I have been busy busy busy lately and have had to take a little break from B90X to stay on top of my college assignments, exams, appointments and all that fun stuff, but I have still been staying aware of the markets/guarding my investment, but also taking a step back and letting it ride – and it’s pretty much coastin’ these last two weeks… Anyways, I don’t have any market guru I subscribe to, other then getting my info from DecentralizedTV and the Bitcoin Pub. I like to keep a keen ear for news but I also like to fly solo. Like was said in this day’s lecture, the best way to learn techniques is to observe an example you approve of and try it on your own, once you get the hang of a technique on your own you can maybe even improve upon it, and that can be rewarding in itself.


I’ve probably been looking up less crypto people than I should so I’ve not really been in contact with people trying to sell me their tips and tricks that much. Right at the start of my crypto journey I think I came across two magic method gurus however. They both had a webinar of 1-1½ hours where they didn’t do much other than explain how much money they had made with their predictions in the past, showed some fancy graphs of said predictions, and then asked for an exorbitant amount of money to join their inner circle and receive all their investment tips. The first guy was a lot more professional about it, and after the webinar I found myself thinking that it sounded like he knew what he was talking about, and it was probably a pretty good investment. The second guy’s webinar was rushed and could’ve been cut down to 2 minutes, 1 minute of “Here’s the money I’ve made so far, I am great at finding investment opportunities”, and 1 minute of “Give me your money, please go here to fill out your credit card details”.

The price for their investment tips were $3000 for one year for the first guy, and $2000 for the second. I’ve located their monthly newsletters since watching the webinars, and there’s always a massive pump the second it goes out, so I’m sure the guy behind it is making a killing. I followed the two greatest tips of the newsletter that came out at the time of the webinar (without paying for it), and made 3x and 10x my money, so it was still a good thing I found out about them, even though it could just as easily gone the other way.


has anyone heard of John Omar? I believe he’s charging $500 for a day trading course- he says he’s able to sustain his entire lifestyle by day trading. I haven’t bought his course but was just wondering if anyone else did and if so, what their impressions of it were.


This is definitely something those new to crypto need to hear. There are so many loud people in crypto on twitter, youtube, everywhere.

I couldn’t help but think about our buds over at Bitconnect during this video. Specifically some of the youtube shills. Crytonick had some bogus class he did with some over guy that you had to pay to see. Unreal.


Thanks Peter! I’m currently a Tim skye’s millionaire challenge student. Spent alot of money for his dvds and webinars and access to his chat and personal comms. His teaching is pretty good, I feel like I’m learning alot of market techniques and his cynicism of the market and it’s manipulation by those of influence (market makers, big investors, etc.) that I’m gaining an appreciation and understanding how little a fish I am in this big pond. As such, I should approach it that way! Bite size crumbs is what I’m after. A lot of his students don’t follow his teachings and instead just try to follow his trades and end up riding his coat tails. I don’t follow his trades, but instead try to understand why he made those trades. Adaptability to an ever changing market needs an open-minded approach! You’re absolutely right, it may work one day, but you need to be able to adapt, segments change, patterns have a tendency to repeat themselves, SOMETIMES! But it’s up to me to time those changes and adapt! Guru’s can provide to tools for adaptation, but not a crystal ball! I will take what I can from all Guru’s and try to apply my own principles and develop my own strategies according to the way the market presents itself to me.


Not much experience with this one. I watched one Youtube video posted by a Australian chap showing how you can day trade crypto using golden cross. At the end of the video he advised everyone to start following Peter at the bitecoinpub, and here I am.
I got lucky


Well the guru i listen to is Andreas Atonopoulus. he is the only one I’ve found. Because he has so much info to give. that is what I’m looking for is good info. I don’t care so much about the money but knowledge is priceless. so a guru to me will slap some knowledge on me. Not a price prediction down the yellow brick road to the moon. there are a lot of ppl giving info that is very helpful. those ppl I like and take notes down so I can fact check them my self. there is no crystal ball so good info is the only way to stay a head.


well i can say that i didn’t really get sucked into guru’s cycles,just because i always look at more resources and opinion but in this market i can say that i get influenced so easily because i don’t have a strong knowledge so that’s why i am eating crypto information for breakfast,and that’s why i m here in the pub!!


Gurus? lol

Nobody knows solid facts and half the data and analytics’ they present seem to be way off the next day or two because how crazy the market is.

If you stick to the core principals, you can become your own guru!


The closest thing to a “guru” I’ve connected with would be no other than Peter Saddington himself. It’s been a fun journey so far and I can really say I trust in most of what you teach. Looking forward to what this year has to offer and also the start of Yen.io :rocket:


I tend to follow EVERYONE I think might have a shred of info that I can dissect and extract some useful data from and therefore make my own decisions and get behind projects I get the tingles for.
I have found a few really successful day trading groups from guys that live in Panama for free and they offer all their knowledge for free, I really enjoy the group mentality of research and inform together, find data and spot trends that connect to all markets and how global movements may affect the crypto market in general. These guys have plenty of money and just wish to help others, just like Petah! I really value that. I also really value Andreas Antonopoulus’ ability to teach and convey knowledge. I also love Tone Vays’ objectivity even though many tend to just hate him because all they ever see is parabolic moonshots rather than market cycles.
Before I found my current Mentors, I’ll shamefully admit that back in the day I almost bought the Crypto Oracle’s stupid 270$/month trading group after he showed the previous months spreadsheet of their successful swing trading movements. Thought that might be my easy ticket to money. But, thankfully I didnt do it, decided to think for myself and just listen to people that were much smarter than me and eventually decided that if I was going to give money to anyone in the crypto space, it was going to be the Crypto Nation and Petah!


I used to research a lot and fall down to fomo all the time but then I finally found it Peter and He was the first one who told me “do your own research”. Now on I follow just Peter and trying get more on crypto Lark as well.


This one comes with a 30k dollar Market Cycle stinger, BITCONNNNNEEEEECCCCCCTTTTTTTTTTT! I had a wise man warn over some good Korean BBQ but my greed wouldn’t let me pull out. Lessons learned, super great fun for the good fella who warned me though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Crypto Coin News on YouTube when I entered the space. Really bad advice and blind followers. I exited that channel two days after joining.


I try to get as much information from different sources to make my decisions because a lot of the times you can’t take things at face value cause everyone’s got an agenda. May it be for good or bad, big or small but still everyone’s got one. Especially some youtube personalities that get paid to shill coins or if they hold a big bag, they are going to shill that coin.
Not trying to criticise or anything but it is the reality. That is why, I tried to live that DYOR life. Try to get as much information from different sources and the pub, then I make that move. So far so good.

Wanted to give a big shout out to all of the pub members :heart:!


From James Altucher newsletter
to finding Youtube vlog JR business, to ian balina to being recommended to listen to yourself Peter. I have learnt to continue learning, taking actions, making mistakes but more importantly making adjustments. Im enjoying the process of setting goals and achieving them and remaining disciplined for the long haul. We going to MOON!
Thanks for the knowledge and bitcoin pub i appreciate the platform.


You essentially are teaching us to continually learn from gurus, internalize the principles (not the process), and THINK for ourselves… learn to fish for ourselves. Thanks Peter!


I listened to Youtubers with a grain of salt just to get the basic principles of trading & general knowledge. Was some good info from DataDash mainly with trading and was getting coin reviews from David Hay. Both gave good knowledge. Was watching alot of Youtubers on trading when first got in don’t remember them now lol. However my previous failures taught me a key principle of a #1 rule of who do you listen to didn’t find any Youtubers as people to emulate until came across DCTV. I do listen to dead gurus though OGs that accomplished things they talk about in books they write before they write it.


at the beginning i followed a few youtubers and friends recommended people to follow on other social media i made money at the start from November onward’s but when things started to get rocky some of the youtubers stop making videos then i notice they were failing but guys like Peter still kept on putting out awesome content i wish i had found the pub alot sooner and the b90x but youre never too late

i also follow a discord with a few friends from school and now even that discord is dead with chatter at the start everyone was a technical analysis expert shilling the best coins to make 10X 100X but i shyed away from believing in stuff if i don’t understand what the hell they’re drawing on the charts but i have been suckered in a few fomos too but being nearly halfway through this i can feel my attitude is changing and im no where near from quitting yet :muscle:


I chased all the gurus when dealing in real estate and stocks. I bought some of their stuff but try to glean as much as I can from their free info.

By the time I got into cryptos I was wiser to the guru methods. I came across Teeka Tiwari and James Altucher and Tim Draper. They provided some info when I first started but they were schilling other things and are not 100% cryptonauts.

If it hadn’t been for B90X showing the correct way to get involved in the crypto nation, hard telling how many $$$ I’d be shelling out for some lame advice.

DAY 39 – Thank You Doge Lord……HODL on! :doge::bch: