#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



Honestly, Peter Saddington is “the” person that lit my fire for cryptocurrencies. He’s also inspired me to take a good look at myself and do a bit of soul searching. Peter is one of those guys you’d want to have on your team. The best of role models. I’m so happy to be here. I do consider Yen.io the opportunity of a lifetime.


Everyone around me inspires me when they refuse to quit. Those who are not afraid to try new things inspire me
even more.


sorry for such a lame post :slight_smile: Peter Saddington helping to get me into the Crypto space and John Saddington help reinforce my need to stay by sharing bits of his work with blockchain(s). :smile:


I get inspired, but no one inspires me in particular. This morning I watched a thing on Bloomberg channel and Alan Greenspan was being interviewed. It was interesting to hear him say that he thought the two most intelligent presidents were Nixon and Clinton. Greenspan said that of course, they had their misgivings, but he was inspired by their brilliance. He also said that Clinton had an ambitious plan to reduce the federal deficit and it ran alongside the creation of the internet which was all happening at the same time back then. Greenspan said that his intent wasn’t to make money persay, but that the money just came to him. He said that his passion was economics and the study of economies. It included the study of the American economy to the Great Depression where he said that Capitalism almost failed, but the great the days after WWII were great for America, and then he talked about the internet and American economies. Green span spoke of his discipline to his craft. I realize that we need to have passion for what we want to really do; and then do it.

I wonder how America will pan out when I3 become the new economy? I can definitely see that it is the outliers in society end up being the most disruptive; But disruption isn’t always what people wan’t and it isn’t ever expected either. So get ready yall! but I thikewe know that here already… it’s coming. We just gots to get ready.


Disruption is what makes you wealthy.


I have two basic inspirations 1 my Dad: PhD accounting, number crunching extraordinar, started me on a Tandy Wirk Pc the size of bed room wall and a whopping 128 mb of memory, 8” floppies, dot matrix printer, Dos was the OS of choice pre Windows, the internet did not exist th intranet did in big companies. And thre was the start of my computer/finical geekdom…2 my Wife @Rosalie and childre inspire me daily to push forward and motivate.


Some one who inspires me and I have a ton of respect for is Tony Damore.

He is the owner of two successful businesses/brands, has multiple patents in the US, is quite smart, and is part of crypto. He understands quite well where things need to go at times. I have had the pleasure of even talking to him on the phone a couple of times and he is very down to earth. I admire his work ethic and determination that if he can make something better he will find a way to do it.

Also, my wife Reanne. She would never think she is a strong woman but she is super strong and inspires me with how much she takes on unknowingly sometimes. She is better half by far and I am lucky to learn from her any chance I can.


Hi Richard. It’s great to see another man going through B90X Your life will never be the same!
Stay on the course @Richieb


Peter and John are the biggest inspiration for me to work, perseverance and grind.