#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



Yooooo! :smile: This is ‘Da shiznits!’ :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: People really need to read this 5X over, everyday till it really “Sinks In”! :cowboy_hat_face:


I will share with you all one of the people in my life that made a Forever Impact! He consulted for an automotive group I am involved with and “Had a major impact in our work environment”. He is a keynote speaker for many industries & groups.

His name is Steve Beck, Author, speaker, mentor and all around great Guy!

His (CD) sits in my play deck every morning on my way to my favorite :coffee: Roaster (Shop) here in Montana. If you have an opportunity - check out his information on how to have a “Great Day Every Day”. (Amazon)

Honestly - this guy helped bring my performance to a whole new level! :cowboy_hat_face:


People who choose a big hairy goal and then chip away at the steps to accomplish it.
My husband who is reclaiming his life after a very serious stroke.
You have to have something to aim towards.
Continue to push the envelope of your life…we have never arrived…its the journey we are on.


Michael Jordan.

The great thing about MJ was that he shared his path to greatness. He told you exactly what he did. Practice and have a strong support system around you that can help you achieve your dream

He gave it his best no matter how he felt. In the finals vs the Jazz he had the flu and still mustered over 30 pts. to help his team win the game and eventually the series. I take a lot away from that even till this day. No matter what I do, give it my best. It might not be the best in someone else’s eyes but as long as I can look in the mirror and say I did everything I could. I can be happy.


There are so many persons that inspired me in so many areas.

From the loved ones in my Family to Teachers, Master and Gurus that I was lucky to cross. I have so many people that inspired or inspires me.

But today, no doubt you @Peter inspired me a lot. I probably know how hard to to have the discipline to do what you do. You are gifted teacher big Dude and your wife is amazing for supporting your all this way! Your family and you are so inspiring man! Specially now, after knowing you more with the videos you did today. I never seem a person opening his house and family to everybody on the Internet.

Peace out.


This might seem a bit conceded but i always look within myself for inspiration. I truly believe in creating the reality you want to live in. No one else is going to do it for me! Ive never understood the “hero” title or admiration that people place in celebrities , presidents, kings, queens etc. It seems that we create this false sense of security that some person or mythical power will be there to “save” us instead of creating our own destiny.

With that being said i do admire certain traits, skills and habits that people exhibit and have a desire to learn from them!


In general I’m inspired by people that enjoy their life. To me it seems that people who manage a balance between all parts of their life, at least most of the time, this shines through somehow. Is wealth a part of this? I guess it’s more a question of contentment and not so much your possessions that bring joy and the chance of balance. On the other hand doing what you love or at least like a lot will in my experience lead to success and with success comes reward. This might sound shallow and in a way it is but to me it’s true nonetheless. If you’re well-structured and take your time to reflect what you’re doing you might have a chance to work on the overall balances in your life. Yep, and I’m sure discipline helps a lot. In my case I’ve been grinding hard since I was 15 years old until I got the chance to rethink and reflect what I was doing literally by accident. Since then I had to set up a complete new dimension of discipline for myself. I’m still working a lot but once I’ve pulled off those blinders little by little I take my time to look around to even have a chance to sense who inspires me and why I’m inspired by people and what they do. What I see is that those inspiring shiners can be found almost everywhere…


My wife! She works very hard, maybe a little too hard :neutral_face: Makes me get my lazy butt up!


Both my mum and my brother inspire me to work hard and stay committed to the goals we set. My best friend inspires me to stay positive and always try to turn every experience into a positive one by taking a step back and learning from it. And the people I train with inspire me to keep pushing myself whenever I think I can’t keep going. Another ‘set’ of people I find inspirational are jazz musicians (especially early-mid 20th century, e.g. Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie, Kenny Dorham) just because of how…I dunno…dramatically(?) they express their passions through their music. That’s always inspired me to keep doing and pursuing what I want to do and not what others want/tell me to do.

So I guess some behavior patterns to be extracted from these inspirations are:

  • Keeping focus and dedicated to doing what YOU want to do

  • Taking every experience as a positive one from which a lesson can be learned and then later applied to better yourself

  • Keeping in mind that the work you put in towards your goals will help you ultimately achieve your goals, and emphasizing this especially when things seem to be stagnant/going the other way.

A little wiffly I guess but that’s my take on it at the moment. But I’m always meeting and seeing new people and things that inspire me every day so I look forward to these views changing and evolving.



All coins I own down :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


This is so Good @john i am bookmarking it good


Elon Musk.
Steve Jobs.
Bill Gates.
Warren Buffet.


The first person who comes to mind when asking who inspires me is my late grandfather. He was a seabee(?) in WWII and went to pearl harbor after the attack. In his time after the service he was am electrican by trade and electrocuted 2x in the line of work. I knew him as a Gardner and wood worker, a man who could do anything. What i learned from him is to giver respect to our tools, I was a little hesitant the first time I used a band saw.

The next person who inspires me is my mom. She worked 2 jobs and went back to school so she could keep the better job. It was a hard few years as I was in highschool and mom could not get to my events, but she showed me that sometimes you have to sacrifice for something better later.

@john has inspired me over the years for being honest and transparent with life and building software and startups. and for introducing me to @peter who is his self an inspiration for many reasons listed here and other places.

there are many great speeches on line randy pausch last lecture is one of my favorite.

A quote I came up with a few years ago for my self. “I strive to inspire others, as I aspire to greater things.”


Tim Ferris has inspired me a lot. His practical advices and his experiments are really very interesting and his podcast is one of the best ( interviewing the world’s great performers ). More than his books, his real contribution to me was the introduction to the Stoic philosophy. The stoic philosophy is great for fighting FOMO and FUDs. It is incredible how more than 2000 years later it is still so actual. I is the ideal philosophy for the Entrepreneurial Spirits out there cause it is a very pragmatic one. I have a suggestion for you guys. Try listening (audio book) or reading this.. It is a very good start to the stoic philosophy. I prefer to go for a walk, run, or work outside while listening and reflecting on it. Meditations of Marcus Aurelius is also a great book.

As Marcus Aurelius once said :
“Waste no more time arguing what
a good man should be.
Be one”.

I am also inspired by Jim Rhon. This guy has inspired also people like “Tony Robins”.
You should listen or read him one day.

There are many quotes from him that the the crypto nation will love.
“Let others lead small lives, but not you.
Let others argue over small things, but not you.
Le others cry over small hurts, but not you.
Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands,
but not you”.

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

You will find on my instagram account sayings from all the authors I think are worth reading or getting to know about. They’ve changed my life.

My mother have also inspired me a lot by her optimisme. Her amount of optimisme in life used to piss me off when I was very young men. Today it is the greatest gift she ever gave me.

Sorry for any misspelling. English is not my first language.


Who inspires me? First, the Dogelord Himself! Also, my tenant (Brandon) inspires me. He rents my shop from me and buys and sells used restaurant equipment. He’s essentially a restaurant equipment trader, and I admire how he looks at different opportunities and isn’t afraid to try something new if the reward is greater than the risk. I get inspiration from my friend Ben. I’m inspired by his discipline and his rock solid integrity. He is his word and he thinks big. He has a different comfort level around big money than I do and I like how he looks at things and isn’t afraid to spend money to maximize and leverage his time. I also admire my friend Pete, who first told me about BTC. He convinced me to buy some when it was $139. He then tried to convince me to buy ETH around $4-$5 and I didn’t listen… but I listen now, ha! He recently told me about Populous (PPT), so I took action this time! He has always believed in cryptos from the beginning and has not wavered. He saw the concept and how it makes sense and has stayed in the game ever since. Plus he is a great resource for me because he reads every piece of info he can find about cryptos, so I really respect his opinions.


My grandfather inspired me the most. He started out working at the Dutch IRS as he was told that job would give him great security. He did not like it at all though and quit. After that he build a succesful business in taxation and was able to buy some nice houses for my family.

When I was young he motivated me in the right way by stimulating me in the subjects I was interested in naturally. This helped me achieve to become a national youth chess champion. I had a great connection with him but unfortunately he passed away a long time ago. Today he is here with me everyday on my desk as I am building a succesful business myself.

What I learned from him?

  1. Do what you love as working a job you don’t like all your life is a life wasted
  2. In business you must be tough sometimes, it is part of the game. This does not mean however that you can not be a nice and generous person
  3. Take care of your family the best you can


appreciate that a lot @JollyHobbler!!


I am inspired by people who not only are great thinkers, but also great doers of the world. The great scientists and mathematicians: Einstein, Newton, Planck, Bohr, Curie, etc., the great computer theorists and inventors: von Neumann, Lovelace, Turing, etc. who led the field, and today’s great visionary business leaders: Jobs, Gates, Bezos, Page, Musk.

While I look to these towering giants for inspiration, my heart and soul often admires the ones that was shunned in their time, yet were of the utmost brilliance in their creations, especially those well ahead of their times. Warren de La Rue, Grace Hopper, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, and so on.


John Sonmez from simpleprogrammer.com - this guy helped me a lot to understand what is the right way to achieve success: Trust the Process - stop thinking about the goal - be consistent

Robin Sharma - the best inspirational videos


That is some good philosophy