#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



Welcome back friends, the journey continues.

Who inspires you?
Give us some context. Why do they inspire you? Who are they? What have they achieved?

Let us know in the thread below!
Help us learn and grow!


Hey Community,
At first I must say YOU peter gives me nice inspiration and motivation… At first I thought man, what a crazy guy… but after a short while I’ve got more background, and the Info you give us is so much deeper then i thought… So i think big inspiration by you.
Another youtuber and a big inspiration for me is DataDash
I like his analytical, deep research and sharing background for the community. Im realy looking for the long game, and I’m sure I will go for this journey with you guys - and as well with this nice community! WHY? Because I can learn alot… I think I can learn out of your mistakes, out of your experience…
I’m pretty sure that I will do my own mistakes - but I will share that with the community to prevent that mistake in a bigger picture. That´s another thing I learned from you guys.Sharing experiences, the good and the bad will keep us to the next level. And I’ve a good feeling that this is one of the best things in this community.its even a mental game … I seeing people freaking out now because of this short time drops - but you gave me another leason here… just stay relaxed, try to see the longer game - and I do, I feel good, relaxed and confident.

Thanks and see you,


My brother inspired me. He started a business from nothing.

Peter inspires me. His positive vibes and helping others really helps me stay focused

Ben Yu inspires me. Reading his experience with cryptocurrency convinced me to keep long term goals

What can you learn from them? Perseverance pays off. If you stay dedicated and keep pushing forward you can make anything happen. Lets do this and at the finish line we all can eat Korean BBQ!


It’s funny, you were actually wearing one of my big inspirations on mental fortitude on your shirt @peter , The Arnold himself. He has a amazing story and a way of talking that makes me feel that I can pull through.

I also have to mention that I have a lot of people that inspire me in different fields, @peter inspires and motivates every day to keep a cool head and a light hearted attitude towards this cryptoworld. I draw inspirations when it comes to martial arts from Rickson Gracie, Helio Gracie, Takamatsu Toshitsugu and Masaaki Hatsumi. I gather inspirations from Joe Rogan when it comes to conversations, Kim Jung Gi when it comes to illustrations, Bill Burr when it comes to comedy and observations.

There is alot of people I find inspiring and the list continues the more I think about it. I do not see any of them as Idols or ideals tho, just people who share their experiences in unique ways and shows what kind of positive outcomes that can become of action, hard work, discipline and vision.


The first person that comes to mind is Seth Godin. He helps me to stay focused on becoming a leader in the world to make it a better place, and that success will come after. His emphasis on showing up every day and focus on the drip, drip, drip to getting where I want to be helps me to stay on stay on track.

The second person is @john :wink:. He’s traveled a path that I am trying to go down on my own. Side projects and stuff. And more importantly doing it while not sacrificing family time (that I can tell).


My dad inspires me, he has accomplished many things. Raising a family, retiring from the military, chill cook off winner haha. He is wise and full of knowledge. We haven’t spoke about cryptocurrency because I just got in and want to gain more knowledge to present to him. I can’t wait because he will have a ton of questions and the conversation will be awesome. He inspires me to be a great person. Not with money and things, more to be rich in knowledge, kindness, patients and friendships.


there are almost too many people to mention that have inspired me… but most of them have a few behaviors that I try to emulate:

  1. consistent, daily deposits into focused areas
  2. these focused areas seem to include personal and professional
  3. at some point they all made intentional, explicit, and public commitments to these areas
  4. they have systems of accountability
  5. they never seem to stop learning, even if they are at the very top of their craft. they don’t mind sharing their failures, weaknesses, and setbacks
  6. they are ceaselessly curious
  7. they combine many disciplines into a new, unique one that they can call their own
  8. they have fairly unscripted and non-linear lifestyles
  9. they seek to help others before themselves
  10. they are never quite happy, yet, at the same time, confident and at peace with themselves

that’s the type of person i want to be.


appreciate that a lot @luke! it’s really great to see folks that I know around these parts!


This is a tough one for me. I’ve never thought, “I couldn’t”. As egotistical as that sounds, it’s not coming from that space. It probably originated with my grandfather telling me, “You can be anything you want to be. Do anything you want to do.” Somehow, even when flunking out of High School, I believed him. So I’ve always reached inside myself for inspiration, I guess. But of course, I have proven myself wrong and failed many times… … … … … … … … … … … MANY TIMES.

I don’t watch TV or follow any sports any more. No time for that. All the people I could describe as inspirational to me these days are all Internet based. And I’m not really sure inspirational is the right word. I have a lot of respect for, believe in, and learn from these and more. Bill Bonner, James Altucher, Tika Tawari and of course, Peter the Doge Lord.

What we can most learn from them I think, is just what Peter said in today’s video, the gap between you and those that inspire you is really really small. With that knowledge and belief, I think we can all reach within to find the inspiration we need.


Around two years ago, when I was starting to study fitness sciences, I have been inspired by two guys: Luis Villasenor and Menno Henselmans.

The first is the founder of Ketogains. He has a background in business administration, but he made a career change toward studying nutrition applied to bodybuilding and powerlifting. Before founding his website and his enormous Facebook group, he started a self-learning path that made him able to give a tangible contribute on several fitness-related subreddit pages, helping people achieving their goals and publishing useful material (like the first reliable TDEE calculator based on the Katch Mcardle formula).

The second is a data analyst that made a career change toward bodybuilding, becoming a published scientific author, founder of Bayesian Bodybuilding.

The field of nutrition, more than cryptocurrencies, is bombarded with FUD. These two people have inspired me because of the rational method that they use for achieving their fitness related goals, both with themselves and their clients. They do not trust the gurus. Every single choice that they make, be it related to program development or macro management, is based on the current evidence.

Remaining fascinated by their rational approach, I started to quantify everything that I do. By looking at quantified data and trends related to my behaviours, I can spot my mistakes, ending to optimise my daily life routines.

If I have a moment of crisis, I can always relate to my data and solve the problem by using a rational approach.

What can we learn from them? As the informed nutritionist checks on PubMed before making any statement, the informed crypto-investor can look at the trends and trust empirical data for driving his investments, rather than letting his decision to be influenced by some random news posted on the internet, published with the only intent to generate FOMO.

In the end, this is the model that I learned from the guys mentioned above:

-Learn from those who have more experience in the field of interest.
-Deliberate practice with discipline.
-Keep track of your practice and identify your mistakes by looking at quantifiable data.

I see in Peter, The Dogelord, the same qualities that I have described in this post, applied to the realm of crypto currencies and investments. Therefore, I am feeling inspired.

I am glad that I have been able to find this forum. I shall learn so much.


Tupac Shakur and his social movement through music.

Never lied to himself about what he wanted and went out there and got it one way or another, despite the dangers involved. Worked whenever he had free time; so much so that there are songs/albums still unreleased since his death.

If I could apply that work ethic and thought process Tupac had, the future is ours.


Who inspires me?

My parents, my partner, Ben Drew (plan B) and Jonas Salk.

-My parents inspire me because they have sacrificed so much for me through my life. My mother was subject to a vile human being, who would not even constitute as a sperm donor, but was a mere fertiliser to a seed. She was mistreated through the educational system, diagnosed with epilepsy, which back then, was perceived as a mental disorder, and as such, was deprived of an education, a right to free thinking and most importantly, deprived of encouragement and kind heartiness. My mother has battled through so much, spending many years working 3 jobs, cleaning, to keep my and my sister safe, put food on the table, and eat only the scraps that were left behind. She gradually over time created her own self-worth, her own financial stability and most importantly, the demand and diplomacy in being respected. She gave up her life to care for my grand parents, and watched them gradually die through illness. She did this with my FATHER, technically speaking my ‘Step-dad’, but a man who met my mother when i was three years old, and from that day he has never left us, always put himself last, and me, my sister and my mother first. He took on a lot of complexities, and dedicated himself to his new found family, as well as his. Combined, both my parents have always told me of the great things I have achieved; the great things I will achieve; but most importantly, they have given up their lives FOR ME. Now is the time I do the same back, now is the time I project their behaviours that have led to selfless actions to benefit me and my sister in exponential proportions.

My dear partner, of 6 years - Boooooy do I love this girl so much guys!!! She saved me! She saved me from an abyss that I put myself in through stupid actions, but one that should never of existed but did due to my negligent choices disregarding the framework my parents created. She is my daily motivator (just two days ago she went out and purchased a white board, thought board, pens and paper, to encourage this journey I am on). She watches the videos, forecasts, technical analysis, self-motivational videos with such a big smile on her face. She lost her beautiful dear Mother to Cancer when she was 14. I hate that I can not take her pain away, but I have been set on a path to care for her, love her, nurture her and create a family with her, as sent from her Mother, so i can not NOT, AND WILL NOT ACCEPT FAILure! I might FAIL, but I will not allow the -ure, FAILure, to be a part of the plan. 9,000 failures for 1 success!

Ben Drew - Plan B - Music Artist. To keep it short; he used his wealth and exposure to benefit deprived and impoverished children and adults from poor socioeconomic status by raising awareness, challenging the system, and telling everyone that WE ARE BEAUTIFUL AND CAPABLE OF SO MUCH!

Jonas Salk - Discovered a vaccine for POLIO, and priced it at an astonishing value of £0.00, with no patent, but ownership to the PEOPLE. Come on guys, this man gave away years of dedication and heart ache to not gain once single bit of money, but guess what he gained, GLOBAL recognition that surpasses any value of money, through selfless actions and giving ownership to US.


It is simple, and consolidate in three words:

Through selfless actions.


My Father, who always beautifully kind to everyone and who puts so much care into his work. He always wants to take care of people and do the best work he can. He is incredibly talented at his craft that he has been doing for over 30 years. Also…DO NOT try to take advantage of his kindness. He will take to the cleaners haha! Daddy ain’t no fool!

I don’t have many other people in mind for specific reasons. My family and friends all inspire me because they are wonderful people who support me and keep me smiling! I am reminded by them that community, connection and kindness are incredibly valuable and I think that sentiment related very nicely to what we are doing here at DA PUB. We’re building a network and raising each other up…not trying to tear each other down…because if you win - I win!

Another trait I find really admirable is focus and enthusiasm. When you can see that someone is so driven and ready to work- I love it! It’s infectious. I hate to see people give up because they ‘too tired’ or they’re ‘it’s too hard’. I’m inspired who believe in themselves and who aren’t scared by how hard they’ll have to work or HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE (super important) and are mentally ready to keep fighting for it.

One of the quotes I use for inspiration is 'Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.'


Inspiration to me is someone who proves that patience and discipline can lead to great things.
My first inspiration was from my Mom. She taught me patience while my dad was anything but patient :laughing: . She educated me on the benefits of having patience in life and that with hard work goals can be accomplished. On the other hand my Dad showed me why patience is so important by showcasing his lack there of it. I remember going fishing and I was the only one catching fish because I had the patience to not constantly reel in the line. Just wait or HODL.


My Mum is my inspiration.

Reason being is she came to UK in late 70’s with my Father with nothing to her name and was relying on my Father’s income. She gave birth to me and my brother in the early 80’s and began to save the income from my Father’s job. She then managed to save enough to open up her own restaurant in the north of England, after a few years in the trade she managed to open up 3 more within the space of 10 years. The path my mother has sacrificed, lived, and taken is what is driving me forward in my own career and aspirations.

Thank you mum!


My late Dad is my inspiration.

He worked hard his whole life to make sure me, my brother and 2 sisters did not do without anything. He sacrificed all his time and money to make sure we were taken care of. Having a new 1 year old daughter makes me appreciate all he did and I want to be that same role model for my little girl.

And of course Peter! How can he not inspire you with his energy!


Conor mcgregor, RSD Max, you said it best Pete DISIPLINE! these are too disciplined mofos who speak of it a lot, I recently had the discipline epiphany and then I read the “war of art” amazing book! I no longer look for motivation instead I try and tackle resistance and teach myself disipline.


My dad - moved to Canada from Poland during the days of Communism where here started with zero, didn’t know English and worked himself up to the point of owning a successful house painting company. One of the hardest working men I know.

A friend’s dad / mentor - Gave me the ‘crazy’ idea that early retirement is a thing through disciplined investing and frugality. He retired at 32! Once you let go of ‘needing’ that toy for long enough you realize the majority of products are bullshit, to me, one of the most liberating feelings is never needing to worry about how to pay for something and that’s way better than any product out there.

A trader I can’t name as he likes his anonymity - The most brilliant person I’ve ever met, he designed a trading system that I use to this day in the markets and crypto world. He was so mechanical in his entry points, and detail oriented in market analysis… Never seen anyone do it like he did, doubt I ever will again.

When it comes to physical stuff, Arnie is the man… 'nuff said. Got to meet him once when he was filming The 6th Day in my neighborhood!

And I certainly can’t neglect to mention Peter and all of you wonderful people here. Everyone is just so POSITIVE, I love it and I hope that part of this community never changes.


The madness is real. Be vigilant my friend. It comes swiftly.
The doge of all doges is watching. He shall be proud my friend. Very proud.


Your commentary reminded me of something we have “Tacked Up” here in the kitchen. Had to share! :cowboy_hat_face: