#B90X - DAY 35 - Crypto is a Man's World... of Risk!



I want to make $500k to 1M+ in the long term so that I can give so much to charity and directly help the world, to immerse myself in the ability to freely spend my time helping others and good causes with money so many don’t have. That would be very fulfilling.


I have lived a full life. I have seen the world, I have grown many leaders and my legacy at work will last long after I am gone. But somehow I am not fulfilled. Somehow I was mostly unhappy with the future ahead of me. What is left? Retire, go slow, see the children and grandchildren grow up? These feel like emotions of a lesser person, someone who I would mentor to be strong and be the best person you can be and break the physiological boundaries that weigh you down.

This summer I visited a graveyard in Portland Maine. I know…I am weird. Most people died in this graveyard in the early 1800’s at the age of 25, 30 and maybe 40. That was their life. Can you imagine it? How many of our CryptoNation followers are 20 today or 30? Two hundred years ago, your life would be almost over. How many have yet to accomplish the life you dreamed about? Going to the Moon financially or emotionally?

Today I am excited once again I am once again young and energized. I am 52 and I am entering Life 2.0. I get to live again, dream again and reach for the same stars I have guided others to over the years. Cryptocurrency has made me believe once again in LIFE and I believe that I can make it what I WANT it to be. In fact, anything is possible…just like it was when I was 10. I can’t wait for life 2.0 to take hold and thank all of my fellow CryptoNation followers for the unselfish help and support as we move together in the path of greatness!

#love :heart:


Hi, CryptoNation

As I was a student and searching for the opportunities to get money for life, I have become a programmer. As a student, I have understood, that I don’t want to work all the time on somebodies, so I’m searching for good investments. I see the future in Bitcoin and I would regret if I hadn’t taken a part in this rally. Maybe it’s a kind of game, but I would rather see it as an investment.

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


Too awesome man. Never too late in life to start anew! To the moon my man!:rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Build your own life. Not someone else’s.


Michael I could not agree more! :cowboy_hat_face: Great Example. :+1:


I am in this game because it really reminded me of 1997-2000s, which later envolved into the internet boom. I was too young to take advantage of that time, however I will not let myself miss out this time.

plus, I simply like the fact of holding BTC, the uncensored, non-government sponsored value piece


I stumbled into the crypto lifestyle just a month ago, but it’s a perfect fit for me. I’ve always been an early adopter (yet I feel very late to crypto) of gadgets and techie things. I’ve always worked in a man’s world, being one of very few women engineers back in the day. I’m a tomboy. I’ve done the skydiving, ride a big Harley, loved pushing my limits and scaring myself in the mountain corners riding my crotch rocket at top speeds, taking risks that make even some men call me a daredevil and risk taker. But this I also recognize as a game changer in my life. I don’t necessarily have the means to rocket to the moon in the snap of a finger, but I am prepared to buckle down and rev it up every chance I get, while being smart about it. And my crypto smarts is primarily advanced by this community, for which I thank each and every one of you. This is an exciting time.


Hoho! This is the life for me!


For me it’s a solid chance to pave my own way in the future.
For me it’s that opportunity that comes along & you think to yourself should I give it go?
For me it’s exciting! I love the challenge of learning something completely new.
For me it’s great to be able to interact & see how the smart minds work/walk & talk.

For me it reminds me of this cult classic movie that i grew up with & loved re the systems we live in - HACKERS!!

"They’re TRASHING our rights, man! They’re TRASHING the flow of data! They’re TRASHING! TRASHING! TRASHING! HACK THE PLANET! HACK THE PLANET!


Thinking back on what led me here…
I’ve been able to save a bit over the years and seeing it sit in my bank losing value and having crap interest rates got me curious about investing. I looked into a few different options but crypto grabbed me the most. Aside from the potential to grow my savings towards a new home, I like the forward thinking, philosophies, and technology in the space, it’s very intriguing. I suppose risk has played a small part, I’m willing to risk some of my savings for a chance at gains, which would be awesome! :money_mouth_face: though I can’t say the risk is the main reason I’m here. As for the crypto lifestyle, it’s still early for me to say if I want it or not… I’m here to learn and find out though.


I guess I’m here because I became disillusioned with the banks, monetary system and politics. I definitely want to achieve financial independence, I like taking risks but hope for a better monetary system is probably the main reason.


I’m gonna be honest - I am in it for the long game but am hoping to reach financial independence in the much shorter term. I gave up the rat race years ago and now at 40 I am not where I should be in my life. I am really enjoying crypto and the research and investing, but when I hear things like it’s gonna be 5 years it is a bit disappointing. I’ve invested a lot but … I guess I’m praying for miracles :confused:


It’s the long haul my friend. Glad you’re here. YOu’re in good company!


Glad to be here. Among all the bs “experts” on yt, you are a needle in a haystack!


I recommend 90% of crypto holdings for absolute long haul and with the other 10% you can trade around a little. For the best possible gains pick a coin you don’t mind holding for month(s) and when it has a baby moon take profit or cash out entirely. Then try it all over again. I have had some decent success with this, just make sure to really vet the coins and if it is good enough for the HODL DCA that shit.


Why? Crypto fits my lifestyle and is an area I think will thrive and continue to expand so I want to thrive and expand along with it. Motivations? I’m looking towards the long-term, I’m not expecting to get rich or anything anytime soon from crypto (though that would be nice), but I do think I will be rewarded in the future for having invested time and money in crypto earlier on. Still plan on a “real job” (something I enjoy doing that pays well), right now working towards a Bachelor degree so I may create my own future and open up a world of career opportunities that I want to pursue. And becoming a battle hardened crypto veteran may be a valuable asset as well. Game? This is ain’t no game! I’m sure it is for some investors, but I don’t take chances… only calculated risks. 2018 is starting off a bit bumpy but we’ll get through, I’m on the road to 2020 and beyond.


This is a great analogy, one to remember. I think as traders ‘mature’ they learn to mitigate risk and in doing so they should hopefully increase their gains. Excellent video, thanks for the link brother.


My why: I am here for financial freedom. I want to spend more time doing what I love. This includes my family, developing, and learning. I love the crypto community and the tech. I will always be a workaholic (I am wired that way), but being able to focus on crypto full time would be awesome, maybe even some leadership consulting & auditing in the space (it really needs it). I am here for the long-term; methodical and deliberate wins the race.

Necessity is a teacher of great sagacity@Napoleon_Hill


It truly is. The slow and steady wins. I look forward to seeing you on the moon my friend. It’s a long way away! :mooning: