I did purchase the Crypto Master Course from the Palm Beach Research Group. $49. There was upsell after upsell, but in my mind if the $49 did not produce, why go farther.
I will say, the $49 was money well spent. Though most of the information I could have gotten on TheBitcoin.pub. But that is beside the point.
Do not know what what type of Guru Teeka Tiwari (the guy sponsoring the course) is, but what happened is, I got hungry for information and started looking deeper. Went to Youtube and started digging. Sorted through a bunch of yahoos on Youtube, Then I ran into this guy, just reading news reports, and adding commentary. I could tell by the way he communicated there was something special. I also liked the fact that there was a gun on his desk. So I followed @peter to TheBitcoin.pub. I found what I was looking for and then some. Thankyou.


When I started investing or learning how and what to do there were a lot of Market Cycle Gurus that supposedly had the magic touch. All you hear from them now in this down market is crickets! But, I’m sure when the market turns back up they will be back on their soap box.


Only guru really got hooked on was Peter and DCTV with seeing the LTC year DCA experiment safest bet :ok_hand: well if project is reviewed.


I find that Guru @peter has made me push myself to new personal bests. And I know that those will be topped again and again in the future. This is going to be a great and wild ride.

I’m not looking for any quick $, but I am willing to grind for the big gains in life that I know are coming.


I like to use gurus to increase my knowledge base, there are a few whom I’ve fact checked and their accuracy rate is high enough that I stick around, Max Keiser for one. I consider the Dogelord more of a builder and news broadcaster than a guru and I stick with him cause I believe in his grind and enjoy his commentary. There are very few gurus where one could stop verifying their facts, even verify the trusted ones from time to time.


The Gurus that I listen to are generally flexible in there theories, meaning that they don’t live or die by there theories they are open to discuss ideas and changing their minds. Data Dash, Nuggets News, Crypto Bobby, Keith Wareing are all open to varying degrees, but their belief in crypto is pretty solid.