#B90X - DAY 37 - 6 Behavior Patterns of Successful Investors



Well I think I have an abundance of good behaviour patterns, I have been actively critiquing and improving my life for years now. It’s my passion, no matter what new skill set I am learning or what I wish to apply myself to. iKaizen. Constantly exposing myself to new ideas and new topics to study. I have Perseverance and Self Discipline tattooed on me and have been pursuing Self Mastery like a rocket trying to break the stratosphere without its rocket boosters fully built yet.
Uhhh here’s my problem though… I don’t DCA.
When I do something… I really do it. No fuckin around. Balls deep.
Unfortunately this also translates to buying too much at one time and not always getting those prime buy prices.
Need mo Discipline.


So much important. I’m sick and tired of my behaviour patterns. I need to stop trading based on emotions. That’s my problem.


I’m a resilient person, and because of that resilience, I’m still alive today. I continue to be resilient when it comes to an understanding of what is in front of me. This behavior has helped me with my gains. If I don’t understand something, I continue to smash until I do. If I don’t understand the project, then I cannot invest in it. Now DCA… I DCA but do not write anything down, sooooo I guess I don’t? That shows that I still lack discipline and I need to fix it.


I’m great at working hard, being open minded, cont. honing skills,100% peaceful spirit and realist.
Clear to partly cloudy on reaching my personal best as I have some gas left in the tank at the end of each day. :slight_smile: I’m working on it and making realistic plans and sticking to them. I often feel when it’s time to execute greed or market being still so new sets in. :wink:


my No1 STRONG point is PROCEDURE
I love to follow procedure. to make it better etc. Kaizen style has sunk into my blood system through so many years working in the Automotive industry.

my N01 WEAK point is over agressivity. I know i have too much anger in me. Thanks god i am able to get rid of the excess of it through my daily sport routine.


So in my 3 months of being in crypto(pre-pub), I noticed that in the beginning, I was too emotional. Even though I did all the research I could and read whitepapers, interviews, watch streams, you name it but at the end of the day, after making that investment, I wasn’t calm or sure of my moves. Thoughts of doubt would come over and over throughout the day and sometimes even in dreams! especially if I was reading the news and a FOMO news came out for some new coin with a never seen new tech for example, “I would say to myself, dang, did I really put my money in the best project? Will this be successful over other similar projects? maybe I should do MORE research…” these are the voices that make you tinker and always have that shadow of doubt behind you, lurking… Thank God, this was before I knew the pub.
To be honest, with all the youtube crypto personalities out there shilling projects and FOMO news after FOMO news, it is the wild wild west out there, if you don’t know where to start from or don’t have a guide, it is so easy to get mixed in the chaos and eventually, you will lose money and worse, you could leave the crypto world with resentments and just become a sour person.

Now, some good behaviors I have developed since joining the pub, let’s see… I just gonna name some that I can think of:

  • Less emotions involved and more technical analysis.
  • Use tradingview and all of its available tools :pray:
  • Got better at eliminating waste but still needs a lot of improvement.(Key trait that all successful people have).
  • Have become more discipline when it comes to investing and letting things or ideas simmer for longer to further develop it.
  • Getting to know myself better, exploring things like what are my fears, greed, goals and how to better manage my emotions, especially in times of turbulence or lows.

Just wanted to share my usual rant with ya’ll.
Bitcoin Pub :heart:


1 - Hardworking and shrewd

I consider myself hardworking but of course could be working harder and more productively.

2 - Open to new ideas

I like learning both sides of an argument and like to factor in different possibilities but once make a decision I stick with it.

3 - Keep honing their skills

Everyday I like to hone my skills in some sort of way. I want to be able to control my own thoughts through auto suggestion and not suggestion from environment. I am proud of my discipline of listening to the same 3 audiobooks every week since beginning of the year and have been writing everyday of these B90X statements and my answers. Also still consistent with doing B90X everyday. I am lacking in reading I read 1 book this month I want to bump that up to 2 books a month. Working out has been 3 times a week that will need to increase too. None the less still chip chip chipping away at growing my disciplines.

4 - Continue to reach their own personal best is more important than money

This is an important goal to me and the motivation to do a good job at my work. A job I don’t want to have for to long. Listening to audiobooks and gaining knowledge while working is something I’m grateful for and something I like to take advantage of to hone my skills.

5 - Are at peace with themselves. They are self aware!

This is something I am still working on. Once I control my subconscious I’ll consider myself at peace.

6 - Realists - He knows his abilities and limitations - He is able to see what is happening in the markets and knows how to react to them. He is a man of experience. He analyzes the markets without cutting corners, observes his own reactions, and makes realistic plans. A professional investor/trader cannot afford illusions!

No matter how the market moves still will DCA every week. I like to look at charts daily to use the things learned earlier in the B90X program and seeing how my predictions turn out. I cannot predict how this unpredictable market will move.

  1. Bust Ass
  2. Eyes Wide Open
  3. Kaizen!
  4. Become the Master
  5. I am who I am… and loving it!
  6. Veni, Vidi, Vinci


1 - Hardworking and shrewd - i work hard when im at work but i get a little lazy when im at home i could use that time more to learn and researching new investments, coding and other things to get better in the crypto space… i havn’t started time boxing myself yet still working on that part

2 - Open to new ideas - Yes i do listen other peoples opinions and ideas and it helps to educate myself and change my perception of what i didn’t see before or they may have different views than mine i still respect them but i do stand firm at times and reject their ideas

3 - Keep honing their skills - Yes i always want to get better and be the best at everything that i do i resonate this pretty well at my full time job im competitive but i do find my self in giving in to keep progressing when i come to a wall that’s abit too high for my ability but not giving up purse when i dont find myself progressing any further such as sports or calculus in college that shit was too hard and went over my head.
but im determined as i am i my full time job to be successful at trading and investing too

4 - Continue to reach their own personal best is more important than money - Yes money has never been a priority at work i chose for a lesser paying job to do what i loved more and learn new things to improve myself in the long term than to take a brain dead position and earn more right now
right now my mentality has change since starting the B90X and im more interested in whats new what does this token do how am i able to use it or make a passive income from it instead of looking what the charts is doing

5 - Are at peace with themselves. They are self aware! - Yes and No if i was diagnose to die soon i wouldn’t be upset iv done everything i wanted to do in life already do i wish i have done some stuff different in the pass sure but you cant change that


I’m definitely struggling with patience. Every time I gain some money outside of my DCA budget, I throw it into crypto. I’ve been taking advantage of this down market over the last month and can’t wait to see BTC get back up to $9k. This is the level where most of my Alts are set to be sold. I’m eagerly looking forward to my first mini-moon-goals. I know they’re coming, but I want to see how my first strategic investment plan works so I can learn, modify, and reinvest. I’m also having trouble doing b90x 1 day at a time. I’m worried about missing out on some information that I may need when it comes time to sell, so I’m doing multiple lessons per day. I can’t wait to finish this course, so I can see what goes on in the patreon area. I appreciate everything I’ve learned so far, and will keep on trucking :sunglasses:


1 - Hardworking and shrewd
– Yes and working on shrewdness each day in B90X
2 - Open to new ideas
– yes, cryptos, stock options, real estate repairs, start own businesses, teach classes
3 - Keep honing their skills

  • honing thru self-assessment, feedback, school of hard knocks. Need to be more efficient here.
    4 - Continue to reach their own personal best is more important than money
  • still focused 50-50 between money and personal best, but getting better
    5 - Are at peace with themselves. They are self aware!
    -enjoying the journey, I’ll get there eventually
    6 - Realists
  • operating within my abilities and limitations. I am recovering from some deep wounds as a result of my bull market entry 2017-2018. B90X has taught me wisdom, patience, and shrewdness

DAY 37 – Walk,:footprints: run,:running_man: waddle :duck: or HODL :bch::doge::litecoin::cardano::eth:….make your own decisions