#B90X - DAY 4 - Who Inspires You?



This is the hardest question yet, simply because I’ve never been that inspired throughout my life, never been much for having role models. In the last twelve months though I can only think of one person that really opened me up to become passionate about something, Robert Kiyosaki. His book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” was truly an eye-opener about how almost all people look at money, and explains why so few people who make good money actually get rich.
I recommend anyone and everyone who hasn’t already read the book to do so, if you’re interested in long-term wealth. There are reasons why lottery winners or people who inherit a lot of money end up poor relatively quickly, nobody is ever taught about how money works in school. Without the right knowledge and mindset you’ll likely not keep your crazy cryptogains for very long.

I actually found the entire audio book on Youtube, and I highly recommend it.


I had a hard time with this one. There were so many people that came to mind but I couldn’t think of why. So i give my answer for yesterday.

Who Today I’ll say my wife. She’s a hard worker. Without her my life would prolly fall apart.

WhyShe always backs me up and supports me in alot of what I do. Like when I decided to openly game, she started gaming too, with an open mind of it.

AchievementsShe has helped hold together our family for over 10years. She’s given us 4 daughters and deals with alot everyday. An at home mom of 4 is a major accomplishment everyday.

What we take awayI think what we can learn from her the most is you gotta stand by the people you believe in if you want to stand with them. In other words support your fellow man/woman.


This one was a bit difficult for me as well. The first person of relative “celebrity” status that came to mind would be Joe Rogan. Since I’ve started listening to his podcast, I’ve really started to ask more questions in life rather then just go with the flow. He’s inspired me to keep track of my physical health and eat better.

His mantra of “everyone should take part in difficult things” really stuck with me. Whether it be physical exercise, a challenging skill, or anything really! Too many of us get complacent and comfortable once we find a stable job. I’ve really started to question more things in life and challenge myself in multiple aspects so that I can experience failure and potentially learn more about myself/others!


Conor Mcgregor and Leo Messi inspire me. People like thats work ethic is out of this world. And yes Peter, you fit into that category.
As a EX profesional fotballer(quit at a young age because of injury, I’m still young though) I learnt that the once that put in the hours necessary is most likely to succeed.
So that is what I will do, consume more content than 99% of people in this space to give me the chances to generate the wealth that I want.


I draw alot of inspiration from my parents and forefathers, most of all their work-ethics. I never had that “get it done”-spirit which came natural to them, given the whole “do it or die”-situation being farmers in harsh conditions.
Growing up knowing very little else beside mountains and farming, my father became a very well respected pilot, my uncles became an engineer and a doctor. Its a dreamy kind of determination, with a very grounded kind of grunt baked into it. The sky is the limit, but you have to build the big-ass ladder.

For a few years now I have followed Jaimie Mantzel. An off-grid youtuber, most famous for building a HUGE spider robot in the woods of vermont. Now hes sold everything he owned in america and bought a small island in Panama. If you are not impressed, neigh, INSPIRED by watching him build a concrete castle out of the whole island… I dont know what it takes. Jaimie has the same kind of gruntwork-attitude i grew up with, as well as an analytical side to him i very much identify with.

to sum it up; Do your best. Always.


My biggest inspiration is my husband. I know it sounds corny but it’s not. Let me explain. My husband has been a CEO for two seperate comapnies for most of his executive career. Employees and coleagues look up to him and and trust him. My husband has something that is lacking in most business people, he has integrity. He is honest and he treats people fairly. He is always prepared for his meetings whether they are local or in DC. He knows his subject matter no matter how big or small the topic. He never takes shortcuts and he gives 100%, always.
In the crypto space, I am inspired by the brilliant women. They are incredibly intelligent and love sharing their knowledge with a newbie like me. Whether its security tips or buy/sell tips. They are patient and want to empower other women to get into the crypto space. I am educating myself every chance I get and I am patient with my newbie friends that may ask me the same questions every week. I’m doing the best I can with the tools I have at the moment. It’s been an exciting ride so far.


We got plenty of passionate crypto women here!

@CryptoMom @altcoinchick @rhlll


This space is very welcoming and helpful! Hit us up if you have any questions!


It’s hard to think of specific names, but I’m inspired by entrepreneurial women around the world living their best life. They don’t sacrifice time for their jobs, or their dreams for an average, safe lifestyle - no, they’ve got it all! Like literal wonder women. I know they by and large have several things in common - they take care of their health, both physical and mental. They make time for the people and things they love. They’re disciplined and have a set routine for success. They network with other successful and hustling women and men. They also provide value to others and give openly.

These are all qualities and habits I hope to emulate in building my future success. I’m in it for the long haul! Still intimidating though… so much to learn… and when the money that you need to live on/pay bills with is at stake, it does create some worry. BUT. Discipline is key indeed.


Michael Haneke. He is a film director and they are all masterpieces - especially The White Ribbon and Cache. While not everyone can be a genius, the secret to his films is a total commitment to his vision without pandering to financiers or the audience. Because of this, each film feels unique and unlike anything else out there.

Scott Adams. He has become extremely successful in multiple disciplines despite his own acknowledgement that he is not the smartest, funniest or most capable person. He developed a disciplined life that is not repressed, and puts his work and ideas out in the public domain without fear or censorship. All through a life of constant learning and experimentation.

Lately, Peter has been inspiring me. It’s so easy to doubt yourself when you decide to become a somewhat public figure. But he speaks with confidence without arrogance, and positivity without any fakeness. I respect anyone who is their authentic self and who tries to help others. Also, his teeth are fucking amazing.


Those teeth tho. My 1 redeeming quality!


Who inspires me is people that have what I want. A simple but important logic I follow.

For example you Peter inspire youre credible source of information. You have 3 master degrees in the science field and have made money with cryptocurrency and even have a bitcoin lambo.

I have a philosophy of not listening to people that have made their fortunes by only teaching other people how to make money without making money themselves first.

I don’t mean this on just a financial level though people that have a great relationship or even great kids inspire me.

Like Will & Jada Smith inspire me to parent like them lmao their kids were hella woke early.


I appreciate the comments!

Thanks my man!
I’ve been blessed. I’ve said it many times.
I want to bless others. Simple as that!

Let’s bless the cryptonation together!


Peter, my man! You have motivated/sold me on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency. Besides reading books on paying off debt and building my net worth, Peter has really pushed me into this environment.
Beside Peter, these young American military personnel have always inspired me. They volunteer to serve our great nation, writing that “blank check” to defend our Country. Having served over 23 years in the active US Army, it is great seeing some exceed my expectations and even excel beyond me as in academics or higher positions and responsibilities in the Military.
We can take away from them, the selfless service to improving our community and families, discipline, always doing the right thing when no one is looking, and always improving themselves (you cannot care for others if you don’t care for yourself first).


One of my big inspirations is Joe Rogan. I started listening to his podcasts for the comedy and over time the show turned into a great learning experience. His long format show really brings out the best in his interviews. I credit the Joe Rogan Experience for getting me in better shape, eating better and even introducing me to Bitcoin. Fortunately I was introduced to Bitcoin back in 2014 when Andreas Antonopoulos was a guest on the show. I can’t even begin to list the episodes on health, nutrition and fitness over the years. Rogan even got me into working out with the kettle bells.

What’s always inspiring with Rogan is he has good work ethic. He’s on the regular work out routine, staying in Ketosis, commentating UFC, writing new comedy and putting out great podcasts for fans. He promotes yoga, meditation and some other things. Joe Rogan should get more credit. I’ve never heard a single person have anything bad to say about him. He’s come a long way since Fear Factor and seems pretty woke.


Depending on the field, I’m inspired by different people. I like Alan Thrall (YouTube him, great guy) to keep my lifting gains. For crypto, I try to follow in footsteps of success who also imitate my own philosophies (which is one of the reasons I wound up in the pub). For general inspiration I look at historical figures. I am quite partial to Árpád.


People who inspire me I can say is my wife, we both came from a low income family both made it thru college and now we both live a comfortable life style. But it took great efforts for us to be where we are now!! She is tough and give it her all in everything she does. I am motivated by her and I would like for us to be financially independent that is why I look for various ways to make more money. Being positive is key in this game, and having a vision will only make your life and journey easier.


My family inspires me, my parents for working hard and teaching me to do the same and showing me that nothing is free, That we can live without a lot of things that are what they called extras and it wont hurt us. Just because someone else has it does not mean we have to have it. Live without today so that we may have something tomorrow. I look inside myself for inspiration i guess from the disciplines I learned from them.


Graham Chapman - one of the funniest men ever - no he wasn’t


You inspire me Peter, I will be in a crypro trading room all day just to engage and learn, I am not a day trader type, but man those guys will have me feeling stressed like I bought too high or bought too low and too early or too late and damn I held when I shouldve pulled profits and the count I was following just got invalidated oh my god and on and on and then I always come back to the pub and watch your videos and I am immediately grounded. Mentally and energetically. Also, the things you say like in this particular video about disciplined behavior , even though your content is based on cryptocurrency market it is exact same sentiment as spiritual teachers.
Another person who has inspired me that you remind me of a lot in things you say especially with conspiracy topics is Neil Kramer. He has a lot free content on his site Neilkramer.com and he goes over political, social(like how all the social justice terms are actually bs by empire, sovereign individual, empire, and behavior musings in his Roamcasts.
The behavior we can extract from both of you , among many things but to name just two, Discipline of course and DISCERNMENT. Thank you and your bro for all your work and thanl you Booins (so cute lol) for letting him do all this , I know it takes his focus. Yes, I said “letting him” :wink: