#B90X - DAY 44 - Mission Goals, START!



We talked about VISION and we talked about creating your first MISSION.

How it’s time to begin on the mission. We have to consider what incremental steps we must take in order for our mission to be successful.

Remember, your VISION and MISSION are the 2 most powerful mental filters for any activity that you do. If what you’re doing does NOT align with your personal vision and mission, you should not do it. It’s sideways energy.

Now that you’ve set up your first mission, it’s time to execute.

Let’s say your Vision of your life is to have “financial freedom and autonomy in life,” and your mission is to “pay off your student debt and credit card debt.”

Wonderful. Now that you have these two locked into place, ANYTHING you do that does not align to those, you should remove.

So let’s start thinking about how to begin, with incremental steps:

1 - Think pragmatic - What can you begin to do NOW?
2 - Think incremental - What can I save in 1 week? What can I save in a month?
3 - Think realistic - What must I begin to remember when I feel the urge to spend?

These goals, within your mission will help you make incremental progress to succeed in your mission. Having a mission isn’t enough, we have to make it real. It has to be achievable, but challenging!

Let’s use me as an example!

My VISION: "To live a balanced, healthy, wealthy, and purpose driven life."
My (current) MISSION: “To spread Bitcoin and blockchain technology to every corner of the globe.”

How did I begin?

  • Started a Youtube Channel
  • Started TheBitcoin.Pub
  • Started building our first iOS app
  • Bought the first Bitcoin Huracan Lamborghini to help spread the word

These are all within my wheelhouse. These are all things I can do. These are all things that are acheivable.

In today’s B90X, I’d love for you to share with us in TheBitcoin.Pub what your first mission objectives are! What are the steps you’re taking to make your mission successful!

Creating a Mission and Vision for your Life

Just remember… “Bad is Where You Start”.


Was reminded of that today! This is how a lot of this started!


We started out very bad. But you must start. You must execute. Let’s do this.


Selling one of my “Toys” Today!

The “Red Menace” is Being Sold Today! :cowboy_hat_face:


My current mission is to refinance my house before the owner carried contract expires in July 2018. In order to do that, I need to finish the remodel, make sure my credit is good enough to get financing, and make sure that my business earns enough money this year so I can qualify for a big enough loan. Since I am currently a Real Estate Agent, I need to make sure my earnings come through real estate sales/services for a bank to consider me.

My action steps are as follows:
-Create a calendar/plan regarding the remodel and follow it, so that I can finish before June 2018, and create a plan to finance the repairs (through real estate, work partiees and other means).
-Continue to generate new business in real estate and make sure I do the things to move it all forward. The key is consistently generating new business!
-Continue re-building my credit through on time payments and responsible credit usage. I need to focus on playing the credit game and following the rules to rebuild!

Another part of this is adequate rest and recreation so that I don’t get burned out and hinder my ability to stick to my mission from stress! I’ve made good progress so far, but I still have a way to go so I’m committed to staying focused and completing my mission!


I particularly like the rest part… so important!!


Excellent mission & action plan. It sounds to me like you’re well on your way, my friend. We stand beside you & are always here to offer support and encouragement.

Your response certainly has done that for me!


I am thinking about doing the same thing. Except I only have one car. I’m thinking about moving downtown instead of the suburbs. I want everything within walking distance so I can use the car payment money & invest.


$$$ Sold Da’ Jeep. :cowboy_hat_face: Bought Mooore Bitcoin! :dragon::dragon_face: :skull_and_crossbones:


Thanks for taking the time to share! I love it! Stick to the plan!


Vision: I’m afraid of saying it out loud because it sounds very ambitious.

Mission: Free myself from the 9-5 so that I can be a full time creative.

How do i begin?

  • sell off my online store
  • hire help for my other store
  • go all in and scale it up
  • spend relatively conservatively and invest the rest in well researched cryptos.


It must be epic. It must be shared. Let’s do this. B90x is the program to get you there!


i’m so glad that you did. saying it aloud is actually a powerful first step…!


I just want to be very successful and actually make a lot of money making music. Something most people would consider impossible. Any time you want to do out of the box family and society generally craps on you for it. The mentality that only the very special get to go for what they want in life is poison and common place and I’ve wasted years listening to that bs.

That’s why I love the crypto community. It’s all about shooting for the moon.


We dream big here.

“As long as you’re thinking, think epic.” - me


My Vision:
Constantly invest time, heart, and money in works that result in continuous passive gains, and use the passive gains to live a once in a life time experience

My Current Mission:
Discipline myself to focus on building a passive income portfolio that can set my time free and gives me security. My bad habits such as sloppy for details and procrastination will get in the way, so I will need to get rid of it.

My Mission Goals:

  • Start living on a planned schedule week, carefully plan out my time
  • Formalize 1st version of Crypto investment principle and strategy.


Wonderful start my friend! Now it’s time to grind. :fire:


The road to our respective heavens are littered with good intentions and hopefulness. The key is to stick through it with the support of others and don’t let “great” get in the way of “good enough”. This way you keep forward momentum and arrive someplace. It may not be the place you thought or the place you planned for but it will be different than the place you are today and the place that you want to leave! Great videos @peter @john. Kudos to the brotherhood and kudos to us all for joining this great community and moving towards our goals.

Just plunked another weekly chunk on Bitcoin while it is at it’s all time high. Don’t even feel bad about it. This is my new plan. Dollar Cost Averaging, even when it seems crazy. This will prove to be a great investment in 5 years! I KNOW it! To Da Moooon! :rocket::rocket:


To see my VISION of living debt-free by paying off my Harley, car, and house (and enjoy all of the goodness that it will bring with it!), my mission goals are:

*continue to dollar cost average, which I just started.
*liquidate the unnecessary shit I’ve accumulated over the years (made so much progress already!) to buy more BTC
*review my spending habits and recurring expenses in order to reduce those and add more to my DCA routine
*shop smarter and buy less. Moar bitcoin!

In fact, I realized today that I have a couple hundy in an old forgotten bank account. Guess what’s getting closed today? And, this Day 44 ties right in with today’s Daily Check In of planning for big purchases (mine being paying off that debt). Perhaps taking some risk that I need to calculate. NOT the bread money, but some savings that’s not really doing me any love by sitting there like a lump. Things to consider. Alarms are going off in some people’s head, I know. It’s not conventional. But neither is life. I have a lot to think about.


Keep thinking girl! Great to see you on stream last night!

Constant introspection will help us achieve our goals.
Most people don’t succeed in life because they forget that in order to win, you must focus every day!