#B90X - DAY 44 - Mission Goals, START!



Given that I’m still figuring out my long term goals, working towards it is a bit of a problem. I have however been trying my hardest the last year or so to go towards a more focused routine in my daily life, slowly removing distractions and adding more worthwhile activities.

I just want to give a huge thanks to @Umemba for sharing that worksheet. That is exactly the kind of structure I need in order to keep this up in the long run! I usually don’t know what tools I’m lacking for a specific task until I see it, and this will help big time. I have mostly just filled it out with daily goals, so far, but will have to think a bit harder on the weekly and monthly goals to add.

Daily goals: Keeping track of my schedule, B90X, learning Japanese, review the crypto market, workout, read a book for an hour, image editing, family time, rest.

Weekly goals: Read a white paper for a project I’m interested in.

Monthly goals: DCA into Crypto, at least 32 hours of family time during the weekends, reflect and improve.


My current mission:
I’ve found two people who are also musicians! They’re both down to move into a new apartment/townhouse come June. I have a feeling that this mission will be accomplished.

  1. I built a garage to work in at my house. I got some project cars and bikes to work on in the garage. did a ton of crypto research. and now I’m building a rig of my own to support the system while making that money. lol

  2. now that I’ve already cut my budget as thin as I can. any more and I will starve lol. but really I’ve maximized my income now as of lately. helped coming here for sure. I now invest my new found income in my garage or into crypto now.

  3. lol this is supper easy!!! is this going to make me money a year from now. If it doesn’t make me anything I’m not interested.

I’ve been working on this stuff for a year and a half. so it’s nice to go over this stuff from a new prospective.


Day 44
From day 43: My current mission is pay off financial debt so that my wife and I can see the world, try new things, and provide a good life for our children.

1 - What can you begin to do NOW?
- I started a while back, but stay mindful of where I can save money ($4 a day automatically moved into savings account).
- For anyone who is in the same boat as me and looking to get clear of debt. I can’t stress enough how important it is to make these savings payments automatic. You will always find stuff to spend your extra cash on…(games, tools, books, food, the newest and hottest ICO). Stay focused!

2 - Incremental
- In addition to daily savings, after paying bills I have an allotted amount of money I give myself per paycheck that’s deemed “fun money”. Cash I can use at restaurants, events or to make purchases of the “wants” (opposed to the needs). After the fun money, I take the remaining money and put away into savings or pay off additional principal on loans

3 - What must I begin to remember when I feel the urge to spend?

  • That although this is a grind, financial freedom is within my grasp. Just need some discipline and hard work.


The next property I develope will be for my family.
I want my daughter to go to a fantastic school where she can pursue her love of theatre / drama and hockey, ( not ice hockey) :field_hockey::field_hockey:
And for me a nice new audi r8 v10+.
Finally my wife and I just want to be able to enjoy our lives.
We have to finished properties ready to market, with a third currently under construction
And I’m £ cost averaging every Friday!
I have massively cut down my weekly alcohol consumption. The money I save now goes into crypto.
I want 3 tickets to the moon please.


Am more committed more than ever. Volvo XC 90 2015. Am buying this beauty soon. And debt free.images


Vision: “Living life to the fullest and giving back, unhindered by the limitations of health and wealth!”
Mission: “Freedom from Debt and Financial Independence by establishing multiple revenue streams.”

Curb unessessary spending,
Volunteer for more overtime work to incrementally reduce debt burden.
Allocate time to study materials “purchased” to enhance stock trading skills to use as an additional revenue stream.


Vision: Living abroad and teaching people around the world about blockchain and cryptocurrency. My friends and I keep chipping away each day to put together our company, so we will be focus on the mission, which I explain soon.

Mission: To be debt free and never, ever use a plastic card again! Those will be the death of us, so we should spin it around and have it be the death of themselves. I’ve already quit spending lavishly on useless things. No more extra Starbucks or eating out extra nights. Cutting corners will obviously help and I finally am going to be debt free!

What I will become financially sounds and responsible. With that said, I will focus on promoting the business, spreading the word about cryptos and have a seat near you all for the ticket ride to the MOON! <3


My current mission: Master serenity while adapting to my new lifestyle and encourage people to join the blockchain revolution.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary distractions
  2. Meditate more (long walks to trigger thoughts)
  3. Continue to remove waste
  4. Stick to my timeboxing schedule


Among a plethora of other goals, when I dial it in… My first mission is to pay off student debt and achieve financial freedom.
I feel there is a close synergy between these two concepts- my other mission (which could very well check off the first mission) is to start a fulfilling and profitable business that I feel good about and that provides value to the world.


To keep it real, I can only see my goals only like few months ahead.

  1. In the beginning of June, I’m going to Warsaw to mining farm https://www.pnt24.pl/ up there I will be learning everything what I possibly can. Hardware, Software and alternative sources of energy. I said to CEO I will stay there as long as required. Can’t wait.

  2. During that time I will get more knowledge and what funds I need to start mining operations in Norway. Based on His experience I will choose my way of funding. VS’s or Angels, ICO or more private funding like IPO.

  3. Stays on curse I know I have 46 days left over and my goal is to keep working on my mind. Because deep down and no matter if I will get funding or not, mining and holding is my future not trading.
    I have some stuff on my back and I’m struggling with self image, but I can’t let to those distractions kill my faith, plans and work.

  4. I’m aware of some of my value based on past successes and all those things connected with music and public speaking I will use to inspire others. That’s kind of what I do all the time but I want to have more tools and proof.

  5. After B90X moving to Norway, and if all goals executing well I will be ready to have a wife. :slight_smile: Explosions. lol


I just went further in the hole getting a used vehicle but can put $40 per wk aside. I can buy up the cheap ICX and sell in two years to help pay off everything. I can also stop going out to eat. Would love to quit cold turkey but mama wouldn’t be happy with that option :joy:


I am starting my 2 times 8 week sports planning.

  • 8 weeks with “easy” exercise to get back in reasonable shape
  • followed by 8 weeks “hard training” as i know very well how to do it.

Then do the 1/2 marathon i signed up for. and the 400m and 800m competition i also signed up for.

So the above should keep me happy as this is what i love to do.

In about 2 months i should finally get my documents in to be able to ask the department of civil aviation for the authorisation to finish up my pilot license. I really look forward to that. I know it will be a distraction as it will be time and effort and financially consuming. It is going to be a tough call because i really love to pilot. do it or not do it or compromise or whatever. I will have to face that head on.

And finally, the money stuff. Bitcoin bitcoin bitcon ! yeahaa. So far so good. It’s day 44 and i already got my first bitcoin. actually, 1.03 bitcoin now as i’m managing on a daily basis my altcoin portfolio. I just got to keep it up through the good and bad times till we get to the moon.

And my 2nd mony thing. The FX trading. still havn’t started. Am impetient to start but i’m unfortunately still not quite ready yet. I neeed to continue my homework on that. keep building on confidence. then finally at some point i’ll start my demo account on a daily planned basis and will hopefully get a live account be early next year. pfeeeeewww it’s a tough on the FX. I getting there, i’m getting there !

Keep on rowing guys ! Keep strong !


Vision: “To live and share a full, loving and balanced life while striving everyday to be the best version of myself I can be without fear of falling or failing.”
My current mission: To learn as much as I can about crypto so I can teach my family. EVERYONE in my family is skeptical about cryptocurrencies and don’t trust it a bit.


  • Keep participating and interacting in the pub as much as I can.
  • Read, read and some more read about different crypto topics and more practice using tradeview and other tools learned in the pub.
  • I hope that I never lose that “thing” I have for learning new things. I am a curious George and I’m always down to try new things but still change don’t come easy for me. Might sound like a cliche but never stop learning. Independent of age, be down to try new things in the long run. That’s one of my goals.
  • Don’t be pushy or be on them at all times when talking about crypto with my family.
  • Been showing my dad different articles and explaining him the tech behind blockchain but he is still skeptical about it because he thinks only criminals use bitcoin to laundry money so been slowly talking about it here and there.
  • Plan a trip to Korea with him. If he’s still not converted by years end, next year around Nov/Dec take him with me on a trip. The idea is that by then hopefully there will be enough shops accepting crypto and he sees the advancements with his own eyes. Also, by then hopefully we can see some ICON footprints or Bezant :bitrocket: and who know, the Seoul coin might be out by then so I really envision Seoul changing a lot by Dec 2019. Last time I went it was about 2 years ago and mannn that cleanliness and organization, especially in the subway platforms, it’s really hard to find it anywhere else. Proud of my peeps!


Man! that sounds really cool. Warsaw is wayyy out there too. Post some pics and feedback on the pub!


Thank you Sir. I will, when I will be there, I will share some pics. Have a great day!


My vision - “Purposeful, fun filled, influential, impactful life”

My mission - “Build healthy habits and thought patterns for ultimate success”

How did I begin ?
•Read everyday
•Workout daily
•Keep track of finances
•Listen to audiobooks daily
•DCA for investing/saving habit


My VISION: have financial freedom do enjoy the things i love doing the most, own my own home
My (current) MISSION: get my next master certificate to operate bigger boats for my main source of income, learn and be disciplined into investing and spending my money


My mission goal is to think small first then large, not the opposite. I find myself less anxious about things when I start small by accomplishing the critical stuff in the beginning and tidy up my goals are we go along. Instead of thinking about paying off my student loans all NOW, I will pay it monthly as scheduled since I work in public service and I’ll qualify for the student loan forgiveness.


New Mission: Focus on the mindsets and skills required to become an expert in my areas of pursuit/interest: cryptos, real estate and the Gospel. Share my findings with others and bring them along. Balance these interests along with good health, diet and exercise. Enjoy the ride.
Incremental steps:
-Fix my unneeded car, so I can
-Sell my unneeded car, so I can
-Buy more cryptos.
-Advertise/formulate a local crypto club
-Increase marketing on my rehabbed property to sell or lease.
-Sell my other property “as is” to free myself of holdings.
-Turn over current real estate inventory for newer and better deals
-Continue to improve on my presentation of the Gospel
-Find additional audiences for presentation above those in hand
-Block my time for each area of interest during the week.
-Make time for the family, relatives and the rest of humanity.
DAY 44 – That should keep me busy for awhile……. Meantime I’ll HODL in place.:bch::btc::litecoin::eth::nem::bitrocket: