#B90X - DAY 44 - Mission Goals, START!



Thanks for the shout out! My first stream, it was fun!


Looking for recos on a good goal tracking app. I’m a list checker offer like no other but I’d like to find something more robust than a to-do app, something to track each of my goals to support my vision, give me a snapshot of how I’m doing. Kinda so that I can smash my goals faster. I like to compete with myself :slight_smile: It’s motivating. And revealing, a way to see if I might be able to accelerate the timeline if I can. It’s tough to be patient once I know what I want!

SO! Got any good goal tracking app recommendations?


Write them on your mirror like I do.


I should get out the kiddo’s bath crayon again, I do my best thinking in the shower when I can’t write it down on paper!


There are my goals. I HAVE to stare at them every day @altcoinchick

Nothing better than having to face your future every day.


Love it! I’m definitely a goal setter and list checker all the time. I get shit done. I have so many goals, I am hoping to find something pretty that will keep it contained and manageable and visually motivating. Productivity all the way, every day!


I’ve decided to try out Goals on Track. It’s not free, costs $68/year, but I think it’s going to keep me motivated and focused. Has a web version and mobile app.


Tell us how it works out. At the end of the B90X program. I’d be interested to hear if it helped or not.


I’m just setting up my goals today, and it’s already helped reveal details and forced me to run some time estimates. Already I want to figure out ways to accelerate the end goal as I keep in mind the likely BTC uptrend. Watching the charts intensely over the next 2 weeks for the best entry point for the bulk of what I’ve got to put in right now. So far I also like this system because I have many goals outside of financial goals too. Seems like it’ll be a good place to consolidate them all. I’ll keep you posted.


I just got a message from the power company…my bill is going down 50 bucks a month! I changed out my old 1950s thermostat for a Nest last winter and it’s paid dividends!..in the form of moar bitcoin I can DCA!


My current mission looks more into personal growth & the way my mind thinks.

I’ve been dwelling on past events, which in turn hinder my future prospects. I’m learning to recognise when i’m having certain thoughts - acknowledge them & move on.
This no doubt will help in my crypto journey as I will be able to have more focus without the sideways energy.


Love the community Peter.


And we ar very glad you’re here!


My mission goals:

  • Build website
  • Research promising cryptocurrency projects
  • Learn more technical and trading analysis
  • Invest and trade to increase capital


In day 7 I responded to your timebox episode with my approach to goals. I keep my personal goals on a pad on my desk and on my desktop background. I look at them 2x a day.

Goals that I started months ago that will make my Mission a reality:
Review the market - Daily
B90X - Daily
Quality family time - Daily
Rest! - Daily
Learn something new in tech - Daily
Read 2 white papers - Weekly
DCA my weekly amount- Weekly
Extend my network of like-minded people in tech (possibly crypto) locally to network with, by 2 - Weekly
Read a new book in tech and/or crypto - Weekly
Contribute to 1 new technology (development, investment, consult, moderate, etc) - Monthly
Complete 1 course in tech (work learning portal, LinkedIn learning, Udemy, etc…) - Monthly
Dedicate 32 hours to family time during the weekends - Monthly
Start/join monthly social/networking events - Monthly
Reflect and refine my goals based on what has changed - Monthly/Weekly/as needed


Damn bro. You gunna be a ghandi when you finish.
I love this!


Thanks Peter! I love setting goals. I preach it all the time “set SMART
goals along the way and you will get to your destination”. The satisfaction
when you complete the daily goals really ends the day on a great note, and
the same for the weekly, monthly, etc… I love this program, it rocks!


My first step is to DCA into various cryptos over the next 12-24 months.
Currently hitting ICX @ 250$ Canadian a week.
Depending on how quickly it rises I will either keep it up or adjust what I’m doing & start putting into another crypto.


I redid my printable goals sheet in Google Sheets in case the community wanted a template to track their goals. Just “Save a copy” for yourself, then update/insert your goals. The first sheet is to print out, keep on your desk and write in your progress throughout the month. The second sheet is to track your accomplishments electronically in a detailed list (if you want to track them over time).


I want a new computer and save my first bitcoin.

Right now looking online for the computer that I would like to have.
Establishing a savings plan
and I’m deciding how to get more money to invest.