#B90X - Day 42 - Your Personal Vision Statement for YOUR Life!



Vision Statement describes the principles that guide your life. These are the principles that you will continue to come back to as a filter for all the activities you engage in.

This is a HEART ISSUE. It’s the core of how you want to lead your own life!

-It should be inspiring!
-It should be challenging!
-It should be epic!

For example, the VISION for the #cryptonation and TheBitcoin.Pub is to have a:

Balanced, healthy, wealthy, and purpose driven life.

This is subsequently MY own PERSONAL vision for my own life!

Let me give you a couple examples:

  • Whenever I am engaged in any type of activity, I filter those activities through my personal Vision Statement.

  • If the activities I’m doing do NOT align with my personal vision, then I DON’T DO IT.

  • Creates an aritifical mental pause before I engage in any activity that requires significant amount of my time.


1 - What do you VALUE? - Write it down. What are the top 3-5 things you value most in this world?
2 - What are your spiritual, family, physical, career, relationships, finances, mental, and entertainment goals? - Write them down. List them all!
3 - Now, consider a statement, that summaries what you VALUE and your GOALS that is short, memorizable, and all encompassing.

What’s best, is the REAL value of this exercise is ACTUALLY DOING IT!
We must be intentional about our lives if we want them to change.
You have 2 options in the future:

1 - A well crafted life, built by you
2 - A life, completely created through passivity

The choice is yours!

In today’s #B90X program, I want you to share, what you’re willing to share in the thread below! Show us your work! We’d love to encourage you!!!

Creating a Mission and Vision for your Life

Constantly invest time, heart, and money in works that result in continuous passive gains, and use the passive gains to live a once in a life time experience


Top 3 Things that I Value:

  1. Helping others
  2. Constantly learning and evolving
  3. Being happy

My Goals in Life:

  1. To be physically, mentally and emotionally active & healthy
  2. To be a valued mentor to others and see them grow financially, spiritually and professionally
  3. To have a strong and vibrant family
  4. Have enough means to do what I want to do
  5. See new sights and experience new adventures
  6. Never to have regrets

My Personal Vision Statement:

To be physically, mentally, financially and emotionally healthy so that I may be able to continually learn new life lessons which empower me to help others achieve their goals and allow my family to feel safe and secure.


I appreciate you very much for taking this so seriously! I life changed is a life of intentionality! To the moon bro! :rocket:


Mind my writing :man_shrugging:t4::upside_down_face:


This. Now. Get a whiteboard marker and put it on your mirror.


This was a great exercise Peter, thank you!

Vision: To prosper as a sovereign individual in a violence-free society without oppressive centralized authority.

Mission: Experiment using radically different methods in a collaborative environment to learn faster together, and become greater agents of change.

Goal: Build new systems of Education, Business, Governance, and Banking - Of the People, By the People, For the People.


Super. Need you to start with Decentralized.tv!


I’m excited let’s do it!


42 the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. This is a good exercise. I’ve to take this time to do it.


This is deep… my core value: Happy well-being, purposeful Godly, healthy life and family.



  • Relationships (family & friends)
  • Financial freedom
  • Learning & self improvement
  • Travel
  • Fun


  • Spiritual: Be Meditative, mindful and self-reflective. Live in the moment and reflect later.
  • Family: Be there and spend time with my family, be able to support them, in person if needed.
  • Physical: Eat healthily, exercise and stay in shape.
  • Career: Work for myself and grow at least one business.
  • Relationships: Have healthy, honest, open, caring and fun relationships. “Love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t.”
  • Finances: Be financially independent and have enough to do the things I want without worrying about money.
  • Mental: Keep learning and growing mentally, have a calm and clear head that is open to new ideas. Keep stress to a minimum.
  • Entertainment: Spend time enjoying the outdoors, cycle to get around, snowboard and surf as much as possible. Spend less time drinking alcohol.

Live a healthy and balanced life without regrets.
Take chances and work hard for the things I want.
Love lots and be there person I want to be.


Solid list here. I love the mental. It all starts there!


That right there is a list of someone who will reach their goals and accomplish much.



1. Family
2. Work (at home or dealing)
3. Health

Spiritual: meditate to find clarity

Family: to encourage everyone to succeed and help when needed

Physical: to get back to a healthy lifestyle

Career: I’m looking into leaving my current work
and would like to be successful in crypto
trading and investing.

Relationship: #1 for me is being a good wife. I also want to gain friendships in the crypto space.

Finances: to continue to help support my family and my mom.


Entertainment: I enjoy showing my kids new places.

Have a healthy lifestyle with a clear head and I can encourage success to my children and family. Showing them the hard work it takes EVERYDAY.


I decided my outlines were a bit personal to post, but following your advice I did end up with what I consider to be a very poignant, powerful and relevant personal vision statement.
A purpose-driven and healthy life my child can be proud of; rich with freedom, family, love, technology and learning.
It just fell into place. Thanks Peter!

Edit: I have cut it down to its core elements: A purposeful life; rich with freedom, family, love, technology, and learning.

#B90X - DAY 61 - Amateur Habits VS Pro Habits

Worth repeating, every day!

Great one!

I’ll write mine here, just because it’s good to write it out:
“To live a balanced, healthy, wealthy, and purpose driven life!”


To be the minimalist millionaire that teaches psychological flexibility.
The millionaire part is why I’m here.
For anyone interested in minimalism the best book I’ve found to date is minimalist by Sam Siv

For anyone interested in Psychological Flexibility check out


I value independence, funny moments in life, family and real friends. My purpose is to learn and implement systems that let me grow as a person who inspires family and friends, and that is happy with himself.


I’ve been doing the B90X program daily and then I ran into this one which took me some time to really digest and meditate on.

Here’s mine: "To live with compassion and discipline empowering those around me with a sprinkle of fun along my life journey with God, family, and friends"