#B90X - DAY 36 - The Odds Are Against You!



yea this is a trend i see with all traders lol. the market will weed them out lol. crypto all the way. to the moon for the long term.


It is the nickel and diming that kills newbies. I found that out a long time ago.

If you do set goals (as mentioned throughout), you’ll minimize your losses and win huge if you HODL when the market ramps up!


In the game since December last year.
Went through all phases already, being in Crypto it just passes by so quickly and you think you are in it for years not months. Made one or two emotional trades.
I became focused very fast.
When the sea turned red I bought and bought and I will stay the course to success and financial freedom.


Crypto markets like exchanges are against me and that is worth remaining every day. B90X program is so important.


Meta Gnawledge! Trading Algorithm upgraded


If markets need a fresh supply of losers, they are out of luck with this community… We are becoming the sharks of crypto! Thank you Peter!


The long hodl wins! Invest in tech!


@peter how long hodl? 5 years, a certain level?


Hodl that thang! We may need a vid on how to cash out a milly safely yoooooooooooo :money_mouth_face:


You say cash out as in you’ll want to trade that Bitcoin for fiat… But what if you never have to cash out because all the fiatsters want those Bits cause the dollas aren’t worth shit!


I’m praying for the day lol


B90X :heart:
#HODL #Life


Great way to turn things around. Most people would have been like F*ck me sideways! I’m out!
We need more positive people like you in the crypto world!

What I do, I remember the deep pain that I first felt when I lost big in some of my early trades and tell myself, I never ever want to feel like this again. What do I have to do in order to achieve that…

Thanks for sharing!


Repetitive lessons is by design. Basics, basics, basics. :sunglasses: Hodling is an art. Well more like a psychological war.


What a way to create self-awareness Peter by pre-documenting our roadmap prior to traveling and thus avoiding FOMO/FUD and giving away our hard-earned dollars to trained “house dealers”. Thank you!


B90X – shifting the odds from “the House wins” to “the patreons win” (us). Thanks to Peter and our community of ideas.

DAY 36 - Odds are there is cheddar in our future :rocket::first_quarter_moon::full_moon::waning_gibbous_moon:


I’m stumbling here.
I get setting goals before you trade, but setting those goals is kind of a mystery to me.
Do you set goals to a dollar figure for the single trade, or a percentage.
Using limit orders and specified prices makes sense to me, but how do I come up with the specific price? What are some guidelines for this?
Please help. Being new to trading has me unsure.


We’re coming to the moment when Bitcoin and just few other valuable Coins and projects will explode.

The best advice I can give as Noob as well is to HOLD those Coins.

You sell, you have a profit, but you don’t have those coins anymore, unless you track them specific. I personally made a massive mistakes and I don’t want you to make them.



I understand. The cork is about to come out of the bottle mid-August.
As far as trading, I am limiting myself to $100. It’s not much, but it is enough for me to cut my teeth on. All other moneys are HODL.
As far as the trading, my limit is my limit. Since the post above I have set up my goals and rules for my personal logical trading system. I’m following the guidance of the B90X, and keeping things small on trading.
If I loose the $100, I’ll be sad but its not my bread money.


The market is just like Vegas…the house is set up to win!