#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



For me, inspiration comes from my bosses at work. They both love what they do, and push constantly to be better at what they do. A couple of things I think I can learn from them:

  1. Don’t give up if something doesn’t work. Figure out why it doesn’t work and use that as a learning experience.
  2. If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I am so tempted all the time to try to make something “better” by changing it, but that (most of the time) isn’t the right thing to do. On the flip side, it is important to know when to move on when something isn’t working. Getting stuck in a rut of normality isn’t good either.


i must say not only a person inspires me, but this time ill make one person is visible to you.
Recently i met this person and we haven`t met in quite time, in the middle of conversation my brain pops and idea to make this person as my inspiration for this time, why not?

His name is TheJagat (not the real name) and he is a computer progammer, all i know is web development and apps development.

He is a funny guy, quite a legitimate logic thinking, consistent person, kind and fairplay, really up to a challange and conquer. In my opinion theres a lot i see in one person but i cannot show it all to you through a writings nor speaking, the fast connection i had couldn`t described in saying nor writings.

thanks for making this day by day B90X looks like a diary xP


Keep those close. They are good for the long term hodl :slight_smile:


I am inspired by Mike Monday, a former dance music producer and DJ who is now coaching musicians. I am a music producer and performer, currently trying to turn my hobby (more like mission) into a profession. Mike has made a great life for himself by exploring new opportunities and constantly jumping into ‘the gap’, the unknown and often scary road we have to take towards our goals.

Mike is a great coach in many ways. Perhaps the most important thing that we can learn from him is his practical optimism: when I see obstacles he sees opportunities. When I am afraid to make a fool of myself, he reminds me that you can only learn by doing and making mistakes. No matter what the obstacle is, he sees an opportunity to do great things! My outlook on life is slowly changing for the better because of this.


Like a lot of folks in here, parents come to mind first. We’re all here learning from each other today thanks somewhat in part to our parents for setting the foundation of our lives.

In many ways, I draw inspiration from the disenfranchised. That sounds depressing lol, but I was heavily drawn into crypto for it’s liberating properties and ability to free individuals disenfranchised by the traditional monetary system. I know we’re all bitcoin faithful here, but I love how DASH is rapidly creating new opportunities for disenfranchised individuals in countries such as Venezuela. I got tired of simply sharing an article here or there with friends/family about my beliefs, and have realized their are so many opportunities with crypto to actually DO something to spread my beliefs. Much more powerful to DO, than to say.


My wife inspires me. I’ve done some crazy things in my life and she’s always believed in me. We’ve found much success in our lives and I’m determined to find success in the crypto space. She knows it will be a bumpy road and is ready to stand by me through the hard times.


Who inspires me? Anyone that can develop an autonomous self-disciplined behavior that executes on a daily basis and is moving toward a goal. When their goal is reached they establish a higher-level goal. I see these inspirers as people who spend a lifetime getting good at what they undertake.

The list of who inspires me changes from time to time as my life evolves. Specific ones from the past are: Napolean Hill for mindset, Jason Bond for stocks, Dean Graziosi for real estate, Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard for time management and many others.

Each of these individuals has taken action resulting in success within their area of expertise and are willing to help others that are inspired to do the same. In the end we all have to find a source of inspiration that works for us. My Day 4 is logged in.


At times I feel like I get inspiration from two people in my life. From my widowed mother always making sure that I had roof over my head to my hard working older brother being the first sibling to graduate from a insinuation and start a stable family.

I would love to give into more details but I don’t think i’m ready yet. I just know that their strong work ethic and determination will assist me in becoming successful.


My grandparents inspired me from an early age. . They are both gone now but they inspired me and instilled a drive to succeed in me! They were married at a very young age…he only had an 8th grade education and her a 10th. They worked hard and built a very successful business which included trucking, heavy equipment, cattle and real estate.


Many people have inspired me throughout my life and most have the common trait of being able to help others see in themselves what they do not see. I have tried do pass this forward to those who have crossed paths into my life.
My greatest inspiration is my husband. He has this amazing power to set his mind on something and just do it. He learns as he goes, and even when he has self doubts he finds a way to stay focused on his path.


Right now, you Peter. Your passion and enthusiasm are contagious. The fact that these steps are included in you B90X proves my faith in you is sound.

A little while back I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast. And someone asked him how he got as much done as he does. He explained that he just does. But also expressed “the universe rewards a hustler”. That struck a chord. Ever since then, that has become my personal mantra. Every time a moment of laziness steps into my universe I say that to myself, “the universe rewards a hustler.”. And I get to doing what needs to be done.

So at the moment, above all, what inspires me is that statement. “The Universe rewards The Hustler.”. Looking back on my own life I see it to be true. Now that I’ve actually applied it to my life it has brought me to this point. I’m tired. My body hurts. I find every ounce of overtime at my job to get a little extra money to get a little bit farther ahead to get closer to that Bitcoin.

So what inspires me right now the most and has for the last couple months is “The universe rewards The Hustler.”. So I guess I Inspire myself.


I have had many inspirations in life, however, Peter is one of the biggest inspirations of them all. His passion, his drive, his attitude. He faces challenges, yet his feet remained planted. He smashes through the goal and says That’s done, lets turn it up to 11. As an anime reference(My Hero Acadamia)… He is All Might and I am Deku. I aspire to be so efficient and productive in every aspect of life.

Next, Andreas Antonopoulos is another inspiration. I love how his passion for teaching about crypto is not the norm of “Let’s just get rich and be wealthy” (even though we do want to go to the moon and being finacially secure is not a bad thing)… I love how he wants to improve the world. A real cause, giving people back their lives. Being self sufficient and bringing people together by giving them a real choice.

Finally, my wife inspires me. Because I don’t know how she puts up with me everyday and goes out of her way for me. Deff the best woman ever.