#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



Charlie Lee inspires me. He is an honorable man and a man of honor. He also takes the long view and is always working towards the future. My wife inspires me. She is consistent no matter what happens. She also has a calm and peaceful spirit. May I learn from these two examples.


Man dad would be my biggest inspiration.
Typical immigrant story, but pretty much came to America as a Vietnam refugee. He came here with a friend so he had no family to rely on for help. For someone who didn’t speak english, he managed to learn a new language, work hard enough to start his own business, raised a family of 4, put my sister to college (I took out loans to pay for my own way) and live the American dream.
With the odds against him he was able to do all that…And I can’t even manage to get out of debt.
I want to have the strength that he had.
Today is the day to change my views in life…


Yes. Be who you were meant to be!


My Parents - Having me at the age of 15 (maybe 14 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) they managed to give me plenty of opportunities

Brother - he saw how his coworkers were unhappy and decided he didn’t want that

BF au- through many hard times she her perseverance in life has been remarkable

Joe Rogan - he does what he is passionate about and is really eye opening

Peter and John - recently rekindled a fire in me and I would love to one day be apart of the team

Peter Mckinnon - his videos and tutorials are next level.

My boss and his wife - they do what they love and have given me a great opportunity to financial freedom. (its going to suck when I decide to leave the company)


Honestly, there’s a real dearth of people in my own life that inspire me, but at the moment, I am inspired by certain artists: Banksy, Edward Kienholz, Edward Hopper and model/personality Isabella Ferrada. They’ve all forged their own path, stayed fiercely authentic, and highlight the human condition in some way so that others can take a moment and contemplate the beautiful, tragic, comedic facets of life in the midst of the post modern struggle for survival in America. It’s important to me to take a step back and see the big picture, and view life for how it is, and not get mired or bogged down in the day to day minutiae of trying to make a living and the dog eat dog struggle for existence in this age. Thanks a bunch, Peter.


Eddie Jones. England rugby union head coach. Gets up 5.00am everyday. Works relentlessly in the pursuit of being number 1. Constantly learning from from top coaches in other sports. Does it all with a smile on his face.


I follow a few guys in the crypto world and 2 of them inspire me.
The Dogelord (why else would I be on this forum)
Cedric Dahl
DL inspires me with his contagious enthusiasm and the fact that it a world of “to the moon” & “I want a Lambo” he has both.
Cedric inspires me because he’s all about enjoying a frugal life on his own terms.

They remind me that persistence pays off. Just watched the movie “the founder” and its message was exactly that. Ray Kroc had tried many things and just wouldn’t give up until life finally conceded and gave him what he wanted.


My wife inspires me. Her strengths are my weaknesses. She is my anchor and foundation. Because she is solid- I am able to reach, stretch and spend time in that uncomfortable space just outside my “zone”


Aaron Swartz inspires me in his courage and sense of morality.
Patti Smith, whose memoir I’m currently reading, inspires the artistic side of me: when she lived in New York in the late 60s/early 70s, she devoted herself to art in various forms until she one day released one of the best albums of all time.
My mother inspires me, as she came to this country with nothing and has made a very good life for herself.


I don’t know that anyone inspires me. Results tend to drive me. I really like what Jeff Bezos has done, some of the people aspects of Amazon are very interesting but I don’t know that he inspires me. Matthew McConaughey said in his Oscar speech that he chases who he is in 10 years. His hero is who he is in 10 years… I think that is something that inspires me. I always want to be a better father, better husband, better person, etc… Two things to think about… I don’t know where this comes from, if someone does please let m know. “Someone once said hell is the day when the person you became has to meet the person you could have become.” Lastly… and I don’t know where I heard this but it really resonates with me… “The person you will be in 5 years is who you hang around with today, the books you read, the food you eat and the workouts you do. Your future self is begging you to work harder today”… beyond that there are probably 20 speakers I like to listen to that make me want to get up and do more.


Speaking about Crypto my first inspiration is a guy named Luke he started with $2000 around three years ago, and now he’s making around $30.000/month. There’s a youtuber quickfingers he makes his living trading full time, and he teaches how to trade without charging anything, and now Peter your videos inspired me to join this community.

A “guy” that has inspired me to go and reach my dreams is Luffy from the anime series ONE PEACE. He just goes for what he wants; he doesn’t look for things that could stop his progress, he just goes for what he wants and any trouble that could happen (and there are a lot of difficulties) he only faces those crises at the time that it is needed to work on them.

I have learned not to be stopped by paralysis analysis; it is necessary just to get started and confront problems when they happen.


I could spend all day writing about the people who inspire me. There are lots, and for many different reasons. Examples are:

Tony Robbins - Great Motivator and energy, taught me a lot about my mindset and focusing on positives and success. He can find good out of any situation.

My father - for teaching me the value of family and doing everything he needed to support us in a good environment. He puts family first.

Deepak Chopra - taught me the power of meditation and to bring myself to the present and to worry less about the little things.

My extrovert friends who can say what they want and have no filter. They attract others and many people enjoy their company.

These are a few. I can name more, but I know there are many because everyone has some trait/skill that I could probably use to improve my life.

Even the DogeLord himself inspires me. His energy motivates me want to learn more about this industry.


I’d have to say the person that has inspired me the most in my life has been my old boss that owned a guitar shop I used to work at. He accomplished goals and gathered experiences that he was proud to share in order to help others. The accomplishments on his resume include owning 2 successful guitar stores, toured with a classic (and quite frankly huge in their time) canadian band without playing an instrument and has managed to remain a good human all throughout. The biggest lesson i’ve learnt from him was to always do the small thing because people will remember that. I remember one time when i first started working we’d feed the birds behind the store and a little kid came up and gave him a leaf, he took it and pressed it in a book. He looked over at me and told me “always keep the things the little guys give you because it’ll take you a second to put it away and it’ll mean the world to them when they seen you again”. A year/half a year later the kid came back to look at guitars and the kids parents were so taken aback that my boss had kept the leaf that they bought him a guitar right on the spot. The moral of the story that I think everyone can take from what my old boss is that being a kind human and being willing to hear everyone out is the best thing you can do for anybody and will bring you more profits than anything else can.


Elon Musk, innovative, fearless and wants to change the world for the better.


My mom inspires and motivates me to be the best person I can be and give more than receive.


Many people inspire me. I am most inspired by Jesus. I am also inspired by Steve Jobs, Kanye West, President Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jackie Chan.

Jesus loved everyone and committed the ultimate sacrifice just so all of us could be saved.

Steve Jobs held deep convictions, unwaveringly, for technologies he thought could change things for the betterment of humanity.

Kanye West and his works transcended the genres of hip-hop and his production techniques always broke new ground.

President Barack Obama defied odds, and worked his way to become the first minority/ethnic/African-American president of the United States, a country still wrought with racism (though it has been improving every decade!)

Arnold Schwarzenegger also defied odds by coming to America with limited English capacity, but became the world’s biggest Hollywood film star despite that.

Jackie Chan is one of the most prolific actors/directors out there, and is legendary because of the amount of risks that he took for the sake of his craft. He willingly put his life on the line countless times (breaking every single bone in his body in the process), to film that perfect shot.

and of course @thedogelord! you inspire me to learn more about blockchain technology and crypto!


I am inspired by my parents, who have given everything for their three sons to succeed. I am inspired by the people who have less and share more. I am inspired by people who go for what they want. I am inspired by people who have failed and stood up.


I’ve been into a lot of things, hobbies, and sports over my lifetime. I’ve watched and learned from people of all walks of life. I can’t think of a single person who inspires me, but in the crypto space…it’s PEETA!!! I watch all sorts of investors. I watch the traders who study charts and flip coins. I watch the cost average hodl types. I even watch the Ponzi scheme affiliate marketing guys. But there’s one guy that I watch first and last. There’s one guy that brings us back to Earth with sensible knowledge. There’s one guy that’s not going to sell us call signals, but will teach us how to trade on our own. There’s one guy who gives us hope, yet won’t pump something for a quick buck. You know who I’m talking about! It’s PEETA!!! Beeeeet-Kooooo-Neeeeect! Smash the like button guys!


My husband inspires me. I met him 9 years ago. He has pushed me to become a better person mentally and physically. He works 12-14 hour days and is ALWAYS level headed and in a good mood. He encourages me to follow all my crazy dreams. He is also not afraid to tell me that some of the things I want to try are just plain crazy and won’t work. I’m very stubborn though, I’ll still try it and sometimes fail, but he’s still there to support me.


My dad is probably inspiration #1! He came from nothing, literally food stamps, double-wide trailers, and a hardship license so he could drive his brothers to school at 14 years old while his mother worked two jobs. He put himself through college, working nights, then went on to get his masters degree. He and my mom spend the first 12 years of their marriage building their life and building my dad’s business. He started the business at 29 (his goal was to start it before he turned 30), and then they had me at 31. 12 years later he sold his (by that point Inc. 500) company to SAS and became a millionaire before age 40. Then 2008 happened, and I watched my parents lose so much of what they had built over the previous 30 years of their marriage. Despite all that though, my dad (with the help of my wonderful mama) persevered and rebuilt himself again and again. Today he has an Inc. 5000 company with 120 amazing employees, 3 college educated daughters, a wife of 39 years, and a network of colleagues who would go to bat for him any day of the week. He is truly an inspiration!

Here are some of the little tidbits of wisdom I’ve gleaned from him over the years:

  1. Do the right thing. Don’t do the wrong thing. (I always thought this was too simple and would protest “but dad sometimes there is grey.” To which he would always respond: “you always know in your heart what is right. when it feels grey, it’s because the “right” thing to do can seem impossibly challenging. Do it anyway.”)
  2. No matter what, never burn bridges. (you never know when you may need to walk back over them, he would say.)
  3. Work at least twice as hard as the people you are asking to work for you.
  4. People hire who they know, like and trust. Make meaningful connections, be easy to work with, and honor your word.
  5. A commitment to Excellence, Trust, and Care are the three pillars to lasting business relationships.
  6. MS Excel is your best friend. Become a wizard. Use excel for everything.
  7. Beer is good. IPA is the best (and it’s even better when you brew it yourself…which he still does, from time to time).
  8. You can never watch Forrest Gump, Braveheart, or Tombstone too many times.
  9. Hakuna Matata
  10. Be ruthlessly disciplined in your action. Have a plan and commit to it. Work your ass off as efficiently as possible. And at some point, when you’ve spent years of your life giving it everything you’ve got, you’ll have built something to be proud of. And someone, or everyone, will say “You got lucky”. Just smile. You’ll know the truth.