#B90X - DAY 41 - Retrospective on Market and Personal Psychology



You can say that again.


My focus these past couple of days has been to rally my friends, family and closest co-workers to wake up to the revolution.

I myself have been learning how to ready trade patterns and to research ICO’s much better.

Don’t FOMO and have patience, we’ll all talk about this journey on the moon soon!


Retrospective time. I’m curious what we starting tomorrow, but now I have make sure I got what I need to start new segment. See Ya tomorrow.


There is not one point that you have brought to my attention that is more important than the other. Your market psychology section can help people that are still having issues with trading discipline (FUD/FOMO) as always thank you for all your hard work and putting this together for us Peter!


Time to tighten up my review game


The most impactful for me was the one I failed to do, establishing a goal before entering this game! This will not be the approach moving forward, goals are set and now having mental awareness coupled with lots of retrospect most certainly will get me to the finish line. Thank you so much Peter :wink:


Staying strong and HODLing! Getting better day by day :sunglasses::hulksmash:


No shortcuts in this adventure, stay true to yourself avoid using gurus as crutches, think for yourself and finally continue moving forward as you learn by making mistakes.


One of the most important lesson taught me was the power of DCAing which helps drastically with market and personal psychology. Hodl on hodl strong.


The entire psychology package was amazing.
I guess I already knew the market didn’t care about me and that it needed a new pile of loser investors continually to keep it moving forward. I just never heard anyone come out and say it.
It reminds me of banks and credit, continually expanding the debt to keep the beast alive.
DAY 41 – We are building the new frontier. :android::rocket: