#B90X - DAY 37 - 6 Behavior Patterns of Successful Investors



The goal of a good trader, paradoxically, is not to make money!

  • The goal is to trade/invest well.
  • If you trade right, money follows almost as an afterthought

Behavior Patterns Continue… either Good or Bad:

  • Accident-prone drivers keep destroying their cars

  • Self-destructive traders keep destroying their accounts

  • Markets offer unliminted opportunities for self-sabotage

Good traders:
1 - Hardworking and shrewd
2 - Open to new ideas
3 - Keep honing their skills
4 - Continue to reach their own personal best is more important than money
5 - Are at peace with themselves. They are self aware!
6 - Realists - He knows his abilities and limitations - He is able to see what is happening in the markets and knows how to react to them. He is a man of experience. He analyzes the markets without cutting corners, observes his own reactions, and makes realistic plans. A professional investor/trader cannot afford illusions!

  • IN TODAYS B90X - Comment in TheBitcoin.Pub thread about your good or bad behavior patterns that you’ve documented or noticed! Out of these 6 behavior patterns, which ones are you great at? Which ones are you lacking? Let us know! We’d love to help out!!!

#B90X - Full Trading, Market, and Personal Psychology 10 Part Series

1- I want to call myself hardworking but I think I need to work harder. Not only for trading but every aspect of my life :slight_smile:
2 - I am open to new ideas. I thought daily trading or getting in/out of the market would make me money.
Also I was only thinking of investing in BTC…
But then I found the HODL spreadsheet. The results were so amaze!!
I started investing in OMG, BTC and LTC :slight_smile:
3- I like learning new skills but sometimes it can really be overwhelming. I would like some help here…
For example, when you are learning a new technical paradigm, it can be really hard… How do you guys tackle this? What do you do to speed up the process?
4- I am pretty bad at this too… I think money is more important however, after this video - I started questioning this & realised health and personal freedom is more important… You can make 2 million dollars a year but if you are not enjoying and living the life you want, what good is that amount of money? If you have stressful life 24/7, no thanks!
5- There is a saying: “When you rush things, the devil gets in the way” :slight_smile:
I think I am usually calm when doing things and self aware.
I (usually) do not let my emotions to take over.
6- I know my limitations but I believe I can pretty much do anything in the world :slight_smile: . Especially now, the knowledge is accessible via the net 24/7. If you want to achieve something, you can quickly research and accomplish it! It all really comes down to “procrastination”.
I do procrastinate a lot & this is my biggest limitation… I wish I didn’t procrastinate much so that I can achieve more in life…


Awesome responses man! Greatly appreciate you taking the time! Writing down your goals is a first step to achieving them!


Don’t wake up in the middle of the night, jet lagged, and panic sell BTC, yooooo! It will bounce right back! Hehehe. At least I set myself up to buy some other coins when they are low over the weekend, but BTC is still the grand daddy. I need to do some analysis on TradingView.com this evening to find some good entry points for this next week, gotta review some B90X first though. Yes, emotional intelligence is so crucial, along with that technical analysis. Thank you!


I keep my BTC long and far away! :cowboy_hat_face: Until one has a least 1 BTC - I would recommend not buying anything! IMHO That said I know have 2 students of crypto who are on the 80/20 Track.

Till the Moon Goal - they buy 80% BTC & 20% LTC. I could not, nor I would not - Talk them out of it! :tada: :balloon:

There is NO - Panic sell with this ‘small group’ they understand the concept of “Ride it Down to Zero”.

Note: They do not invest :bread: Money. They are well educated in the Markets (Previously) :cowboy_hat_face:

BTC is the ultimate Game Theroy of HODL! :doge:


If you are not happy, you are not living, period! Good for you @goodoldfiat for realizing this. You are on your way to a better place! See you there!


I am a chronic FOMO-er. I can’t stop myself and I have the means to do it quickly so it is too easy of a decision…but I Always Lose…bummer. I need to go to FOMO Anonymous and accept my fate and become a habitual HODLer. That is my ticket for sure!



Funny :clown_face: … But 9/10 I win! (There is that Bad purchase of Chaincoin when I thought it dipped it’s lowest) :doge: …Though I think someone will come in and develop that project: 2 Year Goal. Little spent. :cowboy_hat_face:

@SpeediMike I suggest more “Research” and less button Clicks! (just me)

Regardless - You will be OK in the next 6 months, just adjust your sails and find 4-5 Coins. Set it & forget it! :wink:


@Hexdek16 you are my idol one day I will be thrilled with 5/10 and then 8/10. You are correct with your advice. Thank you sir! See you on Da M00N!

:rocket: :rocket:


Hi, CryptoNation

About the hardworking, I’m a truly hard-worker, but I don’t know is it good, or bad. Because whenever I got 90% in my work I lose in something else. I think we need to be hard-worker in all aspects, of our life, not only in work) What do you think?
I’m lack of the discipline. Previously I was poor and now I have achieved some of my goals - it made me relaxed. Trying to get disciplined as I can) Discipline is everything. Also, I need to in a peace with myself. It would help me to become rational in crypto, but not emotional.

Best regards,
Roman Hapatyn


Use the MACD and RSI that Peter taught us. Buy red, more than green. Check out LTC, OMG, and BCH this upcoming week. RSI and MACD are indicating a turn around soon, if I am understanding them correctly.


Yes. Keep experimenting with it. Very very powerful!!!


Yes, sir! Any other indicator advice for today? I’m weary of the tool becoming obsolete as you discussed today in you B90X Guru video, but they still seem solid and relevant statistically. I think BCH will continue to dive, though. I’m about to research which coin I need to hold for the upcoming fork, BTC and/or BCH.


PS. XMR and DASH may be turning around in the next week or so too.


Macd and rsi have always been strong. Also take a look at fibonacci if you’d like a challenge. I don’t use it. I think it’s overly complex for most.


Yes, ever notice how the MACD are orange and blue by default :wink: hehehe. Okay, thanks for the challenge with fibonacci, good point. Happy Sunday from Brussels, the Cryptonation is on the move! :smiley:


We always blowing up! Spread the word!:rocket:


Yes, sir!

Ever check out MACD on ZCash? Its really different in how relatively level it is. I guess that can be explained by the design of its technology.

I just went through all of my favorite coins with those tools and I feel so set for the next week. Just HODLing my BTC for now :slight_smile:

Thanks again, good sir!


Thanks @FloridaWater. Used it all today and didn’t quite get the bottom but much better than normal and most of all I felt comfortable! Thanks gang!


Yes, sir, thanks to @peter . Definitely a game changer! :grin: