#B90X - Day 42 - Your Personal Vision Statement for YOUR Life!




  1. Moral Integrity
  2. Overall Family Well-Being
  3. Financial Liberty
  4. Well Maintained Property

Spiritual: To abide by my moral code
Family: To create a nurturing household which enables all family members to be creative, self motivating, moral and able to obtain their goals
Physical: To get all body conditions under control through physical therapy, diet, exercise and stem-cell regeneration.
Career: To step out of carpentry gracefully and be self employed/independent of employer.
Relationship: To love and be loved with high admiration for each other and setting an excellent example for our children.
Financial: All bills current, 6 months+ reserves with some (no, lots of) stupid money, home and vehicles updated with 0 balances owed, retirement secured.
Mental: At peace with myself and able to handle the stresses that will undoubtedly come from the grind. Being able to make sound, wise judgments and decisions the will speed up and lessen the grind.
Entertainment: Movies, plays, concerts, and vacations. I want to be able to make a bucket list that is not just a pipe dream.

With moral integrity and high work ethic, I will create an environment where my family will flourish and prosper for generations to come.

MOTTO: The Universe Rewords a Hustler


Balanced, healthy, wealthy, purpose driven life pretty much summarizes it up. Ontop of that, alpha goals to get me there!


Sticking with it maybe add some balance but none the less the same.


My original post stands. My vision does work. I look at it at least once a day and it helps get me fired up and keep me motivated. My wife loves it and my kids know I am serious about success.


What do I value?

1-Provide for my family
2-Leading by example
3-Maintain a healthy lifestyle
4-Having friends of a like mind

What are my goals?

Spiritual-Consistently grow closer to my Lord and Savior.
Family-Provide financially and make great memories
Physical-Keep a disciplined exercise regime.
Career-Make a living from our family farm.
Relationship-Keep a healthy relationship with family and like minded friends.
Financial-Have enough savings to quit my full time job and work on the family farm full time.
Mental-Have mental clarity and know that I am doing what my purpose is.
Entertainment-Build Kayla a cabin on a mountain with a view.

My personal vision statement-

The principals that will guide my life are – to provide health and wealth for my family, myself, and like minded friends. While leading by example I will achieve financial stability to the point that I can employ myself full time. I will keep a close walk with my God. And be mindful of staying physically healthy.

My motto–


There it is guys… This one was a tough one. But this is my heart!


Absolutely. Thank you sir.

It’s purpose that drives.
It’s purpose that survives.


Just finished a book that has me wanting to try a personal vision question instead…

How can I improve the relationships I care about most, build my financial security, create purpose, and improve my community?


Just finished a book that has me wanting to try personal vision question instead…
How can I improve the relationships I care about. ---- before the excercise

---- After…

How will I be spiritually balanced, live life filled with love and health, maintain close bonds with friends and family, grow a family of my own, have fun doing the activities I enjoy the most, generate financial security through building a career in the crypto space creating products services & companies while achieving ambitious milestones, and forge the path the I most desire?


What I value: God, Family, Liberty, Legacy

My goals are a little to personal for me to post here however I do have them on my wall.

Vision statement:
Live a life that leaves a legacy of faith, love, endurance, liberty, wealth, knowledge and magical memories for generations to come. :blush: