#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



I am inspired by people who aren’t afraid to take a chance on themselves. Sometimes it is so easy to convince yourself that your current situation is “good enough” and are not brave enough to leave the comfort of contentment for a shot at happiness. I admire this about the younger generation. I’m 45 and most of my life taking what was given instead of taking a chance. Those of you who have left your safety net behind for a shot at real happiness have inspired me to ask “why not me?” Thank you all


Thank you Mr. Doge lord for doing all these helpful things for us.


Someone that has inspired me has been my mom. She is always seeking ways to be better and improve her knowledge. There are no obstacles that can limit her to her goals. Another individual that has inspired me has been Jim Rohn. Jim is brilliant with his ideas and just makes so much sense about everything in life from personal development to money. His vision of life and seeking better opportunities is unique. I wake up to his motivational videos every morning.


My family inspires me to be a better partner and father. I fuck up all the time but I do my best to learn from those mistakes.
My younger self inspires me. I was a lost individual with no real ambition dipping into and out of depression. Coupled with only self-esteem issues and self interest in was a lonely dark hole while keeping a pleasant natured, quiet facade. My younger self had to endure a lot, but I wouldn’t be the man that I am without him.
In recent years I’ve become very selective of the friends and work colleagues I spend time with. I make sure that they are people who are genuinely positive and encouraging. They inspire me to be a better friend/colleague which helps me succeed.


Elon Musk is my inspiration. I think he is one of the true visionaries of our time. Making his money with PayPal then risking his fortune to follow his dreams. He took half of his PayPal fortune invested it into SpaceX and Tesla with thoughts both projects might fail. They started failing and he made the choice to go all in. I feel it’s paying off immensely for him as well as everyone else. Making space more accessible, electric vehicles more than just wishful thinking, and promoting renewable energy.

We can learn to be driven. Stand behind our convictions. Maybe revolutionize the world in the process.

Got behind with the kids and my responses to the days.


Who inspires me? I don’t have to think too hard. It’s been always my mom and dad. We came to this country with not much. Mom and Dad work hard to put food on the table and put my sister and I through college. Sometimes I think how they did it. I now put on those shoes as father and as a husband and believe me is not always easy. I took it for granted for a few years not knowing what I know now. I’m so grateful of all the things they have done for us.
As of lately it has been Petaaah the dodgelord . Petaaaah you make my hands strong when there is temptation to let go. Thanks for all your positive input, experience and cense of humor. I look forward to embark in this journey with you and all of the cryptonation. Strong hands brahdah!!! :call_me_hand:t3:



You inspire me homie! Your positive vibes bro! I don’t know what you’ve achieved in life, but I can tell that it’s filled with so much joy. It’s not the exotic cars or the money, it’s your attitude bro, it’s contagious. The humor, it’s uplifting. I enjoy the live streams because I laugh my ass off most of the time because I get the humor and sarcasm even when you review an ICO or coin. Your devotion to the community. Look at the people in this community, you and John drew in these awesome folks. We got each others backs because we believe in what you and John are trying to accomplish. What are you trying to accomplish? Hell if I know, but I do know I want to be apart of it! Just keeping it real brother!


Man, glad you here. We enjoy having fun in this new world.
Stick around for a long time. We have yet to drop our biggest apps! :rocket:


Who inspires me? My parents inspire me to be resilient, my wife inspires me to be a better husband, my child inspires me to be a better dad. All of these people inspire me to be a better communicator, a better listener and last be not least to think responsibly.


My family inspires me first and foremost to try and be the best person I can. My daughter and GF are my world and I’m doing this to leave them a legacy for generations to come. They are the first thing that is on my mind in the morning and the last thing when I go to bed.

Second I mean cmon @peter, I wouldn’t be in the bitcoin pub if it wasn’t for you. Dude you are so inspiring when it comes to blockchain and crypto its infectious. Your energy and commitment is what is driving me and pushing me to reach new personal highs in my life and not just with blockchain and crypto. This B90X series is a great idea and the ability to get people mentally prepared is an awesome idea.

Lastly my parents. They worked hard to get to somewhere with nothing. They started small and dreamed big. They instilled hard work and values in me early on and I’m truly thankful for the inspiration they gave me when times got tough to keep working and pushing.


Let’s get it bigly. I gotchu fam. :rocket::rocket::rocket:


One person that greatly inspired me recently is Elon Musk. I’ve read a biography about him and listened to some of his speeches/talks and it’s amazing how simple he is and yet so driven and determined to succeed.

He inspired me because he has a dream and is working out of his way to achieve this dream - to make the human race an intergalactic race. It’s just as hard to dream big than to dream small… as much as his dream seems crazy, he isn’t too far from achieving it and it is all because of his determination and GRIT!

I believe that what we could learn from him is that you will have to make sacrifices to achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid of taking the next step, if you believe in yourself and your dream, do it. You are the only person who can really stop yourself.


My family !
2pac :slight_smile: he walked with his own legs— and he reached his goals.
you !
white Lambo


I have several role models right now

  1. Peter - very big discipline, ability to work to different things at the same time(youtube, coding, family, cars)
  2. Poker players:
    Isildur1 - not afraid to lose, battles with everyone, indifference to money
    Phil ivey - self education using only his own experience, ability to focus on his every action, strong mental game
  3. People from my circle
    Kirill - disciplined, able to switch from work to just having fun consistently
    Andrey - has several areas of his life figured, seems like he has time for everything whereas I don’t. I think discipline is the key here too.

To sum up there I too qualities that I need the most

  1. Discipline
  2. Ability to take more risk, dont fear losing but instead - learn from mistakes.


Someone that inspires me personally is Steve Jobs. As a lifelong student of technology, I have to admire the path that Jobs took to find his honey pot. Of course, we all know that Jobs had a vision to blend art with technology, and that each and every device Apple rolls out to its stores is met with masses of people stumbling mindlessly through mile long ‘no-cutsees’ red velvet rope-lined single file lines ready to post up (even camp out) for multiple days just to get their hands on them before you do- not unlike a hoard of zombies dragging their feet to absolutely nowhere…but seriously- the man was a fucking visionary! He started the most powerful company in the world… in his parents’ garage!!

What can we learn from him? When your opinions or beliefs happen to be the minority, don’t comply just to please the masses. Had Jobs decided to “cave in” and quit, or conform, due to the criticism and/or utter doubt his machines were met with- the devices we take for granted every day (i.e. smartphone) might not be as incredibly capable as they are- or might not even exist at all!

The crypto nation can certainly relate to this when bashers & FUDdies tell us we’re flushing our fiat down the toilet, when we all know we’re actually just putting our rocket ships on layaway :dogemoon:


With out a doubt, Ron Paul. Even though not directly, his writing on the Federal Reserve sent me to Bitcoin.


Who inspires you?

All the HODLers out there, they keep my going in crypto!


the person who has the biggest inspiration on me is my loving wife. she showed strength were most would quit. she had 2 kids and put her self through school to make a better life for her and her kids before i was there. she puts everyone before her self. she is a nurse who has the biggest hart. and no mater what bad decision I’ve made she always belied i could do more. more recently i decided to try to open my custom shop. and she has been saying about time lol. just having one person in my corner is all the inspiration i needed to see my dream was a step away from reality. so just remember that being in someones corner might just get them to be great and do even more for others.


A few people come to mind. from my personal life i look up to a mentor of mine here in indonesia named albert taylor. he has a repore with people and the ocean that is contagious. i look up to authors like Graham Hancock Who have reject the norm and really think outside the box and devote themselves to their ideals. maybe there is more to what we are told and how we are trained to think? the doge lord has inspired me to start this program and take a deeper look into myself and my lifestyle and my daily choices. whew here we go. Strong hands! dogecoin!


People that inspire me (that are currently alive) That I see as role models. These folks lead by example with dedication and passion. They are always trying to learn more and try to keep an open mind. They are successful but more importantly give back to society.
Elon Musk
Bill Gates
Neil Degrasse Tyson
Ryan Reynolds
Warren Buffet