#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



#3 is king. That’s what we do here. :slight_smile:


Clive Sinclair
Richard Branson
Dr. Who
Jesus Christ

I did become a computer programmer and should have made more of it but thanks Clive anyway! I spent too much time in the ale house to do anything that Branson inspired me to do or be; Dr. Who took over.

Although Jesus didn’t show up for me till later, when I realised what the guy was about it changed everything. So now I am inspired in completely different ways.



My father.
He has always had a great impact on me. I have admired him since my early childhood. Everyone has a great respect towards him. His personality, always knowing how to act, how to behave, what to say and what not to say. His strongest virtues imo are his will power, his sacrifice and discipline in anything he does. He has always tought my brothers and I to NEVER, EVER SURRENDER! And after the years, this lesson came in real life when one day he had a pretty bad stroke. He is one of the healthiest individuals I know (No smokes, barely drunk, daily sports, pretty fit military mountain elite troops…) but the oods turned against him that day. Lost part of his right side vision, the motor skills of his entire body got affected as well as his speech and reasoning capability. Doctors were not positive at all he would make it through. Little by little, day by day fighting he started to improve. After 3 months in the hospital he started a long recovery, over a year of therapies and he walked again, learned how to read and write again, and over time he became better, even fitter than before!
Now, a little over 4 years since then, he’s almost entirely recovered. And eventhough he would never be the same person (something changed him that day for the good and the bad) he is still around because he NEVER, EVER SURRENDERED!


I think its difficult to always narrow down who inspires us the most, as we always move through various stages of our lives and sometimes even in our darkest moments it can be difficult to find the right inspiration needed to press on but for me in those moments I always found a way to meditate, connect with my inner self and tap into my own state of mind to find the inspiration I needed to overcome adversities and difficult times, I found that it was in those moments where I truly discovered what I was made off and what could be accomplished by having the right state of mind.

Having said that I have found inspiration in others even when I might not have realized that I needed it, for example after seeing what my brother accomplished recently from nothing by entering Bitcoin back in October it created a sense of realism for me that this could be done. Ive always found a sense of belonging with my favorite philosopher being Alan Watts on the nature of the self, and what it means to have the patience and perseverance to pursue something you share a deep sense of care for. At this point in time now im just motivated to be here and I have found inspiration with everyone who is here fighting the same battle and striving to be on the winning side.


Jocko Willink (He has an amazing YouTube channel)… Here’s an example that inspires me (that I would like to emulate) This will get you through EVERY FUD YOU EVER ENCOUNTER.



To be honest all of you guys do, they way you stay positive really encourages me


The list of people that inspire me is pretty big.
First off, My wife and our kids, they amaze me everyday with how the learn and grow and how she can do all the things that she does for our family!
My mom and my step dad Jim would definitely need to be on that list.
taut me the value of hard work, and that its okay to spend weeks out in the woods to disconnect sometimes.
and of course Peter and everyone on the PUB!:grinning:


My 7 year old son who sadly passed away is my biggest inspiration and continues to be everyday. He was partially paralysed during a surgery procedure and yet smiled all the way back to walking again. He had a few heart surgeries but yet again was always smiling through the pain he must have been facing. Simple thing is no matter what he faced he was always positive and so he opened my eyes up to a new world :+1:


As a Dad this breaks my heart. Continue making him proud of his Dad as he watches you from the heavenlies, carry on and keep staying positve. Thank you for sharing. Peace


Who inspires me?
God - Duh!
Wife - Totally consistent and honest in everything she does. It’s kind of annoying :smile:
My friend Dey - He is wildly optimistic and relentless in everything he does.
People who work their ass off generally inspire me. @peter


Doug Polk, a Crypto Youtuber and former poker pro has been my inspiration for a couple of years now. He has a very similar personality to myself and traits that I admire. He has been at the top of the Poker World, yet continues to expand into socials, Youtube, other businesses and industries. I think what I admire the most is that he has the drive to accomplish the highest of goals and then re-start from scratch one something new, not limiting or identifying himself by one particular venture.


The people who inspire me most are Eric Thomas, Tom Brady and the entire Patriots organization. Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker and preacher. He went from being homeless with no H.S Diploma to a multimillionaire with at Ph.D. The passion and belief when he speaks is palpable.
Superbowl 51 saved my life. I was going through an extremely difficult point in my life and felt as if I was at the point of giving up. I sat at home alone and watched the game aghast at halftime thinking, the Patriots are going to lose to the Falcons? I remember the shot of Tom Brady sitting on the side line with his head down and his eyes closed as if he was zoning everything out and refocusing himself completely. After halftime I witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in sports history on the back of Tom Brady. He talked his team for one of the greatest displays of teamwork I have ever seen.
Some of the best things that i take away from Eric Thomas is his persistent enthusiasm, his passion, and his belief in hard work and dedication. I can also relate to Eric Thomas on several other personal levels and find him to be a constant inspiration.
From Tom Brady and the Patriots I learned the importance of discipline, preparation, mental toughness, and faith. The comeback of last year’s Superbowl was a surgical operation only made possible through resounding mental toughness. Down 25 points at halftime most teams would have given up, not team in any Superbowl had recovered from such a deficit, but they did.


not to kiss ass, but @peter is one of the few people that can hold my attention. I had never heard of him until I randomly found his Youtube channel back in December. At first I was like, whoa this dude puts out way too many videos a day… pass… as I continued my journey around the crypto space I found the bitconnect lords and got stuck listening to them for a bit. no, I never fell for their scam… but I’m glad I got stuck there because Decentralized TV kept showing up on the right side, so I finally decided to give him a listen. 4 hours of DCTV videos later, I was hooked. Less than 2 months later and i’ve got tons of respect for this crazy korean guy and his korean bbq! One of the biggest things I’ve learned is to hodl that shit to the moon! The next thing I’ve learned is never… never… buy a lambo with bitcoin. Bro… that’s gonna be a $4 million car soon! haha. But really, I’ve learned a lot in what he says, I plan to keep listening, and I’m hoping to get even more out of the teachings in this course.


Thank you sir for being here! I’m grinding for the cryptonation!


My dad who continues to work hard at his old age today.
Very dedicated to his trade.
He raised his family including me well.
What can I learn from him?

I need to emulate his dedication, hard work, and discipline to push through until he finishes what he starts.


And you shall be him, one day. Live long and prosper!


As others have said, my list could be pretty long and spanning a lot of different areas. And John has already listed out the qualities or characteristics of such people. But two of the most important qualities, to me at least, are focus and discipline. Being able to focus on what you want to do and achieve, and then doing it every day. This is probably where I struggle the most, or what I have the most difficulty with. Is inspiration separate from action? Like I said, I’m probably inspired by a lot of people, but acting on that inspiration…
Just to give a few examples of people, it ranges from Tiff Needell, a former formula 1 driver and presenter on Fifth Gear (watching him laugh, joke, and keep talking while going sideways in an e46 m3 was great, I want to be able to drive like that!) , to Karl Popper, writing about paradigm shifts and the demarcation of science. And writers like Hemingway, Fitzgerald, to Stephen King, or Asimov. And then artists and photographers.


Nice question, who inspires me… in the cryptoverse… is my Brother Raymond who ushered me to this space…his dire commitment and selfless focus to stand out and ride against the tide. Andreas Anotonopolus has been very phenomenal in my resourcefulness, very exemplary and commendable. He has given me tonnes of knowledge and assurance in this technology.


There are quite a few that give me inspiration, mostly from people who have been through a lot or simply have some awesome ideas/insight.

A good portion of these people do or have given some motivational speech or have placed a book that has left some sort of an impact on my life.

I really seem to gravitate towards those people who have essentially started from nothing and worked their way up to something great.

You can name just about any person who has produced a self development book and it will probably be on my list!

-Darcy C