#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



Tony Robbins, his mindset of “Success is not how much money you have, but how many people are better off because you lived.”

Michael Corleone from the GF2 “Nothings impossible”


My biggest inspiration is my dad who came from nothing and build a successful business which allowed my family to live the life I live.

The characteristics of successful people who I hope to emulate are:

  • Discipline.
  • The ability to communicate precisely and concisely.
  • Strong-willed. Certain people have an ability to visualize their future and make that the reality.
  • The ability to learn from failure and turn adversity into something greater.
  • Treat other people with compassion and empathy.


My family inspires me, their love, goodness, experience and their fighting ability.
You, guys, Peter and John, because I learn very much with you, and many others like Andreas M. Antonoupolus, Jameson Lopp, Charlie Shrem or Max Keiser, but there are many more and all open source developers . Inspires me cause you have the wisdom, the knowledges and the ability to explain it to all types of audiences.
I think all of that is the most inspires me, nowadays.
Blessings! :pray:t4:

PD: Sorry for my english, my level is student, I don’t know how many kicks did I give to the dictionary :nerd_face::grimacing:


I’ve taken a little from so many people. I don’t really have someone in particular that I am describing. I like to take the best from every person I meet, every book I read, and every circumstance I am put in.

I have found that many of the people I look up to have some similar traits.

Consistency seems to be key. Wether going to the gym every morning to having dinner with family every night. They stay focused on what they are pursuing. They remind themselves everyday why they are doing what they are doing and create tasks daily to achieve their goals. They take part in a support group that helps keep them accountable. This can mean a couple of friends they speak with regularly, or a big community such as The Bitcoin Pub. They are always looking to improve themselves. They never want to settle for mediocrity and strive for better everyday. They keep moving forward, even when they are burned out and wanting to quit, they push through.

These are some of the traits I am working to emulate in my everyday life.


I’m inspired by Knawledge every day.


Elon Musk,Bill Gates,Steve Jobs loving their style of grinding and keep pusching forward as you they said they were discipline but i can say also that they already know that they can succed so they felt in that away before achieved their goals


Well recently a couple people inspire me Donald Trump & Tigers Woods
I love the way Trump speaks his mind directly from his heart not from some script.
He says & does what he thinks is best for the country, He does not act like he is perfect or he always knows the best ways, but humbly brings all people into the conversation…
Since I’ve already written on Trump in my first Day 4 video & now that I’m going threw with a partner I will also at Tiger Woods to the most recent person who inspires me…
Tiger is a good example of perseverance ,determination,discipline. After suffering a devastating blow to his reputation having all his personal sexual affairs exposed & going threw 4 back surgeries then getting addicted to pain pills. Its one thing to have harms done to you but its way more embarrassing ,deflating to be the one who caused most of the problems in your own life. Either way We are all personally responsible for our own lifes & someone who has hit bottom the at age 42 comes back to greatness little by little is very inspiring.
I love how he talks about gradually getting better & better step by step or week by week. There is no such thing as idol time your either moving forward or backwards in life & I want to continue to move forward.


Stephen Hawking has inspired me for quite a while, and it saddens me that he recently passed away. Stephen Hawking was a theoretical physicist, author, and cosmologist. The inspiration comes from his physical abilities, which were none existing. However, his mind was very much alive. So we don’t have an excuse for being ignorant, do we?


America inspires me!

Although we have our flaws, at the end of the day, we stand tall and proud. We’ve had great leaders, heroes and adventurers to make this country great.

I wake up thinking, any one of us has the chance to become great and make an impact.

Lastly, my momma spires me as well. She raised me all by herself, provided everything I needed and continues to plow through life all while still supporting me through all my endeavors! <3


My aunt’s boyfriend recently retired in his mid 40s. Being frugal was a big part of that- so that means he was willing to consciously move against what most people his age were doing in order to build a nest egg. Now he’s retired, it’s pretty inspiring.

I find myself very inspired by guys like Tim Ferriss as well, his ability to excel in many different fields is really remarkable- but he also does it from a teacher’s perspective and looks to share things he’s learning.

One thing I’ve also noticed among people we count as successful- often times they are in peak physical health. It suggests that we should all be looking to find ways to prioritize our time for exercise and our time for personal health.


great word of wisdom thank you for sharing


My father has always been someone who truly inspires me. He is a true servant leader who has a tremendous work ethic. I have watched my dad step down from nice corporate jobs during layoffs to protect the jobs of the people who worked under him. My dad served as a Marine officer for 20 years and has dedicated his life to serving others. I went into the Marine Corps mainly because I watched how my father served and I attributed his character to him being a Marine. My dad is no perfect man but taught me how to love people well, even when they didn’t deserve it.

I have honestly been recently inspired by Peter Saddington because of the crypto craze. I jumped in with both feet to find out what was going on and found The Pub. I am all in on the future of crypto as both a financial investment but also the future of blockchain and how it is changing the world. My only regret is that I never learned a coding language…but I have been inspired by Peter to give it a try and shoot for the moon!


Lot’s of people who I find inspiring have already been posted on this thread.
@Nexorg posted Jocko Willink who is famous for his mantra “Discipline = Freedom“.

@Loppnow mentioned Jordan Peterson who left an especially big impression on me.

Those two men helped me learn to take responsibility more serious and that growing up leads to more freedom than staying in your little safe space.

I would like to add Nassim Taleb who is a brilliant observer of economics,finance,philosophy and life in general. His books are a rich resource for heuristics and critical thinking. One concept of his is antifragility. What do you guys think, is crypto antifragile?


Never really thought about it. I don’t think there is anyone in particular. I’d have to say anyone who enjoys life, is passionate and continually learns without bringing anyone else around them down.


My brother first told me about Ripple last Christmas. He definitely inspired me to check it out and that was the little snowball that has now rolled into a much bigger snowball and on and on we go. You Peter are another inspiration. Love all your vids and resources. Crypto is here to stay.:rocket:


My inspiration comes from many sources. Jesus who showed love and acceptance to all. My late father, who never would ask anyone to do anything that he wasn’t willing to do himself. He was wise and honest. My daughter inspires me. She has had many surgeries and a reason to give up, but, she is positive and finishing up a master’s degree. My husband inspires me. He has made great changes in his life and become a wonderful partner. He was always risk adverse, but, now is my partner in crypto!


Peter J. Daniels- because of his work, his business, the legacy he left for generations to come. He showed to others how remove himself from grey empty water of mediocre.

Peter Saddington- because of his PMA/ positive mental attitude, his smile, unique gift to inspire people, his dedication and discipline. Because of his belief in other people when others gave up.

John Saddington- because of his work, incredible sickness discipline writing his blog. Dedication for cryptonation no matter what and who will need to be sacrifice for higher goal.


I am inspired by people who continually seek Gnawledge and live life according to their terms. The Rock- he has come from humble beginnings but through dedication, discipline, and hard work has achieved great things. Tim Ferriss for his continual pursuit of knowledge and communication, and his methods of sharing information and continual effort to UPGRADE EVERYTHING! Elon Musk- for his insane work ethic and ability to learn any task he comes across and to NEVER give up no matter what ANYONE else says, including his heroes. Joe Rogan for his discipline and dedication to information, exploring new topics and pursuing what he loves while at the same time stepping out of his comfort zone to conversate with extremely intelligent people about topics he may have zero expertise on, for the pursuit of GNAWLEDGE! Petah Saddington!! For his incredible dedication and discipline, intelligence, positivity and mental fortitude! John Saddington- who I barely know, but I appreciate bigly the way he articulates thoughts. What I learn from all of these amazing people, is to SHOW UP everyday, seek Gnawledge, step out of my comfort zone and Never Settle for less than my dreams.


This saddens me to reflect on because my mom passed away in 2013 and it’s still fresh but she has always been my #1 inspiration! What inspired me the most was her positive spirit day in and day out and she had a way of touching people regardless of what life threw her way. She had that rare quality to always live on the bright side and see positive. She was confident in her skin because she loved herself… so truly understand what makes you special and trust in your abilities. She would tell me to just start, then do more, everything else will fall into place. She owned several businesses and regardless of the success kept grinding driven to lift others. So smile more, love yourself and life, help/uplift others during your journey and never lose hope. People will naturally chose to be around good uplifting spirits and when you get lost or don’t know what to do - you just do it. Miss you mom, I’m doing it!

  1. My father: he put himself through college being a single father of three kids. Fast forward to now and he’s a schoolboard supervisor for the parish here in Shreveport, Louisiana. He’s not big on excuses or complaining because neither helps you move ahead. He has always encouraged me to believe in myself because no will believe in you more than you.

  2. Reginald F. Lewis: the first African-American to build a billion dollar company. He didn’t come from privilege, but worked his ass off and became a lawyer and an amazing businessman. He didn’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done. I take that part with me as I journey deeper into crypto currency.

  3. This may be cheesy, but you @peter and @john inspire me beyond words. The learning curve for me is steep, but y’all give me the courage to not be scared, keep learning, and achieve my dreams on a whole new level!