#B90X - DAY 35 - Crypto is a Man's World... of Risk!



Why am I here?

I was aware of Bitcoin years ago and half considered buying some and getting involved but never got round to it, and was also very wary of the volatility

I finally got round to buying some Bitcoin early December 17 right in the midst of the biggest FOMO to date. I’m more than 50% down right now but in it for the long, long haul!

I love the idea of decentralised, censorship resistant money, and if I get some gains along the way then even better!


Why am I here? First I want to say I enjoy the work I do. I do not want to quit my job. I want to be able to work part time at my job, take care of my kids, and take care of my mom. This would be perfect. The only problem is the extra fun money. Sure I could go back to work full time but that takes away from what I can teach my kids. They are 13 and 10 yrs old. They want to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING right now and the public school system is so full of bullshit politics, its putting all this false news crap in their heads. Crypto trading is allowing me a little wiggle room here. I’m am so excited to learn everything I can about the space. I guess I’m doing this for my own personal development as well.


I’m doing this because I went from a business I disliked that paid good $ to a job that pays only good $ if I step on my principles. Because I do not, I get small $ (but get to do something I love).
I’m doing the crypto run so I can keep doing what I’m doing but with a decent income stream.
The only part of my old life I miss is the $$$ so crypto needs to replace that…
Just got a new book to read. Thanks for the recommend.


I always was interested in learning to trade to supplement my income. Crypto found me, and I’m learning every day a little beat about how to trade.

One good day I found Peter on youtube. And now I don’t trade to supplement my income, now I trade to grow my Bitcoin and later grow other coins.

At this moment I’m not interested in monthly or weekly returns. My eyes are looking at the moon :face_with_monocle:


I’m here because doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity. Working day after day, year after year for a company isn’t going to get you more than 6” closer to the :new_moon_with_face:- if you even leave the ground at all.


Interesting turn of events lead me to crypto but the motivating factor for staying in the crypto space(ship) was the alternative options for banking and commerce.


I’m here to make more money and have more financial freedom.
I’m here to invest in myself because no one else will do that for me.
I’m here eventually to pursue a passion.
I’m here to help my friends get on this rocketship to the moon.
I’m here to give back.
I’m here for the long run.


I first entered the crypto world after receiving 0.06 BTC for my birthday, which was my brother’s way of getting me interested in crypto. I just got a paper wallet and had to figure out what the heck that was myself, and what to do with it. At first it seemed like an impossible task because everything was unknown to me, and there were loads of different exchanges that all looked the same but I figured there had to be some difference to them, so I’d better not pick the wrong one. I finally created an account on Blockchain.info and cashed in most of the Bitcoin to fiat (d’oh) in order to pay for the online course which was the reason I received money at all.
I admit I was not very interested in this whole thing even at that stage, but my brother kept e-mailing me different links to crypto related stuff, and after watching a few webinars that showcased some previous altcoin investments I was intrigued by the potential. Since then I’ve invested as much fiat as I could afford and had made some crazy gains before the bear market hit in January.

The reason I’m still here now is because I want make money, both long term and short term. I also want to learn about this new technology, even though it often feels very hard to grasp. I figure I still have a pretty huge head start on the majority of the world though.
I have also read a lot in the last two years or so that has made me question the future of our society and monetary system. Too much power is in the hands of too few people, who have no other interest than even more power for themselves. Maybe a decentralized system could give at least some freedom back to the people, that’s what I’m hoping for anyway.
Even though economics has never interested me when I was younger, with crypto being so volatile it instantly got a lot more interesting. It’s like Nascar economics or something. Anything can happen at any moment, and you don’t have to wait forever to see changes.

Lastly, on the topic of women in trading:
It’s no mystery that males dominate risky jobs and hobbies, very few women have high amounts of testosterone, one of the main reasons for men’s ambition and fearlessness. When given the choice most women would rather work with people than computers were money not a concern, so I don’t buy the sexism BS touted by the media. Forcing women into jobs they don’t want doesn’t help anyone.
The few females who actually are interested and make it on their own are usually the best of the best. Remember, nobody is questioning why there aren’t more male nurses, yet we’re supposed to be outraged that there’s aren’t 50% female bosses. It’s not about equality, it’s about power.


I really do believe in the cryptospace, and how it’ll empower more individuals throughout the world. It excites me to see how it will disrupt conventional social, political, and economic paradigms.

Heck, I’m willing to put money on it! :wink:


I started this with 2 main goals.

  1. To learn about the crypospace. I was fascinated when it made the 20k jump!
  2. To help me in any way relieve my family and I from the financial debt of college loans. While we already contribute to 401k’s, Savings accounts feel like money is getting stale and direct investment into the stock market (via robinhood or charles schwab) feels difficult and dated as a source of financial gain. Not to mention how frightened my generation is to get involved with wall street after 2008.

Long term involvement is definitely the “game” I’m aiming to play here :slight_smile:


I’m doing this so I don’t have to spend the rest of my life working on construction projects in -6 weather conditions. My aim is to learn, hodl and build a decent portfolio over the next 10 years. Then it’s South Devon and ski seasons in the alps. :grin:


Why am I here!

I believe to have a diversified investment portfolio is essential to survive in today’s environment. If one segment fails, you need to have assets and investments in other segments as a hedge against an uncertain future. Gold, silver, real estate, stocks, bonds, crypto, guns & ammo (:wink:) , etc., all are essential in my opinion.

At first, I wanted to only invest in the tangible, but the more I realize if I want to hedge against inflation, an volatile political atmosphere, a social endemic LOL, I needed to have a piece of the pie. I need to make sure that I wasn’t behind the time, missing out, or was left behind due to my ignorance and lack of knowledge as most individuals are.

Is crypto a gamble, yes it is, but its not a big gamble as it was last year, or the year before, I’m not rich because I wouldn’t take the risk, I waited to see how the public reacted, how governments reacted, and now with certainty and conviction, i know crypto and blockchain has it’s place in this world and won’t be sidelined by the big dogs.


the why that I’m here. well that’s easy. I’m here fore 2 reasons. One is that I’m starting my business Dream Maker Customs. I’m trying to get the funds to get it all started. and I’ve got my wife and my brother helping. with investments and now we are building our first mining rig experiment. then second is to help support my family for the long term even if the government fails us I want to ensure my families future.


I love challenges. I’m stuck at a 9-5 job and cryptos brings me closer to friends and helps me network. I’m ready to blast off to the moon!


I am in this for the long run. I want to continue to live that crypto lifestyle forever.
Why? This is the biggest chance for me in history to build a financialy free life a life that is decided by only me and to see that world changing technology develop.

It’s a long way to the moon but if we stay focused we will get there!!!


Did not realize men constituted 95% of crypto trading. I knew it was lopsided but that is surprising. Being mostly a HODLer I tend to stay away from risky investments and I always do my homework in everything I invest in. Hopefully the long game will be very rewarding.:chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket::palm_tree:.


I’m here for Financial Security, Financial Independence, and FINANCIAL FREEDOM!
I lost faith in banks and the old system years ago. After 2008 I liquidated my retirement account and partied and skiied for a year because- fuck it - the system was flawed, might as well max out and enjoy myself.
The second time I learned about Bitcoin and saw why it was a technology and more than just digital nerd money… I was hooked. I regained hope for the future.
Here for the long run now, Pandoras box has been opened and it will not be closed again!


Omg Peter talking about WHY and golden circle, wow, amazing. I love Simon’s book too. My why is to simply get my life back. Yesterday I was setting up my volunteering work in 2 big crypto farms where I will go next month to learn stuff. I want my life back, and no one will stop me.


The answer hasn’t changed since I began this program. I’m here for my daughter, and she is the one that motivates me to do better every day! Crypto is not a game for me; crypto has now become a way of life. Read white papers, study charts, focus, and Win. That’s my deal.


My why initially started with a goal to pay off the house. When I got there, I couldn’t sell. Perhaps greed, taking myself outta of the crypto game or the thought of having to pay a shit ton of taxes :grin: I’m tempted but it’s still so early so I hold.