#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



I am inspired by many people. My brother especially, my sister plus Peeder & John.

I have always been an action-taker and multi-tasker, but in my focus on being there for others I’ve reduced my own goal action focus and am now retaking the B90X in order to kickstart and revitalise that motion that I always used to have.

Thanks Peeder for putting out such great work and communicating from a great place.


The people who go out on a limb to be themselves. They inspire me… Because they know that the truth is not measured by mass appeal. The strength required to be yourself is admirable because it not only involves self-discipline but a healthy dose of responsibility and accountability.

Thank you for the inspiration @peter @kimchi & @delirium_igniter! You guys rock!


You are inspiration as well brat :rocket:

So amaze, much wow


self-discipline with a healthy dose of responsibility and accountability are steps toward self-ownership.


My Dad inspires me, he taught me what’s really important in life. He taught me not to take things at face value, question everything, don’t fall for the okie doke…
He was a self made entrepreneur, a leader in his community, a mentor, a provider, and the best daddy ever… Love you, miss you dad…


I have actually taken a few days to consider this. I have never really focused on or felt overly inspired by people in the sense of feeling “oh yeah” that is someone that I want to emulate. Honestly I have come to realize that I am a self centered fool for the most part. So in the past few days I identified a few people. First in my life right now I am inspired daily by my wife. She gets up every day and grinds it out. She faces things that she doesn’t feel confident head on and isn’t afraid to ask questions and get to the root of what she needs to know, I am more reserved and often lack the desire to question things out ahead of time. I figure that I can pick things up through out the process.
When she faces a set back she reviews the situation and develops a plan, I usually need prompting to plan. From my childhood I was inspired by my father he was a real hard worker and willing to do whatever he felt needed to be done to provide for his family, I try to do this.

From history there are many great thinkers and individuals that deserve admiration but right at this point in time I am most inspired by the founding fathers, say what you will, they came together and put forth a new concept that revolutionized the world many times over.

I believe that this best summarizes who I could say are my current inspirations. The underlying theme as to why I draw inspiration from them is family and helping raise up individuals that can help others while taking responsibility for their ideas and aspirations.


Shout out to the wifeys


I listen to a podcast and blogger-Ruth Soukup, she is an organizing guru and push through it kind of girl. Her motto, “Do It Scared” has pushed me to attempt things that I don’t feel comfortably doing, but still do it to get the end result. She also has a number of guests on, who have overcome tragic and sadness, to become successful.

My husband inspires me to push me out of my comfort zone. He was the one who supported me when I decided to transplant from Sunny California to the Midwest. He has been there every step of the way. He believes in me and us and he has always been the pillar.


I have had many great and inspiring teachers, mentors and historical figures through out my life that have helped me learn how to implement the change that I want in my life, I think @john stated it best with his list of behaviors to emulate.

I do seem to have a “God” mind dump or morning muse at 3am that gets my mind buzzing and inspires the rest of the day so I will have to say that the one that inspires me most is God. :grin:


The people that inspire me are those who are pushing the boundaries of reality and of what is possible - with that you need to have vision. Steve Jobs is still who I look up to in that respect.


Issac Asimov, Bob Marley, Zach De la Rocha, Maynard James Keenan are my inspirations!

Asimov wrote the foundation series, if you have never read it I HIGHLY recommend everyone to absorb these books! I perceived a future through those books that was abounding with potential through use of an algorithm that was used to determine the outcome of situartions based on the history in that timeline. In this way statistically one could view the potentials of certain outcomes by applying a calculation of the past.
I think this is an analogy of the process we use everyday, we know the stove is hot, so we can judge how long we can leave our hand on the heat by how we have interacted with such things in the past.

Marley wrote about many things, and viewed the world in a certain way. I believe love, if consciously injected into a situation can make the situation better. It’s ok to be wrong, if we can learn from our mistakes. We are not here alone, we are allowed to exist from the gifts of everyone who came before us and everyone around us. This body isn’t even mine it was a gift from my parents, the air I breathe and the water I drink is not mine. If the world is viewed in this way, compassion is effortless.

De la Rocha also wrote about many things! Some of the band members also contributed to the lyrics of RATM so credit is due to them as well! Yes, we are not here alone, also we cannot allow others to use our energy for destruction if we intend to live sustainably.

Keenan’s public persona has influenced my life greatly, especially the lyrics in the la ter a lus album. Allowing oneself to be present in a situation, not analyzing or formulating, but BEING. Whoever you are, find yourself and do that, do that so irrevocably bright that the sun puts on shades.

I have learned, that we must be really great to deserve all these lies and hate.

Much love


Who inspires me ? Everyone around me thinks i’m nuts i cant tell them anything. So i would have to say the Dogelord and this community .


Who inspires me? Satoshi. Vitalik, Peter, Heavily Armed Clown, A.I., I get inspired by the pending financial revolution, bad policy, self made billionaires, successful entrepreneurs, Patrick Bet-David, Charlie Lee, I’m sure there are more…


Who inspire me? So many truly inspiring people out there so the list would be lengthy. However, I glean from people who chase and live their dreams, who are not afraid to shake up status quo, and have courage to go through ‘the unknown’. People who are ceaselessly curious and never stop learning. People who have grit powered by passion and perseverance. I can genuinely get stimulated by anyone who is enthusiastic and bring all energy into whatever they decide to, being it startup, teaching/mentoring, technology breakthrough or simple things, such as cleaning the house or cooking a dinner :slight_smile:



Right now my inspiration comes from John, Peter, and my father. They all have grind and discipline that is on another level. I’m slowly upping my discipline so that I can crush it every day without fail.


My grandpa… that man has worked so hard his entire life. Especially when it comes to farming. I can only imagine the hardships he has gone through. Losing crops, cattle, pigs & all the struggles that are thrown at you. It’s a rollercoaster at times. But he never gives up. I’ve only been farming for about 7 years. But I can clearly see why most people would give up. I always think about the things he has gone through. The set backs he has overcome. Mine seem minuscule in comparison. So I always brush the dust off and get back up!


My narrative is the same. People who have what I want and achieved things at the highest levels with extreme discipline.


My crypto family inspires me which is:

Peter, John, RavenSky, Colin, Mike, Kayla, Bitnative, Robert, Andrew and many others.

Of course We all are in different places in life, on different ways but We all going in the same direction!


Peter is the person who inspires me the most!
His daily discipline, and hard work without fail are most likely the things that make him successful.
Peter has built a great many things and helped a great many people, of which I can say i am one.
Behaviours that i should emulate:
Daily Activities that move me towards my goal: Whether it be learning new things, building projects, working out, and more.
Proper sleep
Minimise distractions that are not conducive to my success.