my deceive, the lie I tell myself a lot of the times is that, “Man, I am too busy to go work out and I have no time but once I get done this project, I’ll go work out, also, I used to be ripped so it’ll be easy to get back in shape, no biggiee”. But the truth is that there’s always new problems, projects, tasks to solve that arise everyday and father time… yeah time… one thing I know is that your metabolism speed starts to decrease with age, especially after your 20’s to upwards. Even knowing that, I still deceive myself…I guess we all have our inner demons right? but in different shapes and sizes.
That being said, I just gotta stop making excuses and make a workout schedule/program and just stick with it.

Just want to thank you @john @peter again for all of your hard work that you guys do in the community and for putting together a solid course that not just focuses on gains and trades but really focuses on educating a person, make them think so they can make their own decisions.
"Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.


my worst deception ever:

  • when my mind wants to think for myself, but somehow, a mindset from someone else comes in conflicting what i think myself.

For example, i had a strong father and his mindset was somehow in my brain for a long time. And it was conflicting with my own thinking.

Another example, my boss mindset was in my brain and it created conflict.

My solution. the hell with what others think., I am me. I am the only one that can think and decide for myself.

Just changing that changed my whole life

It didn’t come easy though.


It’s great to see you care for your investors holistically, no wonder you call us cryptonauts… ‘cause your role as Houston Mission Control is being fulfilled perfectly! Thank you! I’ve determined to squash one self-deceptive habit and return to working out as I gotta be in great shape when we land on the moon


Deception to myself

  1. I failed to write out my goals. This lead to a breakdown in DCA, I bought on Wednesday’s and Friday’s, and a few extra days on emotion.
  2. I lost sight of secondary goal of 2 BTC. Started looking at other coins, and investing there as well, such as LTC, ETH, XRP. I will be putting cash if possible into EOS, OMG, ADA, and ICX. Maybe Zcash and Dash as owell.
  3. Not sure how continue gaining BTC, and acquiring the alts mentioned above.

I HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT SELL any of these coins for at least a year.
I can truthfully say that I don’t fear sell, that burned out of me in 2008-9. These are all 3-5 year holds.


  1. Diet has been wildly successful I have lost over 30 lbs on my Ketogenic diet. I am now, adding to strength training to my Rucking schedule. No failure here.
  2. Having trouble integrating both, dealing with both my small children at night. Both girls, 1st is 4 yo and the 2nd is 1 yo. They play havoc with my rest cycles.


How do i deceive myself?

I deceive myself in thinking there’s more work around the corner so i tend to spend money on things i want not necessarily what i need sometime i go on an impulsive buy mode. I work as a offshore contractor so sometimes work periods is never consistent and wait at home for the next contract

What thought processes have i been struggling with, personally, that diminish the fullness of life i COULD be having?

Live for today as tomorrow hasn’t come yet. Leaving jobs/things i need to do in my personal life for tomorrow or next week and i keep pushing them further away. This made me think pretty hard that i need to take better control of my financial and personal needs and to get off my butt when i’m at home to sort important things out