#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



Two people came in my mind.

1st.- Sandeep Maheshwari.
He is a inspirational speaker and talk very practially… he doesn’t just motivate you…instead he gets to the core of the problem and find solution with very simple approach. He is successful in every way. He has a online images company named Imagesbazaar which is the biggest indian stock images website, he is mentally, emotionally, financially, physically or just successful in everything.

we can learn from him the habit of QUESTIONING. to QUESTION EVERYTHING… WHY, HOW, WHAT… These days I observe we just grab info from youtube or articles and take decisions accordingly… but don;t question it properly… which is very important aspect of our life.

2nd- Peter Saddignton.
When i entered this crypto space, I was lost in the vast ocean of knowledge and rumours and youtubers who were just selling you evrey platform to invest… so indirectly they can earn… I found statements…but no research or reasons behind it.

Then by mistake I got on one of your video and was hooked to you. Your 1st look can be deceptive, but little time with you can show the huge no. of qualities you have. I have literally started to love you. I love your ideas of free market, your way of interacting live while on conferences, giving priority to your subscribers and always providing such valuable info without biasness and that too for FREE. without sacrificing on your PRINCIPLES.
I was hooked by a person who sells online crypto course… but at right time got into your company and this awesome pub. I can talk hours about you…

BUt in short we can learn the care you have for everyone…having a PRINCIPLES based life… Work Ethics… Commitment towards work and people. & the way you HANDLE CRITICISM… and also WELL INFORMED DECISIONS.

I want to thank you and everyone else to have this platform up & running… YOU guys have saved a lot of people’s ass and helped transform and direct thousands of people… of which i am one.

And I am positive of making an awesome LIFE LEARNING & WEALTH with you guys.


Thank you for being here! That’s why we built it!

I also very much appreciate your comments!

I’m not perfect but in this shell of a man is someone who believes that crypto can change lives. Like mine!

Spread the word my man. Let the whole world know about the Pub! :rocket:


It’s a difficult question. I haven’t been inspired in a long time. Growing up I was always inspired by writers, photographers and adventurers. People who were self employed and their own boss. I had an exciting life till about 10 years ago, and I was a successful self employed photographer in a small city for several years. Then I moved to NYC and things went well for a year before I had some bad luck and the economy crashed in 97-98. Next thing I knew I sold out and took a sales job I’ve been stuck in for a decade now. It’s horrible and it feels like a prison, and I am going all in to break free from this. So who inspires me, people who work for themselves. People who are their own bosses. And people who take risks and travel the world while doing so.


I’ve said this many times on stream and here in the pub but it never is old:

No one. Not a single person in your life cares about YOUR life enough to change it for you. You. And you alone. Must do that.


Yes, I remember you saying that in your live stream with cryptolove last week. Very true. Very inspiring.


Who inspires you?
Give us some context. Why do they inspire you? Who are they? What have they achieved?

Let us know in the thread below!
Help us learn and grow!

My ancestors inspire me, but if im choosing someone specific I would say Mashallah Ibn Athari has inspired me. He has inspired me because I admire the level of dedication he had for his craft and his contributions to humanity. He was one of the premier astrologers and scientist in the 8th century and he achieved a great deal in pushing the culture forward. The study of the natural cycles has lead to many epiphanies and a greater understanding of the law of correspondence. These laws of correspondence have been a passion of mine and untold innerstanding has been derived from them. It is because of individuals like Mashallah that i can re-cognize this ancient knowledge and use it in a practical way in this day and age. May of 2018 marks an 84 year macro cycle associated with disruption and major change in the areas of finance, values, and products of the earth, the micro cycle is seven years long and if you go back 84 years from now you find a major U.S reorganization under FDR as well as one of the “public” world wars, 84 years before that you find multiple discoveries in oil and gold rushes around the world. This wave of influence will bring about similar correspondences but may come by way of a different form or wearing a different mask (i.e cryptocurrency). What can be learned is boundless! All is self, each day that i innerstand these cycles this is reaffirmed in every area of life. The truth is stranger than fiction and im greatful to great minds like Mashallah for his observations.


Jimmy song inspires me because he knows there is a long term goal in what he sees to be important .

The same type of energy is what Steve jobs had .

Too different people but emitting the same kind of energy . And the type of energy that is is grounded strength , similar to grounded lightning .


I’m inspired by my music and martial arts teachers; they have taught me that persistence is needed to develop profound knowledge and skills; while investing time and effort into an endeavor is difficult at first, eventually you begin to see the results and then you’ll be amazed by your progress once once you’ve built your foundations.

If you give up before you start seeing results, disappointment and self-recrimination naturally follow. Do yourselves a favor and turn your practice into a daily habit, love the activity for what it is and have faith that the results will come before you know it!


The person who most inspires me is my wife. My wife is successful in everything she does. My wife graduated top of her class in mechanical engineering, while becoming an All-American in track and field, and also a member of ROTC graduating commissioning into the Air Force. My wife is now a Major in the Air Force with two masters degrees and a PHD in Aeronautical engineering. She captains the Air Force track team and competes in 24 hour adventure races. She is an avid traveler and has taken me places around the world I never imagined I would visit like Singapore and Thailand just last year. Whatever she puts her mind to do she conquers. Two things that stand out to me about her is her discipline and time management skills. Even when working on her PHD she would spend half a day volunteering at my son’s school to help out. She is truly a special person and someone that I am proud to lookup to and call my wife. #Married UP!!!


Omg. I win the lotto. Just like me!


Absolutely we are definitely blessed beyond measure!


Who inspires you?
My mother.
Why do they inspire you?
Even through the toughest of times she has always had a strong resolve. When the world was against her she always stood tall facing forward making sure to never leave me behind. Best of all she always kept a positive attitude and a smile on her face. Never would have known she had practically lost everything. From my father passing to losing our home during the housing crash of the late 2000s.
What have they achieved?
Through it all she was able to raise, support, and guide me all by herself taking the role of 2 parents. I can only imagine how difficult that was as during this time I was a oblivious teenager. Seeing her persevere and survive through those times has shaped me into the person I am today. Which I can only hope is one of her greatest achievements. I never really appreciated her selfless actions until I finally had children for my self. I would do exactly what she did for my son and daughter.


First, let me say I find inspiration in lots of people, groups and even companies so it’s difficult to call out individuals.
Who inspires me?
Online content creators who have been successful in their areas of expertise.
My kids inspire me, pulling amazing grades in college.
Individuals who have excelled and have been successful in their endeavors.
Companies - from startups to the big guns.

What can we extract from them?
From the content creators I can extract habits, knowledge and skills.
From my kid I can extract habits. Get your homework done before you go do the fun stuff.
From the individuals and the companies, again, extracting habits, knowledge and skills in order to replicate their success.



In general I find people who donote their time, knowledge and resources towards a good cause as inspirational, because they do it for the well-being of others in their community, and not for their own personal gains. I’m fairly new to the Bitcoin Pub Community, but you all inspire me as well, we’re investing our time and resources and are here to assist each other. That alone is reassuring and I know having this foundation will keep me involved for the long run, and enjoy the experience along the way. I have a dedicated work ethic myself and always like to go the extra mile, so as I definitely do find true inspiration in individuals that have the same ideals and values I hold, and like to encourage others in doing well, at the end of the day I have to look within for inspiration and keep myself motivated. Only I can make myself advance and achieve the goals I have. Everyone needs a push in the proper direction at times, and I see the B90X program giving me the push and keeping focused, I appreciate all the time, knowledge, and resources that went into making this possible. 4/90!


Musically, Edward & Alex Van Halen. Two of the most prolific rock musicians in our time that created unquestionable uniqueness in their tone and song writing.

Technology, Jeff Bezos. What he’s done with Amazon is downright phenomenal, and honestly a bit scary.

Lastly the cryptocurrency space as a whole. Most of the people who are involved, from developers, to traders, to people who are encouraging, inspiring, and passing along the message of hope and what this can do and be for humanity is really something that I believe can change us for the better. (Must be careful of the scammers though!!!)

Cheers cryptonauts!!!


I think only my mom since she alone raised us 3 siblings. She is 67 and still go to work even when she got a lot of money lying around. I cant find other example and i dont want to hard work all the time like my mom.


I wouldn’t say that I have one discipline role model. however if I had t focused it down to one person it would be Tim Ferris. being a moderate expert across many discipline is the driving four behind my motivation and Tim is the poster boy of this time of learning.

He has the discipline to spend extended time, up to months, on developing a lifestyle of deep work. This amazing skill and dedication is an envy of mine as I strive to met his level of a deep work lifestyle.


My grandfather inspires me. He was exiled and immigrated to the US in the middle of his life. He lost everything and had to make a life for himself, his wife and 3 small children in the US out of nothing. He chose to spend his life helping other exiles find their way. He was beloved by the Cuban community for his efforts. He has taught me that even in the face of great loss and crisis, never stop thinking of others. Be strong in character, driven in your efforts and disciplined in your resolve.


There is many people that inspire for different reasons.

Nikola Tesla comes to mind, he had a great mind. He was able to transform our society with his inventions.

He was a very isolated individual. I would say he never lost his imagination and curiosity.
There were hard parts in his life, doing lots of grunt work. He even had a near death experience when he was young.

Sad at the end of his life he was alone and talked to pigeons.

Martin Luther - Revolutionary man who dug into information and questioned authority. Interestingly it was around the time the printing press was invented and information could spread rapidly.

Modern day people are probably Elon Musk and Richard Branson. From what I know about these men is they were not afraid to take risks, dream and they have had their failures.


The name that jumped straight into my head was Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams

I somehow stumbled on “Coffee with Scott Adams” periscope/youtube more than a year ago. This guy has a totally unconventional way of looking at the world that makes a lot of sense to me

Adams overcame great challenges, and had many failures on his way to success, he has written about it in his book “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big”, and the recent follow up “Win Bigly”

Adams got my attention by describing Trump (whether you love him or hate him) as a world class persuader who had a much better chance of winning than the mainstream media was giving him. I rarely gamble, but based on Adam’s insight I won some filthy fiat betting on Trump

Adams is involved in blockchain with WhenHub (which will connect consumers to experts via secure micro-contracts), and although he says “don’t take investment advice from a cartoonist”, stating that he holds an unspecified but “large” amount of Bitcoin was the nudge that finally got me to start buying in early December, and that is what lead me to the Dogelord and the Bitcoin Pub a couple of weeks ago…